Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

The Championships 2000
Wimbledon, Great Britain
01 July, 2000

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            Jelena Dokic
            Saturday, July 1, 2000

            J. DOKIC / B. Rippner 6-2, 6-1

            MODERATOR: Good afternoon. Jelena Dokic. Who would like to start? 

            Q. Well played, you barely had to break a sweat in that one. 

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. It was a fairly good one to get through. I 
            played quite well. I didn't give her any chances, any space to get 
            in the match. It's good to get through. No matter if it's a tough 
            one or easy one, you always want to get through, you know, in an 
            easy way. But it was good to get through that one. Played quite 

            Q. Can you tell us why you're so suited to grass, why you like the 
            surface so much?

            JELENA DOKIC: I think, first of all, my game is suited to grass. You 
            know, I really like playing on grass. It's a fairly fast surface. It 
            suits me. I always seem to play well here. Hopefully I'll continue 
            like that. 

            Q. Are you aware of the history that's going on the Centre Court 
            right now with the Parade of Champions?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, I was just watching it in the locker room. I 
            didn't want to come up here. It was interesting. Yeah, it looked 
            great, to honor all of those who have done so well here.

            Q. Mentally do you find it more difficult getting into an event like 
            this or do you find as it progresses round by round that it's 
            getting mentally more difficult or easier for you?

            JELENA DOKIC: I think for me the more matches I play, the better it 
            is. Like I said - I've always said this - every match that I have 
            under my belt, 
            it's better for me. Mentally I think I have good concentration and 
            I'm mentally tough. The further I go in the tournament, I think the 
            better I'll play; the better mentally I am, as well.

            Q. Do you think you're sending out a message to the other players 
            that you're somebody they should contend with?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. I mean, I think the further I get, the better it 
            is for me. I've got nothing to lose out there. The two years that 
            I've played here, I've always done my best results in a Grand Slam. 
            I think, again, I have a good chance this year. The draw has opened 
            up a little bit. But, like I said, I have to take it a match at a 
            time, you know, just worry about myself and about my game. I 
            definitely think the further I get, the more dangerous I think I'll 

            Q. Was your dad with you today?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yes.

            Q. You looked as though you broke to love on her serve the first 
            time when he arrived on court. Is that anything you were aware of?

            JELENA DOKIC: No, not really. No, I think I struggled a little bit 
            in the game before at 1-All. It was like 30-All, a few tight points. 
            It was good to hold then. I just said to myself, I knew this is the 
            game to break, really get ahead. I knew if I could do that, I'll be 
            on top of her and on top of my game. That's what I did.

            Q. Are you repeating a lot of the same routines as you did last 

            JELENA DOKIC: I'm a little bit superstitious. I'm not too serious 
            about it. I have a few things that I do the same.

            Q. Can you tell us?

            JELENA DOKIC: When I'm on the court, I don't walk on the lines. I 
            wear the same dress, the same outfits, a few other things. Like I 
            said, I'm not too serious into that. If I'm doing really well, I do 
            a few things.

            Q. Are you staying at the same accomodation?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yes.

            Q. Looks like Kristina Brandi is coming through. Do you know much 
            about her?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, I've played her prior. I think if I play well, I 
            can get through. Again, it's on grass. I think I can get through 
            that one if I play well. Again, you know, the further you get, 
            obviously the tougher it will be. Still there are very tough 
            opponents. It's a Grand Slam. But I think I can get through that 
            one. I'll work on a few things that I need to do against her. 
            Hopefully I'll get through. 

            Q. What are the results between you two? Did she beat you or did you 
            beat her?

            JELENA DOKIC: I think it's 1-All. I beat her once, she beat me once. 
            I think, again, I played really well here this week, probably the 
            best I've played. I've had some good results lately, but I feel 
            really good at this tournament. Every time I step out there, the 
            crowd is behind me, so hopefully I'll continue.

            Q. You haven't played on grass?

            JELENA DOKIC: I played last week.

            Q. We've heard from Alexandra Stevenson, how tough her first year on 
            the tour has been. Yours for a slightly different reason hasn't been 
            a bowl of cherries. Is it remarkable that you're able to put things 
            out of your mind when you step on the court?

            JELENA DOKIC: No, I think my first year has been great. I don't feel 
            like she (does/doesn't?) want to play on the tour anymore, because I 
            think she says she doesn't enjoy it. But I enjoy being out there. I 
            enjoy playing. Even when you're not doing so great, it's been fine 
            for me. In the locker rooms, I talk to players. I try to have as 
            much contact with everybody as possible. I play doubles with 
            everybody. I just try to be myself, but then sometimes might not go 
            the way you want it. But I think my first year has been great. I've 
            really enjoyed it.

            Q. Has your dad had any message for you after today's victory? Did 
            you speak to him?

            JELENA DOKIC: I saw him, but we didn't speak about the match. 
            Obviously, it's always great when you get through. No matter if 
            you're playing well or not, it's always good to get through. We'll 
            probably talk about it a bit later on, worry about the next round. 

            Q. His presence, does that really sort of boost your game?

            JELENA DOKIC: I mean, it's me playing. I think it's always good to 
            have support on the side of the court. But, again, it's you who's 
            playing; it's you who's either going to win or lose. That's where I 
            think you've got to be mentally tough. Whoever is on the side of the 
            court's not going to help you win because you're the one that's 
            going to have to play. It's always good to have somebody, you know, 
            especially somebody from the family. He gives me a lot of support, 

            Q. For one reason or another, your profile has been heightened this 
            week. Do you feel that the crowds are actually behind you for one 
            reason or another?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, I think they are. I've had a lot of support, 
            both singles and doubles. Today it was great. I think a lot of 
            people are behind me. Hopefully it will stay the same way. I've 
            always had really good support here, even last year and this year. 
            They've really helped me.

            Q. Any idea why that is?

            JELENA DOKIC: I don't know, to be honest with you. Like I said, 
            every single court that I play on is packed, both singles and 
            doubles. Seems like everybody supports me when I'm playing, are 
            really behind me. That feels really good knowing that people are 
            behind you like that. For me I think that's very important, I do 
            have somebody out there that, you know, enjoys what I do, that 
            really like what I do. 

            Q. Quite a few Aussies this morning giving you a shout. 

            JELENA DOKIC: Quite a few actually. They're great. You know they're 
            Aussies, you can see it - hear it, too. You know, even beside them, 
            there were a lot of supporters, as well. They were here last year, 
            as well. Everywhere I go, there's always Australians somewhere that 
            support me. 

            Q. What are you up to on your day off?

            JELENA DOKIC: Probably get a bit of a hit in, maybe go see a movie 
            or something, just get away from it a little bit. It's been a good 
            week for singles and I guess doubles, as well - but mainly singles, 
            that's what I'm concentrating mostly on. I've got to stay focused, 
            but to get away from it a little bit, you know, do something else. 

            Q. What kind of movies do you fancy?

            JELENA DOKIC: Anything really. I'm not too picky. Whatever's good. 
            Saw The Gladiator a week ago. It was really good. Yeah, whatever's 
            out, I'll have a look at it. 

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