Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

The Championships 2000
Wimbledon, Great Britain
06 July, 2000

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            Jelena Dokic
            Thursday, July 6, 2000

            L. DAVENPORT / J. Dokic 6-4, 6-2

            MODERATOR: Good evening, everyone. Jelena for you. 

            Q. Any particular reason for the delay? Were you just getting ready 
            (referring to 30 -minute delay in arrival at press conference)?

            JELENA DOKIC: Just getting ready - nothing.

            Q. How do you feel about the match? Clearly you were in it for a 
            while, but then she got on top.

            JELENA DOKIC: Well, yeah. I mean, I didn't play obviously as well as 
            I could have, probably as well as I wanted to play. That's what I'm 
            disappointed with. I could have done much better than what I did. 
            You know, she got through it. That's what counts.

            Q. How difficult is it to play somebody who is so much bigger? She's 
            eight inches taller. How hard is it to play someone physically 
            bigger than you?

            JELENA DOKIC: I never faced her before. That was probably one aspect 
            where I was a little bit surprised, had to get out there and play 
            somebody like that. When you look at her at the other end, big like 
            that, opponents have trouble with that. She uses it well, too, on 
            the court. That's probably why I wasn't in the match that much. 
            Probably that's why, I mean, I didn't play as well as I could have 
            because I was probably more worried about that than anything else.

            Q. Is she sort of quite intimidating as a figure?

            JELENA DOKIC: Well, I think she is. For most players she probably 
            is. But, you know, that's probably not an excuse for, you know, how 
            you play. You should just go out there and play your game.

            Q. Was the occasion a factor at all today?

            JELENA DOKIC: Maybe a little bit, it was. Maybe there was a few 
            nerves. I think I got rid of them. Looking back at the match, that's 
            probably why I didn't play as well, because I was thinking about the 
            occasion and about who I'm playing. It sort of takes over a little 

            Q. How do you feel about this entire tournament for you? Obviously 
            you're still pretty proud of what you achieved?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, with getting to the semis, doing one better than 
            last year. As a result, I'm overall glad with what I've done this 
            tournament. You know, I'm sort of disappointed with, you know, the 
            match today.

            Q. Overall, does it give you any extra inner strength knowing that 
            you achieved what you did under not really normal circumstances? You 
            had the drama with your father last week, you got rid of Tony Roche 
            before this tournament. It wasn't exactly an easy road for you off 
            the court. Does it give you any extra pride, considering those 

            JELENA DOKIC: Well, overall, again, getting to the semis in this 
            tournament, overall result is quite good. I've got a lot of 
            confidence coming from this tournament. Hopefully I'll use it in the 
            next tournaments. I think, like I said, my level of tennis is 
            probably raised over the last couple of months. You know, hopefully 
            I'll do, you know, well in the coming tournaments. But like I said, 
            overall, this tournament, result-wise, it's been fine, it's been 

            Q. What do you need to add to your game? Is it a bit more variety, 
            the volley? What do you need to do to compete with Lindsay Davenport?

            JELENA DOKIC: I think a bit more variety would be useful. I mean, 
            it's hard to do it against players like Lindsay because she doesn't 
            give you much at all because she basically dictates the whole time, 
            and you've got to try to get on top of her. I mean, there's always 
            something you can improve on, especially in your game. There's 
            always a stroke you can improve on. I think overall, I mean, I hit 
            the ball quite well. You know, just mix a few things up in my game, 
            work on a few things. But I think that will hopefully come overtime.

            Q. Do you think your father has enough tennis expertise as a coach 
            to take you where you want to go?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, well, I think both of us, you know, know what I 
            need to do. It's not very hard to figure out when you know your 
            game, you know what to work on, you know where you win matches and 
            where you lose matches. I think definitely working, us two together, 
            we know what I have to do. If I do in every tournament as well as I 
            did here, there's not much more you can improve on.

            Q. Who would you call as a winner between Venus Williams and Lindsay 
            Davenport more?

            JELENA DOKIC: I think it just depends, you know, how well they're 
            both playing. But maybe Lindsay will get through it. You know, she's 
            been here before, did it last year. But anything can happen. Venus 
            has as well of a chance as Lindsay does.

            Q. A lot of talk about the Williams sister, how they played each 
            other. Any chance maybe in a few years' time that Savo and yourself 
            will play mixed doubles here at Wimbledon?

            JELENA DOKIC: I doubt that. I don't know. He's not that much into 
            it. You never know what can happen. He might all of a sudden start. 
            You never know.

            Q. So your dad hasn't got a plan yet?

            JELENA DOKIC: Not really. He does karate. He's very good at that. He 
            has a black belt. He just sticks to that. He likes tennis, but I 
            don't think he wants to do it. But, you know, he's still at an age 
            where he can start, no doubt about that.

            Q. What is the plan now? Are you going to hang around for a day or 
            two, relax in London?

            JELENA DOKIC: Well, I'll probably go back tomorrow, have a few days 
            off hopefully.

            Q. Back to Australia?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. Then, you know, get ready for the hard court 

            Q. The family moved house last year after you came back from 
            Wimbledon. What's the plan with the money this year?

            JELENA DOKIC: We didn't move at all. I don't know. I don't worry 
            about that type of stuff. That's not something I play for, something 
            I worry about too much. I think it just comes as, you know, you get 

            Q. What is on your hard court schedule for the summer?

            JELENA DOKIC: Canadian Open, New Haven, and the US.

            Q. What did your dad say to you after the game today?

            JELENA DOKIC: I haven't seen him yet. I (did/didn't?) speak to him 
            about it, obviously. I mean, I know how disappointed I am. But 
            that's just something you've got to deal with. Hopefully I'll learn 
            from it and use it next time.

            Q. Although you're happy to work with your dad, are you looking for 
            anyone else to augment the team? If so, who would you be looking at?

            JELENA DOKIC: I'm not looking for anybody at the moment. You know, 
            I've worked with a few coaches before. Like I said, you know, I 
            think I myself know what I need to do, and so does my dad. We both 
            know my game more than anybody. I know exactly what I need to work 
            on, you know, how to win matches. I know where I lose matches as 
            well. There's not that much more that you can really do. I think 
            both of us know how I should be playing and what I should be doing.

            Q. Is the get bigger than you thought perhaps to the top players or 
            is it just a one-off today?

            JELENA DOKIC: I think, again, as I said, I was disappointed with my 
            performance. I think, you know, in that first set, a few points 
            would have made a big difference probably. You know, but losing the 
            first set, I was a little bit out of the second one as well, lost a 
            few crucial points on my serve, turned it around. But I think, you 
            know, I've beaten top players, I know what to expect from them. I 
            think, you know, with a few more improvements, I can be up there. I 
            think between myself and the top, hopefully there's not a huge gap. 
            But, like I said, I've beaten, you know, a lot of top players. I 
            know what to expect and what they play like.

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