Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

The Championships 2000
Wimbledon, Great Britain
06 July, 2000

July 6, 2000

L. DAVENPORT/J. Dokic  6-4, 6-2

An interview with: LINDSAY DAVENPORT

MODERATOR: Lindsay for you. 

Q. What kind of flowers did you get on the way out?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Just a mixture of some red, white and blue flowers. Pretty.

Q. Did that surprise you a little bit?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Sometimes you get them. They hand them to you. They don't 
necessarily throw them on the court. That was nice, though. 

Q. This tournament has pretty much gone the way you would have scripted it out. 
You had a tough first week, got the rust off. Here you are in the final. Do you 
have one more good game left?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: I hope so. It's funny to look at the difference between this 
year and last year because last year came so easy. Seemed like I was playing so 
well in the matches, just everything clicked from the first match. This 
Wimbledon I've had to fight a lot harder, come back in a few situations and 
matches, really hang in there. In some ways, this is much more satisfying 
because I got through the first week not playing well, really fought it out, got 
to the position where in the second week I started to play a little bit better. 
I mean, I'm psyched to get into another Grand Slam final, especially the second 
year here in a row. That means a lot to me to be able to come back and do it 

Q. What did you think of your performance today? Seemed to be a lot of errors 
throughout the match. 

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: It wasn't great. But, you know, I obviously played a level 
above Jelena and was able to get through the match. Sometimes that just happens. 
You have two players who aren't necessarily playing their best. You just kind of 
play as well as you need to to win. I think that was the case today. Obviously I 
would have loved to have served better in the first set, and maybe it would have 
been a quicker match. But it didn't happen that way. I had to break a lot and 
just get by with winning with the way I was playing. I think she could have 
played a lot better tennis. Maybe it's a little overwhelming, your first 
semifinal sometimes. But she's good. It's too bad we both didn't play a little 
bit better today.

Q. Do you think she could maybe win this one day? Does she have the game that 
could do well in the coming years?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Well, I've learned that you never know what's going to happen 
with younger players. But she's definitely a very, very talented player. She 
obviously does well on grass. Quarters and semis, that's tough to do when you're 
so young. Like I say, I don't think we saw her best tennis today. We'll see what 
happens the next few years.

Q. How does your health affect your game?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: With all my injuries, they're feeling pretty good. I feel a 
little rundown just with the head cold. But sometimes that makes you concentrate 
a little bit more out there. Yesterday was kind of the worst day. Today I felt a 
little bit better. I think by Saturday, hopefully I'll be talking normally again 
and feeling a lot better.

Q. What do you think it will take to beat Venus?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: I've played her a lot of times in the past. A lot of times I 
found the key was, you know, find a way to get her serve back, get them back 
deep so she obviously doesn't have put-away shots. On grass that's going to be a 
little more difficult than on other surfaces. I'll have to concentrate on that. 
Same thing on grass. You've got to hold your serve and look for your 
opportunities to break and really not let her step inside the baseline and hit 
the shots because she hits them so hard that on grass they might be hard to 
handle. I'm going to try to be the one getting the balls deep so she doesn't 
have a lot of time.

Q. I don't know if you had any chance to watch a lot of that match. It seemed 
like Serena was the overwhelming favourite going into the match, even chosen by 
Pete Sampras, Martina Navratilova, even Venus Williams. Were you kind of 
surprised to see Venus come through there?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Well, I thought Serena was playing the better tennis going 
into the match, but I personally thought Venus was going to win the match, just 
for outside reasons.

Q. Which would be?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Well, I just think with the sisters - I don't think, you 
know, many people can understand what goes on between the two of them. 
Especially I thought Serena winning the US Open last year might play a factor 
into it. But I don't really know them that well to know. Personally I thought 
Venus was going to win. I don't think Serena played all that well in the points 
I saw. That's what happens.

Q. One of the shots that you absolutely have to have to beat Venus is when you 
get into the backhand cross-court rallies, you've got to be able to hit your 
backhand down the line for the winner. How is that shot going for you right now?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: It's tougher to do on grass because on the other surfaces you 
have a lot more time to step in. On grass, if you time it off a little bit, it 
gets out. But I've always had the game plan to try and attack her forehand. I've 
always thought she's had a world class backhand. Seems that she is hitting her 
forehand a lot better in this tournament. In past times, it would be the side 
that would not go as well. At the same time, you know, the more shots you give 
her, she'll get more groove. I'm going to try and obviously keep the balls deep 
and keep probably -- try and keep it away from too many easy backhands for her.

Q. What is your confidence level on your down-the-line backhand right now?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Oh, it's pretty good. But like I said, it's probably a little 
less on grass than other surfaces just because of the time factor and she hits 
the ball so hard. It's going to be tough. I'll practise some tomorrow in 
practise, just trying to keep the balls a little deeper.

Q. You mentioned outside reasons with Venus and Serena. Do you think the outcome 
was fixed ahead of time?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: No, I don't think it was fixed at all. If you watched, it 
seemed like they were trying. Mentally I think it might be tougher for the 
younger one to beat the older one. That goes for things outside tennis. I have 
two older sisters. It's tough to do better than them in whatever you do. That's 
just from my experience with my sisters.

Q. You beat them at tennis?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Well, we don't compete in the same thing there (laughter). If 
I couldn't do that, that would be pretty bad.

Q. Where did your father watch the match from?


Q. Yes. 


Q. Yes. 


Q. He would have been watching it. 

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: I don't know if it's telecast in the States live or whatever. 
I have no idea.

Q. Your mom?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: My mom is working. My sisters are in Hawaii on vacation. 

Q. You could fly her over tomorrow. 

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Yeah, I guess I could.

Q. How often does your father watch your games?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Pretty much never. He came once this year to Indian Wells, 
but normally he doesn't come. 

Q. Do you ever get the feeling that in a sense you're almost overlooked, despite 
your status? Last year in the semifinals, there was Alexandra Stevenson , in the 
final it was Steffi's retirement , this year you play your first round match and 
there's an unfortunate injury to your doubles partner, now you're on the 
undercard of the Williams sisters. Do you get the feeling you're not getting the 
attention that a champion is due?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: I don't really think that. It never really comes into my 
mind. A lot of times that's the way I like it. I don't really like to have a lot 
of, you know, hoopla and a lot of action and activity around what I'm doing. 
I've always said that, you know, the only reason why I'm here is just to play 
tennis, get through it, see personally what I can achieve, and leave all the 
other business to the other players and let them deal with it all. That's always 
been my take on it. I think that's what has helped me play better. I don't have 
to deal with a lot of outside things, and just really concentrate on my tennis. 
Today was pretty exceptional, two sisters playing in a semifinal. By no means 
should myself playing Dokic overshadow that. I mean, that's pretty special.

Q. Do you sometimes sit back because of that and find the absurdity of some of 
the things that are said about other players, have a bit of a giggle to 

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Sure, of course, more than anybody, I think (laughter). 

Q. Are you always aware of how different you are? Your mom has been around some, 
but your parents aren't your coach, they're not there all the time, you've 
always been pretty much independent. 

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Yeah, I'm pretty much aware I'm a lot different than other 
players here, and very lucky for it. Like even one of my cousins was here today. 
"You going to stay for the final Saturday?" "No, I've been gone for a week, I 
want to go home." My friend goes, "That's your whole family, I can't believe 
that." That's just the way they are. They're kind of over my tennis career, I 

Q. Something in the water where you grew up? Pete's family is like that, too. 

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: When you have more than one child, at least with my parents, 
they tried really hard to treat all of us equally, and the whole family the 
same. Guarantee, though, they'll be watching. Maybe my mom will come over. I 
know she was disappointed she wasn't here last year. As for traveling the whole 
year with me, I don't think anyone would want to do that.

Q. Do you have sympathy for Jelena Dokic with sort of the ruckus that her father 
caused last week, do you think that's a shame for a young kid to have?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: It's totally a shame. Whether she plays tennis or not, it's 
hard to have a parent that distracts from the overall good of what the child is 
achieving. It's tough because I'm sure she'll have to answer questions about 
that for a very long time. I know it took Mary a long time to get out of the 
shadow of her father. Jelena is very young, a good player, and it's just sad 
when you get negative publicity for something that could be really good. 

Q. You took all but one breakpoint today. You converted six out of seven. What 
was your attitude today on breakpoints?

LINDSAY DAVENPORT: Well, I better win more than I did the last time. The first 
game I had breakpoint; I didn't break. I was hoping it wouldn't be the same kind 
of pattern as it was. I knew I was playing a player that was less experienced 
than Monica on the bigger points, to make her play the points that were 
important. You know, I'll probably have a different strategy against Venus, 
probably go for it a little bit more because she is a very good player, but get 
some returns in and set up the shots a little bit better than I was the other 

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