Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

The Olympic Games 2000
Sydney, NSW, Australia
26 September, 2000

Sydney 2000 Olympic News Service

M. SELES / J. Dokic 6-1, 6-4

"Dokic speaks out after loss to Seles"

26 September 2000 

After her loss in the bronze medal match to Monica Seles, Australia's Jelena Dokic had this 
to say at a press conference:

Q. Jelena, do you just put that down to experience, the whole week?

A. Yeah, I could have had a little bit of a better first set, I think, and, you know, like 
I did in the second and, you know, she played really well today. 
I mean, she served well, and I think her first serve percentage was high. It was hard to do 
much on her serve, and I think when I was in the point I was doing well. 
But there was a little bit of experience in there. You know, I can just learn from this.

Q. Did you get a bit nervous at 4-4 in the second set, or what went wrong in that particular 

A. I think that last point I played, I probably got a little bit nervous then. But not 

She played a good game. I think I did one double fault in there which I probably didn't 
need, but it's tough because you've got to play every point to the best you can. 
It's hard to do that for two or three sets, especially against Monica. She hits the ball - 
especially today she hardly missed anything. 
So, you know, again, I think, you know, I didn't play that bad. I played quite well, and 
you know, my level of tennis at the moment I'm happy with.

Q. Would you like to try again in Athens in four years, do you think, for a medal?

A. Yeah, sure. Why not? You know, I've had a really good experience here. It has been really 
great. You know, regardless of, if I lost in the first round or won a gold medal, I think it 
was a great experience and a lot to learn from and I can only, you know, take these matches 
that I've won and lost, you know, and learn from them, and just try and use them in my next 

The interview article quoted from Official Site of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.