Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Swisscom Challenge 2000
Zurich, Switzerland
10 October, 2000

M. HINGIS / J. Dokic, 6-3, 6-2

      Interview with Jelena Dokic (10 October 2000)

            I just wasnít happy with the way I played. I didnít move very well, 
            didnít play the key points well, and I didnít serve too well either. 
            One or two points here or there seems like itís not, but a lot of 
            games came to deuces. Maybe if I had held my serve at two all in the 
            second it would have been a little bit different, but I didnít play 
            as well as I want to. I felt like I was in the points pretty well. 
            She didnít overpower me, I just gave a few points away and she 
            played well but I could have been in there.
            She beats everybody. I was happy because I could stay in the points 
            with her, and I didnít think I would probably do it as well as I did 
            even though I didnít win and the scoreline wasnít the way I wanted 
            it to be, I still felt like I was in there.
            Iím playing Moscow and Leipzig and maybe something next week.
            I donít think I attacked enough, I let her stay in the point, which 
            you canít do with her, and I should have just concentrated on what I 
            was going to do and not what she was going to do and that was the 
            difference. I hung back, I didnít use my shots as well. She always 
            places it really well, but I think I could have attacked her second 
            serve a lot more, which I didnít do, and thereís a few things to be 
            worked on.
            (When asked if she was tired) I think Iím all right, I felt fine, I 
            just felt like I wasnít up there, wasnít moving very well. So maybe 
            itís a factor, but I could have done better. 

The interview article quoted from Swisscom Challenge Official Website.