Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Swisscom Challenge 2000
Zurich, Switzerland
10 October, 2000

M. HINGIS / J. Dokic, 6-3, 6-2

      Interview with Martina Hingis (10 October 2000)

            I like to start this way. The last time we played was a year ago and 
            I think we are both different players since then, especially I think 
            I have improved a lot. Iím coming into this tournament with a lot of 
            confidence from last week, and I just played a very solid match. 
            Today I think the serve was a big case in todayís match, and I 
            served well and got a lot of free points or always was able to be 
            aggressive. I think that helped me because I havenít played on this 
            court so far, I only went out there and played. I only got to 
            practice yesterday in the practice hall, but Iíve been here before, 
            done it, so I thought after 1, 2, 3 games I have to get into the 
            game and I have to find out what I have to play, and the surface 
            indoors doesnít really matter for me, I donít really think about it 
            that much, just go out there and play, do your thing. 
            (When asked about Wimbledon last year) Maybe I was a little more 
            nervous than against some other player if Iíd go out there. But I 
            figured if I saw her, IĎd watch her the whole time. We see each 
            other at the grand slams or at the other tournaments. She had some 
            great results, some less, and I felt like if I continue to play my 
            game, nothing should really stop me, and even if it gets tense I 
            still have something to rely on and just come out of a silly 
            situation, but it was a good thing that it didnít happen today. It 
            was good.
            I think everybody has improved, everybody is getting better. But I 
            think her tennis has changed a little bit. She took a higher risk 
            today. Youíre going to have to do that against a top player. But 
            sometimes it also helps to keep the ball in the game. Thatís what 
            Iíve been doing pretty much from the beginning on. Itís more 
            important to do less errors than to hit a great winner, especially 
            on a surface like here and indoors in general.

The interview article quoted from Swisscom Challenge Official Website.