Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Australian Open 2001
Melbourne, Australia
18 January, 2001

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        Day 4 - J. Capriati/J. Dokic
            Thursday, 18 January, 2001


            CAPRIATI-DOKIC / Basuki-Vis 6-2, 6-3

            THE MODERATOR: First question. 

            Q. Jennifer, it looked like you had a lot of fun out there. 

            JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Uh-huh. 

            Q. You seem to enjoy playing together. You played this tournament 
            last year. Was that the first time you had?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. 

            JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Yeah. 

            Q. You played how many matches together since?

            JELENA DOKIC: Three. This is the fourth. 

            JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Wimbledon. Most of -- I mean Jelena's been my 
            most consistent doubles partner since really playing doubles. I 
            think we've done well together. We made it at least to the fourth 
            round, third or fourth round, so we have a good record and, you 
            know, now that we've played with each other for a while, I think 
            we're starting to know each other's game a little bit more so that 
            makes it easier to play with somebody. 

            Q. You obviously see a bit of each other both on and off court. 

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, I think we play similar tournaments, and yeah. 
            Especially the big ones, we see each other a lot. 

            JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Especially now that, well, we live kind of in the 
            same place. (Laughing.) So in Florida, so... We'll see each other a 

            Q. Chris Lyons (phonetic) from A AP. You've never won a title. Do 
            you think you have a good chance in the doubles here?

            JELENA DOKIC: Well, it will be tough. There are a lot of really good 
            teams in that half, but I don't think, you know, we look at it that 
            way. I think right now we just concentrate on getting a few matches 
            together, and then, you know, hopefully get our rankings up and see 
            how it goes. You know, just improve on our singles and doubles games 
            because doubles will help us in our singles as well. 

            Q. Jelena, just wondering how you felt going into this match not 
            having the spotlight on you and the pressure and the hype? Was it 
            just a nice chance to just get out and play tennis?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, it was really good. I think doubles is always 
            something where, you know, there's not as much pressure and there's 
            not as much nerves and tightness when you go into it. You just go 
            out there and you want to win, but you also have a lot more, I 
            think, fun and you enjoy it a lot more. 

            Q. You had at the end the other night when you went off, you said 
            you didn't know what to do. This time you smiled, signed a lot of 
            autographs. Is it just that relaxation, or have you changed your 
            mind about how to deal with it?

            JELENA DOKIC: No, I just think it was different out there today. We 
            had a good match, we had fun. It was a lot of people and a different 
            atmosphere, and we both signed, you know, autographs and I 
            appreciated the crowd because I think they were good out there 

            Q. Jennifer, you won I think a title with Monica Seles in the 
            doubles. Is that right, the Italian Open. 

            JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Uh-huh. 

            Q. How would you compare your partnership with Jelena? Is it as good 
            a team as that? How do you see it?

            JENNIFER CAPRIATI: Well, I mean I think that was a few years back, a 
            long time ago on clay. It was just a different time. But actually, 
            playing with Jelena is kind of similar, you know. Monica was just 
            always baseline player and, you know, didn't, you know, wasn't your 
            typical serve and volley doubles player. But I'm that way, too. So, 
            you know, I stay at the baseline and I think it's good, you know. We 
            just compliment each other. She's good at the baseline and then I 
            can maybe, you know, finish the point off at the net. So it's, you 
            know, she can do the same thing. So I think we're strong on both 

            Q. Jennifer, Mark Robinson from Melbourne. Not so long ago you would 
            have been playing doubles and everyone would have been asking you 
            the questions sitting next to your partner. How does it feel when 
            sort of the majority of questions are directed at Jelena?

            THE MODERATOR: Next question, please. 

            Q. How has it changed? Four five years ago, everyone has been asking 
            you questions about your life and et cetera, et cetera. How does it 
            feel now that a lot of questions are directed at Jelena and not 

            THE MODERATOR: That's not the case. They've been very even. 
            Tennis-only questions, please. Is that it? Okay. Thank you. 

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