Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Ericsson Open 2001
Miami, FL, USA
23 March, 2001

Ericsson Open 2001 - Player Interviews

Friday, March 23, 2001

            J. DOKIC / M. Vavrinec 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 

            An Interview With: JELENA DOKIC

            THE MODERATOR:  First question for Jelena, please.

            Q.  After you lost the first set, how did you turn it around? What was
            the key to the match after that, do you think?

            JELENA DOKIC: Well, I think she played very well, you know, throughout
            the whole match and she ran everything down.  I think I could have stepped
            up, come in a bit more and take advantage of my shots, of my hitting, because
            I've been hitting really well.  I just should have come in, finished a lot of
            points off.  Probably would have been in two sets.
                I've got to give her credit, she played well.
                I was a little bit down after that first set when I lost it because I
            knew I had chances, I had 3-2 and three game points in my serve.  I lost that
            game and from then on it was just downhill for that set.
                But I think that I kept calm and I kept at it and I just kept on, you
            know, trying to get balls in and run everything down.

            Q.  Seems a long, long time since you last played a match.  Does it seem
            that way to you?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, definitely.  It's been like what, two months, and  --
            but I've just, you know, I had a bit of a rest and I just worked on my game. 
            You know, I've been a little steadier and working on serves and returns,
            which I think I've improved.
                It's been a long time, but I'm, you know, more pleased about the way I
            played, you know, since I haven't played in two months.  Usually I'm a little
            bit rusty.  It's like that for everybody.  Because when you don't play for a
            couple of months, it's different.  Match situations are always different from
            practice no matter how much you practice and how much you play points in
            practice, it's always different.
                But I was happy because I just felt like, you know, like I've already
            played a few matches.  I was really, you know, consistent.  For me, to have a
            three-set match first up and win it is great because there was a lot of close

            Q.  Have you been regularly hitting with anyone we would have heard of or
            is it just...?

            JELENA DOKIC: No, just been in Saddle Brook here in Tampa.  I've been
            hitting with guys and I have one of the guys that's really good, I hit with
            him all of the time.

            Q.  Not Jennifer or anyone like that?

            JELENA DOKIC: I've been hitting with Jennifer and  the pros that come in
            and out.  Especially towards the tournament, we played a little bit and, you
            know, get used to the tournament situation.  It's, I think, good for both of
            us to play some points.

            Q.  You must be looking forward to your birthday next month.  Will you go
            straight into a full schedule when you turn 18?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, I will.  Because, you know, since now I had two
            months off in a year, I didn't play much at the beginning either and, you
            know, at the Australian I was a little unlucky, didn't have too many singles
            matches.  I'll be going to Amelia and Charleston after this, and then I'll be
            playing all the clay court tournaments and try and take advantage of it right
            now while I'm still rested and while I can play because it's not like I've
            been playing forever this year so I can have some time off and I'm just going
            to play whatever I can and hopefully not be injured and I can stay out there.

            Q.  Where will you base yourself when you play the European clay court

            JELENA DOKIC: I'll be going from Tampa, from Saddle Brook.  I'm playing
            all the tournaments, so there won't be much time to stay anywhere really.
                But, you know, if there is, I haven't decided on that yet.  It's a couple
            months down the track.

            Q.  Are you working with anyone at the moment or are you still being
            coached by your dad?

            JELENA DOKIC: By my dad.  He still works with me.  He works on my game
            and tells me what to do, and I feel most comfortable that way.  I think he
            really helps me.

            Q.  Obviously, at the Australian Open, all the debate about which
            nationality you were playing under, has that moved on in any way at all?

            JELENA DOKIC: No, you know, I made up my decision there, and I think I
            haven't even thought about it since because I don't think it's a huge issue. 
            I've made up my mind, and  --.

            Q.  It's Yugoslavia, isn't it?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yes.  I've made up my mind and I try not to think about it
            because that's the last thing I should be worrying about.  You know, after
            Australia I was just concentrating on getting to the States and just relaxed
            and practice and work on things.  And it was actually a good period for me, a
            good time, because I can work on my game and my fitness, which I think has
            improved a lot.  I feel like I'm really fit now, and I think that was one of
            the reasons I won that match out there today.
                A lot of balls, three, four months ago that I got to today I wouldn't
            have gotten to before.  It's really helping me, I think.

            Q.  Some of the Australian girls, players have said they hope you change
            your mind and play Fed Cup for Australia again.  What would you say to them?

            JELENA DOKIC: I've spoken to a few of them in the locker room.  We're all
            still really good friends.  You know, no hard feelings at all, and I think we
            haven't gone into that issue that much.  I think we've all stayed away from
            that and just see how things go.
                And, you know, I'm not considering playing Fed Cup for anybody right now.
             It's not an issue for me right now and something I'm worrying about.
                You know, Fed Cup's really a hard time for me, even if I was playing for
            anybody.  It doesn't have to be Australia, whoever it was for, because it's
            right between tournaments which I'm playing.  And even if it was, you know,
            an hour's travel for me, I probably still wouldn't play it because I'm
            concentrating on my tournaments.

            Q.  Your mum was supporting you here today.  Is your dad in town as well?

            JELENA DOKIC: No, my dad's in Tampa with my brother.  He's looking after
            him and getting him, you know, involved and really looking after him right
            now.  And, you know, I feel comfortable traveling with my mum but I stay in
            contact with my dad a lot because I'm really close to him, and, you know, but
            I think, you know, whoever's with me, it works out well.

            Q.  Is Savo going to school?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yes, he is going to school, he's doing his karate still and
            getting involved in tennis and different things and he's keeping busy.

            Q.  Where is he going to school?

            JELENA DOKIC: Saddle Brook.

            Q.  Have you, the Dokic family, completely moved from Sydney now?

            JELENA DOKIC: Yes.  There's nothing there.  We've moved to Saddle Brook
            completely and since the Australian Open.  And that's where I'm basing myself
            right now.  It's a lot easier, a lot more convenient.  Not just for practice
            but for travel and everything.

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The interview article quoted from The Ericsson Open 2001 Official Website.