Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Family Circle Cup 2001
Charleston, SC, USA
16 April, 2001


Charleston, SC, USA

  4/17/01 10:35:00 PM

IVA MAJOLI (w) vs. JELENA DOKIC, 6-3, 0-6, 6-2
APRIL 16, 2001


QUESTION: Congratulations.

IVA MAJOLI: Thank you.

QUESTION: You`ve been banged up for a 
while. What`s it mean to you to win, to come in here 
and beat a player like that and play that well?

IVA MAJOLI: I think it`s a good win, 
especially in these conditions. It was tough for 
both of us and it was definitely a tough first round, 
and it`s unfortunate someone had to lose today, and 
for sure it helps me a lot this win. I haven`t been 
playing, you know, and I really need some confidence 
back and it feels good to get by a first match.

QUESTION: You won that first set, and 
in the second set the wheels kind of came off and she 
just kind of blew through there. What happened?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah. I think I had some 
chances in the first game of the second set and I 
lost the game, and I think she played really good the 
second set. She didn`t make any mistakes and at 3 or 
4-0 I was just like, okay, maybe I should just 
concentrate on the third set, and the beginning was 
very important in the third set and I played pretty 
smart. My serve was -- I was putting lots of first 
serves in, so it helped me, and I just stayed very 
patient throughout the whole third set.

QUESTION: Yeah. It`s kind of, I 
noticed, too, it just seemed like you were really 
patient and you were letting her make the mistakes 
out there.

IVA MAJOLI: I think the serve was very 
important today with these conditions, and I think I 
was putting lots of first serves in and mixing it up 
and trying to put some pressure on her serve, and she 
gave me some free points with the double faults and 
won some free returns, so it`s tough, but I`m very 
happy that I won this match.

QUESTION: How about your play in 
general? Do you feel like you`re getting back to 
where you were?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I`m still not where 
I was when I left, but I`m just happy to be playing 
again, to be healthy. I mean after so many injuries 
and surgeries, and I don`t know what I didn`t have in 
the past two years, and it feels great to be back, to 
be back to Top 40, and I hope by this summer I can 
get back in the Top 20s and maybe even further. But 
I`m just going to keep working hard, and of course, 
winning matches like this also helps, and to 
concentrate on my second round now, and hopefully 
it`s going to be as good as this one.

QUESTION: I know you don`t want to 
look too far ahead, but you have this second round 
match and then maybe Hingis lurking there after that.


QUESTION: Do you feel like maybe your 
game is coming together where you can play with the 
top players again?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I think I still need 
to improve a few things to be able to even beat the 
top players, but I feel I`m getting closer, and it 
would be nice to win my next round and to play 
Martina. We haven`t played since, I think, the 
French Open when I beat her. So it`s a different 
story at the moment, I think. She has everything to 
lose and I have everything -- nothing to lose, but I 
want to take it match by match and we`ll see what 

QUESTION: You mentioned conditions. 
Are you talking about the wind?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I`m used to the 
wind. I`ve been living in Florida for the past ten 
years, so it`s always windy there, but it`s hard for 
sure. I mean you can`t really play your game. You 
just have to put lots of top spin and try to put lots 
of first serves in and be patient. 

QUESTION: Can you talk a little bit 
about how hard it is to come back after injuries like 
you had? I mean they were pretty substantial.


QUESTION: A lot of recovery, and can 
you just talk about that?

IVA MAJOLI: It`s very hard, I think, 
especially with so many young players and the women`s 
game is improving a lot. Everyone is stronger and 
playing much harder tennis. So you really have to be 
100 percent fit. Otherwise it`s very difficult. So 
it`s not easy. I mean especially, I was always used 
to winning, or getting at least to the quarters or 
semis, and now every match is very tough. So you 
have to really be in good shape to win, even from the 
first rounds. I mean it can happen you get like 
Dokic or somebody who is like top player and you know 
you have to get through those. 

QUESTION: You mentioned the difficulty 
where you`ve been injured like that. Did you ever -- 
did the thought ever come into your mind the heck 
with it; I don`t need this anymore?

IVA MAJOLI: No. I really realized how 
much I missed playing. I mean I was traveling all 
over the world for the doctors, you know, going to 
States, to Germany, to Switzerland, I mean all over 
the place, and I really was so excited when 
everything was over and I was ready to even start 
practicing. So everyone thinks, oh, you have enough 
holidays and I was like, "I wish." I was just 
through hospitals the whole time. And I mean it`s 
great. I really missed it, and I couldn`t wait. I`m 
back. So I never thought I was going to stop. I 
mean I`m 23, so I feel like I have many more years to 

QUESTION: Coming back, is part of it 
mental, too, just focusing and concentrating on 
matches after you`ve been away for a while and away 
from the competition?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah. It`s hard, but I 
have a few good friends on the Tour, and one of them 
is Jennifer Capriati. She`s one of my best friends, 
and I`ve been with her when she had tough times, and 
she kind of helped me a lot also just talking to me, 
and giving me support, and so I feel I have good 
people around me who really wanted me to be back. 
And I`m really happy the way things are now, and I 
just have to keep working if I want to get to the 
level where I can compete with the top players. I 
feel I still need some improvements, and when I get 
there, I`m going to be even more happier. 


The interview article quoted from The Family Circle Cup 2001 Official Website.