Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Tennis Masters Series - Rome 2001 (Italian Open)
Rome, Italy
19 May, 2001


May 19, 2001

J. DOKIC/C. Martinez, 6-3, 6-2


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please. 

Q. Conchita, you've beaten her five for five. What's the difference? You, her?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Well, I don't know. Probably me, I don't think I played very 
good today. I mean, especially I was really, really tired so it was really 
difficult to get up for this one, and I didn't play right - I mean, not like the 
other times. I gave her too many angles and she played comfortably. 

Q. Do you think it's playing singles and doubles both?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah, definitely. I mean I played three weeks straight, 
singles and doubles, so that gets to you. And, you know, the hours were late for 
the last two weeks, nonstop. So, yeah, I feel (inaudible) quite a bit today. And 
playing semifinals and against players like this, you have to be really, you 
know, fit.

Q. Did she improve?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah. I mean, but -- I don't know. I just don't think I 
played all right. I mean, before I played, you know, much more to the middle, 
much more to the forehand, you know, and this time I just couldn't do much. For 
the way that I played, she played great. 

Q. What does it mean for you for Dokic for the future? Do you think she could 
win on clay in Roland Garros?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: You know, she's very young, she has a lot of years to play. 
So, yeah, anything could happen. I mean, she's a good player. 

Q. Will you play doubles at the French?


Q. With Dokic?


Q. So you're kind of baby-sitting her?

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: Yeah, I'm eleven years older, so... I mean, I'm gonna take a 
few days off next week and hopefully recover and be all ready for the French. 

Q. Do you feel a little bit "old" when you play someone like Dokic who is so 

CONCHITA MARTINEZ: No, not really. If I play my game and if I play good, you 
know, I think it doesn't matter the age. I mean, I'm still there and I mean, I 
can play, you know -- if I play good, I can play a couple more years or three. 
Who knows? It doesn't really matter. I mean, the most important thing is to be 
fit and to play your game and, you know...

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