Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Tennis Masters Series - Rome 2001 (Italian Open)
Rome, Italy
20 May, 2001


May 20, 2001

J. DOKIC/A. Mauresmo, 7-6, 6-1

An Interview With: JELENA DOKIC

THE MODERATOR: First question, please. 

Q. The first Tour title for you, you must be delighted with that?

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, definitely. I mean it's no small title either, so to have it 
as my first one is great, and hopefully not the last one. I don't think it's 
sunk in yet. I don't think just getting to the semis hasn't either, but 
especially to win. I think it's going to take a few days, and, you know, it was 
-- I mean to come through and, you know, I've played well the whole week and 
just I was mentally tough as well. Also to beat Amelie, who's -- I mean she's 
got the best record this year, and she's played well is, you know, is very 

Q. In the days when clay wasn't your favorite surface, do you recall your first 
encounter with European clay, how you felt on it?

JELENA DOKIC: I think my biggest problem was patience. I think, you know, I was 
trying to finish off points too quickly which doesn't work on clay. I don't 
think I was physically as strong as I am now, so I think that's, I mean that's a 
big -- that's two very big things that, you know, you need to be good at on 
clay. So I think that's where I've improved, and that's why I'm winning more 
matches on clay.

Q. The footwork didn't bother you?

JELENA DOKIC: No, no. I mean I think I'm moving fine. Especially, I got a lot of 
balls today and it's hard against Amelie. She hits the ball very hard, very 
flat. You never know what she's going to do. 

Q. After the first set, the second set went very smooth for you. Why do you 
think that happened?

JELENA DOKIC: I think going into the match she was a big favorite to win, and I 
think when it was very close in the first set, I think that probably got her 
confidence down a little bit and I was sort of up. As soon as I won the first 
set, I think that's what won me the match. I think I started to play even better 
and she sort of went down a little bit. And I think in a match like this, I 
think the first set was very important for me and also for her. And I think you 
could see a big difference with her attitude also in the second, and, you know, 
my confidence just grew more and more. And I think, you know, I kept on serving 
well and kept the pressure on on my service games. 

Q. You mentioned Amelie's attitude. Do you think today was a good day to play 
her in view of the fact that she's had so much success over the last couple of 
months and perhaps didn't need this one as much as you did?

JELENA DOKIC: Oh, she needed it. I think she did. I mean, a fifth title wouldn't 
have -- I think she was, you know, she wanted it but I think -- I think when I 
won that first set, I think that made a big difference and maybe she sort 
thought, you know, "Maybe I won't win this one." And, you know, I was very -- I 
wanted this title, and I think when I won the first set, I think, you know, I 
wanted it even more and I started to play better, too. And I was just out there 
every point whether I won it or lost it, and I think that made a difference. I 
was always there. 

Q. Were you scared about an interruption for rain, or you didn't think of that?

JELENA DOKIC: No, I think it started in the first set, so anything could have 
happened. But it was starting to rain a bit harder at 4-1 in the second. You got 
to try and not worry about it a little bit, but then you sort of want to finish 
the match as soon as you can, if you can. So -- but I don't think -- I don't 
think I was too worried with the rain. 

Q. I guess this is one of the best moments of your career. Would you compare 
this moment with some others in the past? I mean when you beat Hingis in 
Wimbledon or somewhere else, or do you recall any particular moment?

JELENA DOKIC: That was big, because it sort of got me up there, you know. You 
know, I got my ranking up, and it was, you know, a good start for me. But I 
think this is -- this is a lot different because I've been up there. And to win 
a big title is -- and to beat some good players in it, I don't think it ranks -- 
I don't think it's anywhere near anything that I've done so far. 

Q. Are you going to carry on with your commitment to play Strasbourg next week?

JELENA DOKIC: So far, yes. I think it's -- you know, I think I'm a little bit 
tired from this week, but I, you know, it will still be good to get a few 
matches no matter what happens there. And I'm gonna try and go and play. It's 
still important to play another tournament, and, you know, just continue the 
form I've been in until the French Open and see what happens. 

Q. She has a monster backhand. Did you find yourself reading it better all the 

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, little bit. I think you get used to it, but still it's a 
huge weapon. I think even though I played more to her backhand, I think it's -- 
I think it gave me more chances to open up the court and I started to read a 
little better, and it's a huge shot for her and she has a lot of spin on it, 
too. But I got used to it, I think, as the match went on, you know, I got better 
and better at it. 

Q. Your first time in the Top 20 is tomorrow. Do you set up a new goal for 

JELENA DOKIC: Well, my goal for the year was Top 15, and I think I'll be 17 next 
week. There is points to defend, but I think there's also points to gain, and, 
you know, right now maybe, you know, I always set up goals as I go along so, you 
know, Top 10's not very far away. I think this was the biggest hurdle for me. 
I've been in the Top 30, Top 25 for a while, and I think there's a big 
difference to get from 25 into, you know, Top 20, and I think things will 
hopefully get easier now. 

Q. Did you ever see the movie "Singing in the Rain," and if you did, did you 
feel like singing in the last game?

JELENA DOKIC: I didn't see it, no.

Q. You should.

JELENA DOKIC: But I didn't feel like singing in the last game until it was 
finished. I still had to serve it out, and at 40-15 in that double-fault, I 
wasn't singing, so... (Laughter.)

Q. Was that nerves?

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, probably. I don't know. I think -- but I was glad that I 
finished, and the next one I played a good point. And I was singing after - 
after that. 

Q. Singing out of the rain. 

JELENA DOKIC: (Smiling.)

Q. And winning a title as big as this one presumably gives you the belief that 
you can one day win a Grand Slam?

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, hopefully I'm on the way. You know, it's not on my mind 
right now. I think winning a title was the first thing, then win a bigger one. I 
think this is a pretty big one for me. Then try and get my ranking up there. But 
I think, you know, I think a lot of players are going out, some are coming in, 
younger ones, new ones. So I think, you know, I think I definitely have a 
chance. I mean, I've beaten a lot of the top players, which is one thing to, you 
know, winning a Grand Slam. So I think hopefully it's only a matter of time, but 
it's not something that's on my mind right now. I think it's just improving my 
game like I have been. 

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