Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Roland Garros 2001
Paris, France
28 May, 2001

Roland Garros 2001 - News & Views - Interview

      Jelana Dokic
      Monday, May 28, 2001

      J. DOKIC / A. Gersi, 6-0, 6-0 

      MODERATOR: Questions for Jelena. 

      Q. Couldn't ask for a better start, get off the court pretty fast?

      JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. It was a good match for me to start. I played quite 
      well. It wasn't too much of a difficult match, so there wasn't too many 
      things to do. But I tried out everything. It seemed to be working fine. 

      Q. Are you just carrying momentum from Rome? Is that what it feels like? 
      Still at the top of your game?

      JELENA DOKIC: Probably, yeah. I mean, even before, I mean, I had some good 
      tournaments, on hard court, as well, a pretty good year. I think I'm just 
      a lot more consistent right now this year. I mean, even though I had a 
      week off last week, I still think I feel good. 

      You know, I've had a lot of matches. It's not like I'm coming in after not 
      playing for a while. I feel like I have a good rhythm. 

      Q. I know it's a long way away, but after winning Rome, you must have 
      thought, "I have a pretty good chance at Roland Garros." Can you talk 
      about that?

      JELENA DOKIC: It's a long way. There's so many players that can win this, 
      and a lot of underdogs, as well. I think it's anybody's. 

      On clay, you never know who can get through. I think there's some pretty 
      tough matches, you know, even before the quarterfinals with some of the 
      I'm not looking that far ahead; I'm just going match by match. 

      Q. But if you play as well as you can, do you feel you can pretty much 
      play with anybody on this surface right now? 

      JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, pretty much. I think even with the bigger hitters, I 
      think I have a bigger chance on clay than maybe on hard court or grass. I 
      think this is the surface to probably beat them on. 

      You know, you never know what can happen. If I do get as far and if I do 
      beat a seed, I think I'll go far into the tournament. 

      Q. Was it any concern to you at all about the reshuffle of the seeds in 
      the draw? 

      JELENA DOKIC: I mean, I think you've got to be ready for that. I think 
      there was a lot of question marks on some of the players before the 
      tournament. But I think either way, you know, whether it was Lindsay or 
      Amelie or whoever they moved around, it really didn't matter. You have to 
      play somebody. 

      I think it's a little bit confusing, not just for me but for some of the 
      other players as well that had the change. You know, it's something you've 
      got to deal with. I had to play the same first round today, so...

      Q. You were speaking about your consistency before. Other than that, 
      what's been the biggest thing this year to get you to win a big title? Is 
      it general maturity?

      JELENA DOKIC: Probably a little bit. I think physically I'm a lot better 
      than I was before. Sometimes after I would play a match or two, I think I 
      would get tired. I think just during matches I feel a lot stronger while 
      I'm playing. I think that's had a big part. I've worked on that a lot. 

      I think just I worked on every part of my game to really try and mix up 
      everything, you know, my serve, you know, a little bit of everything. It 
      makes a huge difference. 

      Q. Do you get any coaching at all aside from your father? Do you have 
      anybody else helping you?

      JELENA DOKIC: Not right now. 

      Q. Physical training, anything like that?

      JELENA DOKIC: When I'm in Tampa training, I have a guy who I hit with. I 
      have a fitness trainer that I work with. That's when I'm not traveling. 
      Right now, I don't think while I'm on the road I'll take anybody. 

      You know, I think it's working fine the way it is. If it wasn't, then I 
      would change something, but it's going well. 

      Q. Just in terms of after the French Open, what are you playing in terms 
      of preparation for Wimbledon?

      JELENA DOKIC: Right now Rosmalen before Wimbledon, maybe Birmingham, I'm 
      not sure. Depends how I feel after this. 

      Q. You looked very confident and happy to be out there. Do you like being 
      in Paris this time of the year?

      JELENA DOKIC: I don't think I've done too well here. I think, like I said, 
      the difference is generally no matter what surface I'm on, I've been 
      working on everything. I feel really good about my game, especially after 
      winning Rome. It's a big difference. 

      I think it's given me a lot of confidence. I sort of feel like I can beat 
      anybody. I mean, I'm not saying I'm going to beat them every day or every 
      time I play them, but I've beaten a lot of top players. That's always 

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