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The Championships 2001
Wimbledon, Great Britain
02 July, 2001

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            Jelena Dokic Interview - Day 7
            Monday, July 2, 2001

            L. DAVENPORT / J. Dokic 7-5, 6-4

              MODERATOR: Questions, please. 

              Q. Do you think that was an opportunity missed today? 

              JELENA DOKIC: Definitely. You know, I don't think -- you know, it 
              was 5 and 4, but I don't think -- it was a lot closer than that. I 
              think, you know, a few opportunities there would have changed the 
              whole match. You know, I think I was just unlucky on the big 
              points, and I didn't play the big points well. And that's where I 
              lost the match. 

              Q. Do you think that perhaps the serve was the big difference 
              between the two of you, her serve stood up better?

              JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, you know, in the two previous matches we 
              played, I think I served a lot better than I did in either of 
              them. I hoped my service game was a little better this time. But I 
              did, especially on the big points, I really had trouble with the 
              serve. You know, when I did have breakpoints, she hit really, you 
              know, big serves. You know, like 30-Alls and deuces. So that made 
              a bit of a difference. You know, I had some breakpoints that I, 
              you know, should have converted a lot more of. 

              Q. Do you see yourself ever trying a few volleys? Obviously that's 
              what a lot of people look for in their game is a volley, you 
              didn't try one today. Do you think there will come a time when you 
              will try to bring that into your game?

              JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. It's a little hard against Lindsay, when she 
              hits the ball so hard. It's hard to come in when 90% of the time 
              you're at the back of the court. So it's very hard to do that. You 
              know, I've done it in my previous matches, but it's very difficult 
              when you play her, especially when I'm returning because I'm never 
              in, you know -- I'm never controlling the point really. 

              Q. Do you think that you moved Lindsay around the court as much as 
              you would have liked to today? She's not the most mobile opponent.

              JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, again that comes to something like -- it was 
              one of my plans. And as soon as I did move her around, I had a lot 
              more, you know, opportunities to win the points. But, again, it's 
              very hard because she was dictating so much, especially on her 
              serve. You know, when she -- she gets a lot of free points on her 
              serves and a lot of short replies. That's where she hurts you. 
              That's what she's good at. 

              Q. Do you feel that that was the best Jelena out there today? 

              JELENA DOKIC: Probably not. I think I would have liked to have 
              played a bit better, especially I had some, you know, unforced 
              errors there that I could have cut out. But also, you know, it 
              didn't come down, I don't think, to who played better; I think it 
              was who played better on the bigger points. You know, I had a 
              break in that first set, and I didn't hold my serve. I just 
              rushed. I think that was a big mistakes right there. That's 
              probably where I lost the match, too. 

              Q. You rushed, you say?

              JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. 

              Q. I guess Wimbledon is always a special place for you, having 
              knocked out Hingis in the first round. Have you changed your mind 
              about Wimbledon this year?

              JELENA DOKIC: No, definitely not. You know, I got to the fourth 
              round again. You know, I got to the last 16. Again, I'm, you know 
              -- again, I'm up there. And I think out of any of the matches -- I 
              had a pretty tough draw, to play Lindsay in the fourth round. 
              There were some very, you know, open sections of the draw. More 
              than half the matches, you know, where they didn't have to face 
              someone like Lindsay or Venus. And that's just unlucky. You know, 
              I think if I would have played a lot of the other fourth rounds, 
              if I was anywhere in there, I would have had probably a little bit 
              more of a chance. I think Lindsay's always hard to play against on 
              grass, and she's done very well here, every time she plays. Again, 
              it just comes down to, you know, a tough section of the draw 

              Q. Martina Hingis's form has dropped away substantially in the 
              last year and a half since players like Venus and Serena and 
              Lindsay Davenport - who are huge girls really compared to some of 
              the other players . Do you sometimes feel it's always going to be 
              very tough for people of your size to beat people of their size?

              JELENA DOKIC: Not necessarily. I think Martina was beating them 
              all while she was in form. You know, she has dropped off a little 
              bit. You know, I'm sure that she'll bounce back.

              But, you know, they always have an advantage over you. I think 
              it's very hard to play someone, especially on the serve. You know, 
              they're just overpowering. Especially if they're in form, it's 
              very hard to beat someone like that. 

              Q. Do you find that the pressures, off-court distractions, are 
              greater at Wimbledon for yourself than anywhere else?

              JELENA DOKIC: Not really, no. I think, you know, I've always done 
              well here. I don't put any pressure on myself. I always feel 
              confident when I get on the court, especially here. I've always 
              done well. You know, every year that I've lost, I've lost to 
              someone that's gone far in the tournament, and someone that's been 
              playing well in the tournament.

              Q. Who do you expect to go on and win now? 

              JELENA DOKIC: You know, I think the top half's very open. I don't 
              know. I think probably the favourites, they're up there. I mean, 
              it's very hard to say who is going to win between Serena and 
              Jennifer. But the bottom half, you know, I think Lindsay's playing 
              very well right now. I would expect her to get to the semis. But 
              you never know. And then she might have to face Venus. Again, 
              that's very tough. And you'd probably want those two players to be 
              in separate halves. It's very hard to say. I think everyone's in 
              form right now. You know, I think it's just a matter of what 
              happens on the day. 

              Q. Was your transport okay this morning?

              JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, it was fine. 

              Q. You weren't sort of waiting?

              JELENA DOKIC: No.

              Q. You had a nice mixed doubles come-from-behind win yesterday. 
              Seemed like you were having a lot of fun. In any way is it fun to 
              play with a partner who has also, like yourself and your family, 
              gone up against the establishment?

              JELENA DOKIC: You know, I don't think we look at it that way. I 
              think it's the first time that we've played together. You know, 
              he's very fun to play with, and very enjoyable. You know, we don't 
              think about that. We don't talk about that. It's something that 
              players definitely don't discuss. It's something that's not on our 
              minds. I think especially when it comes to mixed doubles, you just 
              go out there. It's just something to, you know, try out different 
              things and just go out there and have fun. It's a lot more 
              enjoyable than singles. 

              Q. You looked upset about some possible long serves, crucial 
              points. You said that she got away with big serving on crucial 
              breakpoints, but you looked as if you thought they were out. Some 
              of us thought they looked long. 

              JELENA DOKIC: I mean, you're never sure about that. It's not clay, 
              so it's very hard to see. I mean, I would have liked to see the 
              replays. But, you know, she argued a few, and so did I. Maybe they 
              were long, maybe they weren't. I felt like they were at the time. 
              I don't know. Maybe they were. I don't know. It's very hard to say 
              on grass. I felt like they were. And, you know, she did get away 
              with some of them. But, you know...

              Q. Do you think it's possible that that particular lines person is 
              weary of calling a ball out without the beep going if it's near 
              the zone, a bit of inhibition?

              JELENA DOKIC: I think he's always going to go with the Cyclops. I 
              think that's what it's there for. I don't think he's ever going to 
              overrule a close call, he's just going to go to the machine. It's 
              just a matter of, you know, the call that he makes at the time, 
              whatever he feels comfortable. 
              I'm sure the chair umpire won't overrule either on a surface like 

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