Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Rogers AT&T Cup 2001 (Canadian Open)
Toronto, Ont. Canada
13 August, 2001

          Rogers AT&T Cup - Press Conferences

            SCORE / RÉSULTAT: 6-7(5), 7-5, 6-1

            MONDAY, AUGUST 13, 2001 / LUNDI 13 AOÛT 2001


            TOUR OFFICIAL: Questions for Jelena, please.

            REPORTER: Congratulations on winning, Jelena. How do you explain the momentum change? It 
            looked for a time as if you were going to lose and you didn't look as if you would be winning 
            tonight. All of a sudden the momentum changed late in the second set.

            JELENA DOKIC Well, I think I had a lot of chances in the first set. And I think that was 
            -- I think I was very mentally down after that. And at 4-2 I just, you know, tried to hold my 
            serve, then I did. And then I broke her. I think I just tried to go point by point and I was 
            lucky. I think that's the only thing that explains it tonight. And after 5-all to hold my 
            serve and break her on that double fault was crucial. And that decided the third set, I think.

            REPORTER: Hi Jelena. First of all, congratulations from the Serbian community. I want to 
            continue the questioning. Can you tell me exactly what was the key moment that brought you 
            back in the game? I mean, you were struggling in the first set and then suddenly, you came 

            JELENA DOKIC I think at 4-2, when it was 4-2, that first point on my serve, I played a really 
            great point to pass her when she came in. Won that game easily. And then she served well, but 
            I got a lot of returns back at 4-3. And I think that was the key. When I broke at 4-3, 
            everything sort of changed. And she still played well in the second set, but I lifted my game. 
            And I think that was -- that was the key. And I was very lucky.

            REPORTER: You seemed to have a a lot of problems with your second serve. Was there anything 

            JELENA DOKIC No, I think she puts a lot of pressure on you, because she hits quite well, 
            especially her returns. You sort of feel you have to go for a lot more. And I think my ball 
            toss was everywhere and a little bit low. That was it pretty much. It got -- there were times 
            when it was good, there were times when it wasn't so good. I think it's the concentration 
            also a little bit. But I'm not worried about that. Work on that a little bit. And I think my 
            game was a lot better than I thought it would be tonight.

            REPORTER: You know her from juniors. Did you sense her frustration, were you feeding off her 
            frustration after you went up, well, got to 4-3?

            JELENA DOKIC I think -- no, you know, I think it was different. I don't think we were looking at 
            each other very much. We know each other. We've played each other before. We're both very 
            competitive. And, you know, I think she was very frustrated when she lost her serve at 4-3, 
            especially to lose the set on a double fault. I think that was crucial and maybe that decided 
            the match.

            REPORTER: How are things going with your father? Have things calmed down on the tour in terms of 
            all of the talk?

            JELENA DOKIC Yeah, I think the situation has been really good this year. He's been on quite a 
            few tournaments this year. He's back at home now, in Florida. So, you know, I think he will 
            be back at the U.S. Open again. And, you know, it's been really good. I've never had any 
            problems and I've always said that. There was a lot of talk before and I can't help that. Things 
            have been really good this year.

            REPORTER: So he's not here?

            JELENA DOKIC No.

            REPORTER: How confident are you after this victory?

            JELENA DOKIC You know, again, I sort of think I played quite well. And I think this was going to 
            be a very tough match for me. I think out of all the seeds, and all the players, I think she's 
            the toughest to play in the first round. You know, I think the next one will be tough, but 
            maybe a little bit easier than today. I was very down today. And, you know, I nearly lost that 
            match. And to come back and win it is -- it gives you a lot of confidence.

            TOUR OFFICIAL: Any other questions?

            REPORTER: Who was with you in the box?

            JELENA DOKIC My mom and my fitness trainer.

            REPORTER: Do we know who you're playing next?

            JELENA DOKIC Magui Serna.

            REPORTER: What do you expect from her?

            JELENA DOKIC Like I said, it will be a tough match, but maybe a little bit easier than today. 
            It's a different player all together. She's a left-hander. And hits the ball, you know, hard 
            and clean. I played her before. I think Wimbledon last year and had a win there. So, you 
            know, again, it's a very tough match. And a dangerous one for me if I don't play well. And, 
            you know, again, I'm just going to have to go out there and do my best.

            REPORTER: Jelena, you won -- sorry, you got to the semis of Wimbledon a few years ago. I'm 
            wondering if you have expectations to get to a Grand Slam final one day and do you think that 
            day is soon coming?

            JELENA DOKIC I hope so. You know, I think Grand Slams are very special. I think you get a -- 
            that's where everything comes together and that's where you have to play well. You know, I 
            think I'm getting up there and my game's getting up there. It's very tough. There are so many 
            good players right now. The top ten is just so close. And, you know, it's anyone's tournament. 
            We've seen that in the last few Grand Slams. We've had different players in the final all the 
            time. You know, there are a few older players that might go out in a few years and there are 
            some younger ones coming through. But, you know, it's not -- it's an aim for me, but not right 
            now. I think to improve my game is the most important thing right now.

            TOUR OFFICIAL: Thank you.

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