Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

U.S. Open 2001
Flushing Meadow, NY, USA
31 August, 2001


US OPEN 2001
August 31, 2001

J. DOKIC/A. Sanchez-Vicario  6-4, 7-5

An interview with: JELENA DOKIC

MODERATOR: Questions, please. 

Q. Can you kind of assess how you felt you played out there, whether you're 
happy with your performance?

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, definitely to beat Arantxa in two sets is great for me - at 
a Grand Slam, too. You know, I stuck in there. I didn't play well at all times, 
but I played the important points well and I took my chances. I had a little 
lapse there at 3-All in the second. Overall, I think I played well.

Q. That lapse in the second set, what were you having to tell yourself to get 
out of it?

JELENA DOKIC: I was 5-3 down, Love-30 on my serve. I just tried to go a point at 
a time and try to win my serve there, then just really concentrate on trying to 
break her serve. And that's what happened. From there on, you know, my 
confidence grew and I started to play well again. 

Q. How important was it to beat her earlier this year in Hamburg?

JELENA DOKIC: Very important. I beat her there on clay. It was really heavy, 
very heavy conditions. To beat her on clay was a very good win for me because 
that's her favorite surface - it's not my favorite. On hard court, it was a 
little bit easier.

Q. Did you have a particular strategy going into the match, since she is such a 
veteran here at The Open?

JELENA DOKIC: No. Like I said, she probably isn't at her best right now, but she 
still played very well today. Last couple weeks, this is the best I've seen her 
play. She came out, gave it her all. I just said to myself, you know, not to 
make too many errors but still be aggressive. It's hard to do that, but I try to 
do that. Maybe attack her forehand a little bit more. I think her backhand has a 
lot more pace on it. She dictates the point a lot more with her backhand. I had 
to kind of mix it up, just see what happens. 

Q. Can you talk about playing Hingis? 

JELENA DOKIC: You know, I think we've played a few times. I'm actually looking 
forward to that. I haven't played her in a long time. This year has been 
different for me. You know, she had a tough match today, nearly lost. But still, 
you know, she comes out, she came out at the end and won. You know, I actually 
wanted her to win. I wanted to play her again. You know, I've got nothing to 
lose. There's a lot of pressure on her, I think. You know, I'm just going to go 
out there and do the same as I did today.

Q. Why did you want to play her?

JELENA DOKIC: You know, I think to try and play her again. I haven't played her 
in a long time. To play her again at a Grand Slam, you know, would just be a 
good experience for me, just try and, you know, do my best and maybe get a win, 
just see, you know, where I'm at and how I'm playing right now.

Q. She hasn't had a great six months or so for a world's No. 1, struggled today. 
Do you think she's a little vulnerable at the moment? Do you think this is a big 
opportunity for you at a Grand Slam?

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. But I think she's still No. 1 and she's a champion. It's 
never over with her. And she comes out, you know, in matches when she's playing 
bad and wins. I wouldn't take it as an easy match. She hasn't been playing very 
well this year and I'm still surprised that she's still No. 1. But she's still 
one of the best players out there. 

Q. How was your health today? You said Monday night you weren't feeling to well. 

JELENA DOKIC: I was fine today. I knew it was going to be tough, a lot of 
rallies, a lot of running. That's what it was. You know, I'm glad it didn't go 
into a third. But even if it did, I would have felt pretty good. It was hot and 
humid out there today. I'm happy with the way I handled the long rallies, the 
way I played. 

Q. Will your dad be here at some stage of the tournament?


Q. Do you talk to him over the phone?


Q. You obviously have the strokes to keep up with Hingis. How much of the match 
is going to be mental for you?

JELENA DOKIC: Pretty much all of it, I think. You know, I can play with her from 
the baseline. She's not going to blow me off the court, and she doesn't have a 
big serve. You know, I hit harder than she does. You know, I have the game to 
stay out there with her. It's just going to be a matter of who's better 
prepared. It will be a very mental match, I think. There's nothing -- I don't 
think there will be anything else in it.

Q. Are you going to play her more or less like you played Arantxa?

JELENA DOKIC: Again, I have to try not to make errors. I've got to try and make 
her -- if she's going to win, make her win the match. Pretty much, you know, I 
was happy with how I hung in there today, just didn't make errors and really dug 
down deep when I needed to. I had everything there working for me. So hopefully 
it will be like that against Martina also. 

Q. How can you assess your draw this year?

JELENA DOKIC: I haven't looked at the draw this year. I don't think there's 
anything to assess. I think you have to go match by match. I think I had one of 
the tougher third rounds today than, you know, a lot of the other matches. It's 
Martina in the fourth round. I don't think you can assess anything. You've got 
to go match by match. If I get through each one, you concentrate on the next 
match. I honestly haven't looked at it. Really doesn't bother me. 

Q. Are you more confident now than at any time this summer, past the loss at 
Roland Garros?

JELENA DOKIC: Probably, yeah. I played very well during the clay court season. I 
had a little letdown there at the French. That was very mental for me. I knew I 
had a chance there. I didn't take it. You know, you've got to get past that. 
That was just an experience for me. Hopefully I'll learn from that. But since 
then, you know, I think this is the best that I've played. You know, I feel very 
good when I get out on the court. I've played a lot of matches, singles and 
doubles. I feel good. 

Q. How disappointed are you in the Grand Slam results you had so far this year?

JELENA DOKIC: Not really. I had a tough first round at the Aussie Open. Again, I 
had a chance there, but I lost to the defending champion, to one of the best 
players right now, one of the best players on hard court also. Just a little 
letdown at the French, that's it. Wimbledon I think I played well, and lost to 
Lindsay again. I think probably I didn't do as well as I wanted to at the Grand 
Slams, but it's something I think that will come. You know, the more you're 
seeded at Grand Slams and tournaments, I think the better it will be.

Q. Should we be categorizing you in the same category as Clijsters and Henin, or 
do you think you're still a little bit below that?

JELENA DOKIC: No, you know, I think there are a few young ones that are pretty 
much at the same level right now. It's just a matter of who's going to get there 
first. And I think there's four or five of us that are going to be there 
probably, you know, as early as next year. We'll all be at the same level. I 
think our games are very similar. We've all come through the Juniors together. 
We're all very aggressive. You know, I think if I did play them, I'll feel very 
comfortable playing them. You know, I wouldn't say I'm below them right now.

Q. Who would you say those four or five players are?

JELENA DOKIC: I think Clijsters and Henin are there, myself and maybe 
Dementieva. There are a few other ones coming up I think also. You're going to 
have four or five young ones that are going to be coming up and replacing the 

Q. So then given that Clijsters and Henin have both reached Grand Slam finals 
this year, we shouldn't be surprised if you get there now?

JELENA DOKIC: I'm not putting any pressure on myself to do it right here, right 
now. I'm just saying in the next year or two, you're going to see a lot more 
semis and finals of Grand Slams that we're going to be playing. You know, I'm 
not going to say it will happen right here. We've all seen that all of us can 
beat the top players. 

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