Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

U.S. Open 2001
Flushing Meadow, NY, USA
02 September, 2001


US OPEN 2001
September 2, 2001

M. HINGIS/J. Dokic  6-4, 6-0

An interview with: JELENA DOKIC

MODERATOR: Questions for Jelena. 

Q. At Love-3, could you explain what you think sort of happened? 

JELENA DOKIC: I don't know. I just lost my concentration a little bit. I just 
started to miss a little bit more. I was going for a little bit too much. You 
know, I didn't expect her to play as well as she did. She actually, you know, 
played well. I didn't break her there at 3-2, and I had a couple breakpoints. 
Mentally, I went down and lost my serve. That's where everything went down the 
hill after that. 

Q. How frustrated were you by that first set result? 

JELENA DOKIC: I mean it was mentally very -- I mean, especially having 3-Love, a 
break up. You know, even though I lost my serve at 3-1, I still had chances at 
3-2. I was unlucky to lose that game. That's where I went down. You know, even 
though I lost the first set, though, I sort of tried to regroup. I just, again, 
went for too much, and she didn't miss. 

Q. To lose a love set there in the second set, is this going to be a loss which 
is going to be difficult for you to get over or won't it be a setback for you?

JELENA DOKIC: It won't be a setback. I'll be thinking about it. It's never good 
to lose. But, you know, I lost to the No. 1 player in the world. You know, I had 
a close first set. But, you know, it's just something I have to learn from and 
have to try and improve on next time. You know, it won't be a huge setback, but 
I'm definitely disappointed. 

Q. What is your schedule for the rest of the year? How many tournaments are you 
going to play?

JELENA DOKIC: I'm playing some in Europe. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do. 
Maybe take some time off because I've been playing quite a few tournaments. I'll 

Q. Are you a little jaded? Have you played too much?

JELENA DOKIC: No. I think it's my first year full-time. I'm not really 
(inaudible) yet. I like playing a lot of matches, so it's not a problem for me. 
I think sometimes you just need a break. Physically and mentally I'm a little 
bit, you know, feeling it right now. So maybe a week or two won't hurt.

Q. There's a feeling about Martina that the game has gotten a little too big for 
her, that to win a Slam again, she's going to have to get by too many big 
hitters. Do you believe that or do you think she can win again, a Slam?

JELENA DOKIC: You know, it's very difficult. She has the game. It's just a 
matter of, you know, she struggles with the big hitters, she struggles beating 
them, beating two or three of them in a row. That's a big task to beat maybe one 
Williams sister, then two, then maybe Lindsay and maybe Jennifer. You know, it's 
something that she's struggling with right now. You know, she's won Slams 
before. I definitely think she has a chance. You can never count her out. But 
it's getting tougher for her. You know, it's just a matter of she hasn't been 
playing that well. You know, I think, I felt like today she did play well. But I 
think she'll probably still struggle against the bigger hitters.

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