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A Letter From Sanex WTA Tour Officers
by the Women's Tennis Association
Sanex WTA Tour

A Letter From Sanex WTA Tour CEO Bart McGuire and COO Josh Ripple 

Friday, September 14, 2001 

As we end this very difficult week, we would like to provide an update on Tour actions related to 
the tragic events in the United States. 

The Sanex WTA Tour staff has spent a large amount of time over the past few days in consultation 
with our security advisors to make operational decisions involving our Tournaments and Players in 
Hawaii and Brazil. We have focused equal attention on next week's events in Quebec City, Canada and 
Tokyo, Japan. In addition, we are assessing plans for the balance of the season in light of events 
that might occur outside the tennis world. 

The Sanex WTA Tour decided this week to continue play in Hawaii and Brazil after communication with 
our staff, Tournament officials and security advisors. In Hawaii, we did cancel matches on 
Tuesday out of respect for the horrific human devastation in the United States and in the 
interest of security for our Players, fans and staff. In addition, in observance of today's 
National Day of Mourning in the United States, there will be no match play in Hawaii between 
12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. local time and a moment of silence will be observed prior to start of 

There have been questions about whether we should cancel or postpone future Tournaments, mainly 
because of security or logistical issues. We have concluded, after consultation with our security 
advisors, that it is appropriate to continue with the Tour as scheduled, but with some adjustments. 
Due to immediate logistical concerns, we have postponed the start of our qualifying in Quebec 
City and Tokyo by one day, and we will continue to monitor the situation in case further adjustments 
might be needed. We have also informed our Players and Tournaments that the Tour will not enforce its 
rules regarding Player withdrawals next week in order to respect the Players' personal needs and 
concerns relating to this catastrophe. 

Finally, we have requested that all Sanex WTA Tour Players and Tournaments pay tribute to the 
thousands of people, not only Americans, who have lost their lives or are missing. We are also 
considering how the Tour can contribute to the relief efforts currently underway. 

On behalf of the Sanex WTA Tour Players and staff, we extend our deepest sympathies to the families 
of the victims of these disasters. 

Most sincerely, 

  Bart McGuire			Josh Ripple
  Chief Exectuvie Officer	Chief Operating Officer
  Sanex WTA Tour		Sanex WTA Tour

  (Waikoloa, Hawaii) The Big Island Championships displayed leis on the Stadium Court net in honor 
  of the National Day of Rememberance. - Photo by John Russell 

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An Open Letter to ATP Fans
by the Association of Tennis Professionals
ATPtennis - News and Scores

PRESS RELEASE  Sep. 12, 2001 

An Open Letter to ATP Fans 
From: Mark Miles, ATP Chief Executive Officer

I wanted to communicate to all of you to describe our policy moving forward in light of the horrible tragedy that 
occurred yesterday in the United States.

In light of the present situation, we have given great thought to what should be done as far as schedule and 
continuation of our tournaments. In doing so, we have given great weight to the direction taken by the U.S. 
Government, which has been proactive in trying to get things back to normal as soon as possible and not let an act 
designed to disrupt and deter to do so any further. With that in mind, we have decided to continue on with our 
tournaments as scheduled.

ATP events currently being played in Bucharest, Salvador and Tashkent have paused for a moment's silence in 
recognition of those injured or killed. The events will continue as planned. Any player at those events who for 
personal reasons seeks to withdraw to return home to be with friends or family is being permitted to do so. Any 
player who due to travel problems is delayed or unable to get to events next week will be given proper 
consideration. The ATP is working with our player and tournament partners to work through this difficult time as 
best as possible. 

The ATP is an international family that includes nationalities and cultures from across the globe. The events of 
yesterday have impacted us all.

Warm regards,
Mark Miles

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"Waiting to hear"
from CNN and Sports Illustrated
---------------------------------------------------------------------- from CNN and Sports Illustrated - Tennis - Top Stories

      Waiting to hear

      Princess Cup status uncertain for Serena, Capriati

      Posted: Thursday September 13, 2001 10:52 AM

      TOKYO (Reuters) -- Organisers of next week's Toyota Princess Cup tennis 
      tournament admit they are unsure if American players Serena Williams and 
      Jennifer Capriati will appear after Tuesday's terror attacks in the United 

      "We are in contact with the WTA and as yet we have had no reports of 
      players not coming. But it could be that some players are afraid to travel 
      at the moment," an official said on Thursday.

      "It also depends on the situation at the airports in America. At this 
      stage nobody knows exactly what's going on."

      Meanwhile, the WTA has announced that this weekend's qualifying matches 
      for the $565,000 event have been pushed back 24 hours to give players an 
      extra day to get to Japan.

      Originally scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, qualifying for the main draw 
      will begin on Sunday and carry over to Monday, when the first round of 
      matches will also get under way, tournament organizers confirmed.

      Asked if defending champion Williams or world number two Capriati would be 
      appearing, an official said: "We are still checking with the WTA, but we 
      won't know for sure until Monday's press conference."

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A Press Release - September 20, 2001
by the Women's Tennis Association
Sanex WTA Tour Newsroom

Sanex WTA Tour and Its Players Donate to Auction for America Tour to Auction Authorized Merchandise 
as Part of eBay's online charity effort to help those affected by the events of September 11th 

Stamford, CT - September 20, 2001 - To benefit the September 11th Fund, The Sanex WTA Tour, the 
governing and sanctioning body for women's professional tennis, has joined Ebay's Auction for 

For the first time ever, The Sanex WTA Tour has authorized the sale of authentic autographed 
merchandise, which will be sold exclusively on eBay. The Tour and its players will donate authentic 
product for auction on eBay beginning September 20, 2001. 

eBay's has challenged itself, through its community of 34 million registered users, to raise $100 
million within 100 days. All contributions - through buying, selling, or donating cash directly - 
will go to benefit the September 11th Fund and the Twin Towers Fund. All related listing, final 
value, and processing fees will be waived to ensure that 100% of every contribution goes to the 
Auction for America effort. 

"After such horrible events last week, everyone is pulling together to try to help," said Lindsay 
Davenport, three time Grand Slam Champion and currently World No. 3. "Even though this might not 
seem like much, in a time like this, every little bit can truly make a difference. This can provide 
a way for tennis fans around the world to make an impact. On behalf of the entire Tour, our hearts 
go out to everybody affected by this tragedy." 

Some of the Sanex WTA Tour items included for sale are: 

  * Jennifer Capriati Autographed Match Worn Shirt 
  * Anna Kournikova Autographed Match Worn Shirt 
  * Venus and Serena Williams Autographed T-Shirt 
  * Steffi Graf and Lindsay Davenport Autographed 1999 Wimbledon Order of Play 
  * Martina, Serena, Venus, Jennifer Autographed Oversize Tennis Ball 
  * Monica Seles Autographed Match Worn Sneakers 
  * Arantxa Sanchez Vicario Autographed Match Worn Sneakers 

To see a complete listing of available items, or for further information log onto the Sanex WTA Tour 
About Me Page at All items will be listed under the 
Sports - Memorabilia - Tennis section. Each item can be reached via the home page by using the 
search option and entering Sanex WTA Tour. Photos of the items can be seen at 

The Sanex WTA Tour is the world's premier professional sport for women with more than 1,000 players 
representing 76 nations competing for more than $50 million in prize money at 63 events in 33 
countries worldwide in 2001. The Tour's season concludes with the Sanex Championships at the 
Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany October 30-November 4, 2001. 

Sanex WTA Tour events are viewed across the globe, reaching hundreds of millions of households, and 
are immensely popular in person, attracting more than four million spectators worldwide in 2000. 

Copyright 2001 WTA Tour, Inc. 

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A Press Release - October 3, 2001
by the Women's Tennis Association
Sanex WTA Tour Newsroom

Official Statement Regarding The Status of the Sanex Championships 

Stamford, CT (October 3, 2001) - There have been concerns expressed in the European press this past 
week that the season-ending Sanex Championships in Munich might ultimately lose some of the top U.S. 
stars from its field. This concern has arisen due to the recent tragedies of September 11 and 
related U.S. player withdrawals from events in Tokyo, Leipzig, Moscow and Filderstadt. 

The Tour is in regular communication with its players. All of the top players (except Monica Seles, 
for unrelated reasons) have reconfirmed that they intend to compete in the Sanex Championships, 
barring additional escalations of the current terrorist situation. 

The player withdrawals from earlier tournaments arose out of the players' concerns for their 
personal safety in traveling by air, particularly abroad, as American citizens. They also felt a 
need to remain close to their families in a time of uncertainty and instability worldwide. I can 
assure you that these were difficult decisions for the players to make. Their concerns involved 
travel, not the security at our events, as they are confident in the measures that have been taken 
to ensure their safety on-site. 

In addition, there would have been a particular burden on U.S. players contemplating multiple trips 
to Europe - in order to play one or two European events early in the fall schedule, return to the 
United States, and then fly back to Germany for the Sanex Championships. This was a consideration 
for some players. 

The Sanex WTA Tour respects and supports the decisions of its players during the aftermath of the 
September 11 attacks. However, for withdrawals from tournaments held in October and November, the 
players will be held accountable under the Tour's withdrawal policies, which we reinstated effective 
October 1. 

As travel conditions continue to move toward a more stabilized status worldwide, the Tour is 
confident that the Sanex Championships will feature a world-class field of international stars. 
I urge our fans to plan to be in Munich to witness the excitement of women's professional tennis 

The past few weeks have been difficult for everyone, and we thank our fans, players and constituents 
for their patience as we all struggle to return to our normal way of life. 

-- Bart McGuire, Chief Executive Officer, Sanex WTA Tour 

Copyright 2001 WTA Tour, Inc.

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A Press Release - October 8, 2001
by the Women's Tennis Association
Sanex WTA Tour

Status of Tour In Wake of Military Actions In Afghanistan 

Stamford, CT (October 8, 2001) - "In the wake of Sunday's military actions in Afghanistan, the 
Sanex WTA Tour has been in contact with its Tournament Promoters and Tour staff throughout the 
world regarding the enhanced level of security at our events. In addition, the Tour will constantly 
monitor world events and are prepared to take additional measures as the situation may warrant. 

"A number of U.S. players have now arrived in Europe, including every player who was scheduled 
to compete this week. All players are continuing their preparations to compete in upcoming Sanex 
WTA Tour events culminating with our season-ending Sanex Championships in Munich, Germany, which 
begins Tuesday, October 30. 

-- Bart McGuire, Chief Executive Officer, Sanex WTA Tour 

Copyright 2001 WTA Tour, Inc.

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A Press Release - October 11, 2001
by the Women's Tennis Association
Sanex WTA Tour Newsroom

Sanex WTA Tour Cancels Event in Surabaya Due to Political Unrest in Indonesia 

Stamford, CT (October 11, 2001) - Due to political unrest in Indonesia which has escalated as a 
result of the military actions taking place in Afghanistan, the Sanex WTA Tour has announced that 
it will cancel the upcoming tournament to take place in Surabaya. 

In light of recent events taking place in certain areas of Indonesia, the Tour, in consultation 
with its security experts, has been monitoring the situation. Due to increased activities over the 
past week, the Tour has decided to cancel the event to ensure the safety of its players and staff. 

Tournament Director for Surabaya, Kevin Livesey stated, "It is extremely disappointing to have to 
cancel this tournament, especially as we were able to present, with our title sponsor Wismilak 
International, such a successful event just a short time ago in the same region. We just completed 
the resurfacing of all the show courts here in Surabaya, and are ready to play. However, due to 
the recent developments, everybody understands it is the best decision." 

Originally scheduled for the week of October 29, this year's event will not take place, but will 
remain on the Tour calendar for next year. 

"It was a painful decision because of the steps taken by the tournament staff and their sponsors 
to ensure a terrific event." said Tour CEO, Bart McGuire of the cancellation. "However, with the 
increased instability in the area, we decided, together with tournament management and our security 
experts, that the event had to be cancelled as a precautionary measure." 

The Sanex WTA Tour is the world's premier professional sport for women with more than 1,000 players 
representing 76 nations competing for more than $50 million in prize money at 63 events in 33 
countries worldwide in 2001. The Tour's season concludes with the Sanex Championships at the 
Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany October 30-November 4, 2001. 

Sanex WTA Tour events are viewed across the globe, reaching hundreds of millions of households, 
and are immensely popular in person, attracting more than four million spectators worldwide in 2000.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Copyright 2001 WTA Tour, Inc.

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A Press Release - October 25, 2001
by the International Tennis Federation

25 October 2001 
For immediate release 

US Women withdraw from Fed Cup World Finals 

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) was notified overnight by the United States Tennis 
Association that the US Fed Cup team was withdrawing from the 2001 Fed Cup World Finals, 
scheduled to be played in Madrid from 7 to 11 November, due to concerns over security surrounding 
the international crisis. 

"We regret that the USTA felt it necessary to withdraw their team from the upcoming Fed Cup 
World Finals," said ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti. "I am certain that the American team is 
very disappointed that they will not be able to represent their country in this year's Fed Cup World 
Finals but, of course, we respect their concerns. 

"We are confident that the 2001 Fed Cup World Finals will be an outstanding event. Some of the 
greatest women players of all time will compete in Madrid along with promising, young talent. 
The race to be the 2001 Fed Cup champion is wide open and we look forward to see who will lift 
the famous Rose Bowl trophy this year." 

"Even before the events of 11 September, security was a high priority at all ITF events and the 
Fed Cup World Finals were no exception," said ITF Executive Vice President Juan Margets. "In 
planning for the Fed Cup World Finals, the ITF, the Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) and the 
organisers have worked exceptionally hard to ensure the safety of all eight teams participating in 
the event. To meet the needs of the current international climate, the organisers felt it necessary 
to implement enhanced security measures for the Fed Cup World Finals and those steps have 
been taken." 

The ITF will announce a nation to replace the defending champions from the United States. That 
team will join Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Argentina, Russia and Australia at the 
Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I Madrid. 

Founded in 1963, Fed Cup has grown to be the largest, annual international team competition in 
women's sport with 100 nations entered for the 2001 competition. 


For further information, please contact:
Barbara Travers, Manager of Communications
International Tennis Federation
Bank Lane, Roehampton, London SW15 5XZ
Tel: +44 (0)20 8878 6464 Fax: +44 (0)20 8392 4747
ITF Website:

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A Press Release - August 22, 2002
by the Women's Tennis Association
Sanex WTA Tour Newsroom

US Open To Salute Heroes On Opening Night August 26
August 22, 2002

Ground Zero 'Heroes' Flag To Fly Over Arthur Ashe Stadium in 
Honor Of Uniformed and Civilian Heroes; Tony Bennett , Queen 
Latifah and Judd Hirsch Join NYPD, NYFD, PAPD and U.S. Marines 
in Tribute.

WHITE PLAINS, NY - The USTA today announced plans for a 
special Opening Night Ceremony to celebrate the spirit of New 
York and the start of the 2002 US Open, Monday evening, August 
26 at 7:00 p.m.

The US Open's 'A Salute to Heroes,' will honor the City's 
uniformed and civilian heroes of the past year who helped the 
City through its greatest challenge ever. The USTA will raise 
over Arthur Ashe Stadium the Ground Zero 'Heroes' Flag - the 
flag recovered from Manhattan's World Financial Center and 
subsequently raised by U.S. Marines last fall upon capturing 
Kandahar Airport in Afghanistan. New Yorkers Tony Bennett, 
Queen Latifah and Judd Hirsch will lead the on-court tribute 
that begins the 2002 US Open's first evening session at 7:00 
p.m. In addition, throughout the two weeks of the US Open, the 
USTA will honor New York's heroes through a series of nightly 
tributes between matches.

Honor guards from the New York Police Department, New York 
Fire Department, Port Authority Police Department and the U.S. 
Marine Corps will participate in the ceremony as will the New 
York Police Academy cadets, carrying  the U.S. colors as well 
as flags representing the 60 homelands of US Open competitors. 
The Merchant Marine Academy Band from Kings Point will perform 
leading up to the presentation of the 'Heroes' Flag.

The 'Heroes' Flag flew over Two World Financial Center in 
lower Manhattan and was rescued by NYPD Officer and former 
U.S. Marine Peter  J. Conlin as it hung from a single 
remaining grommet atop the building. When brought to the 
ground, the flag, still completely intact, was signed by 
hundreds of friends and family of the victims, survivors and 
rescue workers gathered at Ground Zero. The Flag, featuring 
personal messages, poetry and prayers became a symbol of unity 
for those at Ground Zero. The Flag subsequently was taken by 
the United States Marine Corps to Afghanistan. When the United 
States captured Kandahar Airport, the 'Heroes' Flag was raised 
over the airport.

On Opening Night, the 'Heroes' Flag will be raised atop Arthur 
Ashe Stadium and incorporated into the pre-match ceremony for 
the US Open Women's Singles Final on Saturday, September 7, 
and will be lowered following the conclusion of the September 
8 Men's Singles Final, three days prior to the first 
anniversary of the attacks on America.

'This is a very special year for New York and the US Open,' 
said Arlen Kantarian, Chief Executive, Professional Tennis, 
USTA. 'This special Opening Night ceremony will welcome the 
world to a confident and resilient New York and provides the 
opportunity to honor and celebrate the courage and heroism of 
New York and its people.'

Bennett, who will sing 'America the Beautiful,' richly 
deserves the status of 'living legend' for a 50-plus year 
career as a musical performer with 10 Grammy Awards, an Emmy 
Award and over 50 million records sold  worldwide. Born in 
Astoria, Queens, he got his big break performing with Pearl 
Bailey and was then discovered by Bob Hope who took the young 
singer on the road. An avid tennis fan, Bennett is a regular 
attendee at the US Open matches each year.

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Queen Latifah - who will sing the 
National Anthem - is a Grammy Award winning artist, regarded 
as one of the most influential female artists in recording 
history. She also has received critical acclaim as an actress 
in films such as 'Get it Off' and 'Living Out Loud.' She will 
appear in three up-coming movies, 'Bringing Down the House' 
with Steve Martin, in which she is also serving as executive 
producer;  'Brown Sugar' with Taye Diggs; and 'Chicago' with 
Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellwegger.

Hirsch, who will narrate the story of the 'Heroes' Flag is 
best known for his role on the hit television show 'Taxi.' 
Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 'Ordinary People' in 
1980, Hirsch has acted on Broadway since 1966. He most 
recently appeared in the film, 'A Beautiful Mind.' Currently, 
Hirsch is on Broadway in the revival of his Tony-award winning 
performance in 'I'm Not Rappaport.'

The USTA owns and operates the US Open and selects and 
supports the teams that represent the United States in Davis 
Cup, Fed Cup, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The USTA 
is the national governing body for the sport of tennis in 
America, and is a non-profit organization with more than 
660,000 members. It invests all its resources to promote and 
develop the growth of tennis, from the grass roots to the 
professional levels.

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