Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

"Vecernje Novosti" Daily Newspaper
16th October, 2001
Published by Novosti Company, Yugoslavia

"Jelena Dokic strikes toward top of the world" 

Tennis racquet goes along beauty 

10th world tennis player went modeling and she makes advertisements for everything, from 
clothes to perfumes. She does not travel only two months in year. She does not have time 
for love. Next moth she will come to Yugoslavia again. 

In ancient mythology of Greece beautiful Jelena, daughter of Zevs and Lada, sister of 
Kastor and Poluks, was meaning of beauty. According to the legend Jelena was reason for 
Trojan war because she was kidnapped from her husband Menolajus by Paris who was son of 
Troja's king Prijam. 

Yugoslavia is rich with Jelena's and her greatest flower is Jelena Dokic. She is 10th 
tennis player of the world who is attracting people with her game and beauty. But holding 
racquet in hands, making serves and hitting ball is not easy. For that achievement power is 
required and power is destroying feminine. 

Q: Does Jelena agree with that? 

A: I have not thought about that. Tennis is sport. I think that we are all feminine. 

Q: There are rumors that you walked fashion runway? 

A: It is correct. That goes with tennis. I made advertisement for everything from clothes to 
perfumes. All tennis players so that and it is not bad for game. 

Q: You become adult 12th April current year. You are already in top ten. How do you feel fame? 

A: I did not get to the world of tennis overnight. It was more like going from one step to 
another, so I did not notice the difference. 

Q: Is it hard to be Jelena Dokic? 

A: No. 

Q: Have you ever wished to be regular girl - to go to university, go to nightclubs? 

A: Maybe sometimes but I picked tennis and I knew what's going to be like. 

Q: How much has tennis taken from your youth and how much has it given? 

A: Tennis has given me lot and taken lot from me. It depends from which angle you are watching. 
There is great difference between regular person and person who play tennis. 

Q: Do you have friends and time for hanging out with them? 

A: I don't have a lot of friends. Sometimes we are hanging out during the tournaments. I 
travel from 10 to 12 months. I am changing place very often. But that is my choice and prize 
of success. 

Q: You have house in Florida and you live like nomad? You travel from one town to another, 
from one hotel to another. How do you maintain that? 

A: I used to that. I live that rhythm for last five years. Everyone who plays tennis must get 
used to it. You must be strong psychologically. 

Q: Everybody ask you about boyfriend. Do you have time for love? 

A: No, So far. I already told you that I travel 10 months and my boyfriend must be the right one. 

Q: With you there is one of the parents always. Who is better? 

A: Family means lot to me. I would not do anything without of their support. My father Damir 
has greatest authority in tennis and my mother Ljiljana is same like every other mother. 

Q: You have been in Belgrade for few days? 

A: That time went so fast. It was fantastic. I also trained here and I have done some jobs. 

Q: You said that you would come (to Yugoslavia) again in November? 

A: Yes because I would like to have some rest, I want to run from tennis and medias. No hard 
fillings but next time when I came here I shall make sure that nobody knows where I am 
going to have vacation. I shall meet some our writers. I adore to read poetry and prose. 
(About Burek- Serbian special dish) I could not resist that specialty of our national 
kitchen in Belgrade.  I found one bakery and burek is much better here than in Sydney. 

Her parents and brother Sava are her strongest support. But when she step out on the court 
she is alone. 

Q: What do you think in critical moments and what do you use to make yourself feel better? 

A: I think only about the match. I enter every match with positive thoughts and I never think 
that I will lose some match. 

Q: Are you superstitious? 

A: No I am not. 
Special thanks to Mr.Ljubisa Bojic (Yuba) for translating this interview article.