Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Swisscom Challenge 2001
Zurich, Switzerland
19 October, 2001

J. Dokic / S. Farina Elia, 6-4, 7-6 (3)

      Interview with Jelena Dokic (19 October 2001)

            Everybody's attention is on Mikaelian, is that OK?

            Yea, why not, I think I'd rather make my way through the draw 
            quietly and I can't help that, and I am just happy with the way it's 
            going right now, and I have other things on my mind and other goals, 
            so I'm doing OK.

            It seemed to be a pretty tough match today, was that your own 

            Yea, she did, but I think I made it a little harder than it had to 
            be, and I didn't play my best but you know, it was good enough. And 
            I just have to focus on the match tomorrow now.

            What do you think about your chances to get in the finals?

            Nathalie has been playing well and it's her last year, and I guess 
            you know she wants to do as well as she can, and she's tough to play 
            on this surface, it's quick and she's difficult to play against. But 
            I have done well to get to the semis again, and I'm just going to 
            try and go out there tomorrow and play better than I have been, and 
            just see what happens.

The interview article quoted from Swisscom Challenge 2001 Official Website.