Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament 2002
The Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan
31 January, 2002

A. Kremer / J. Dokic, 7-5, 6-2
   31 January 2002

   Postmatch Interview with Jelena Dokic (YUG)
   Defeated by Anne Kremer (LUX) 7-5 6-2

      Q: Usually it seems that you can turn the game around 
      even after you drop a first set, but today you were not 
      able to make that transition, why do you think that was?

      A: I think that I had a lot of chances in the first set 
      and I felt like I should have won the first set, or at 
      least get back to six all. I think that was a little bit 
      mental and probably because I haven't played a match in 
      so long. You just can't come out and play so well 
      straight away against those who have been playing 
      already and on such a tough surface.

      Q: Did you expect that it might be tough today being 
      your first match, as you have not played for so long 
      after choosing not to play in the Australian Open?

      A: Yes, definitely. Even an opponent that is not so good 
      right now would probably be a little tougher for me than 
      usual, because I haven't played in months. It is always 
      tough to come back and play indoors and this is a quick 
      surface. Your timing isn't always so great so it is not 
      ideal to come back on such a quick surface. She got a 
      lot of balls back today, but I just wasn't mentally 
      tough and I made too many errors. You just can't do 
      that. She just kept the ball going and that was it. It 
      is always hard to play someone like that when you are 
      coming back. I can only learn from it and go to the next 

      Q: Could you please tell us why you did not enter the 
      Australian Open this year and what are your plans for 
      the tournament from next year onwards?

      A: Well, I think we all know why I didn't enter the 
      Australian Open so I don't think I have to answer that. 
      I just didn't feel like going there and I didn't think 
      it was appropriate.

      Q: What do you think of your opponent, is she good?

      A: I think that anyone is good. She got a lot of balls 
      back today and it is always tough to play someone like 
      that. I think that whoever I played today, I had to play 
      better than I did today. I think it was a little bit 
      expected for me to play the way I did. It is tough to 
      come back after so many months off. There is nothing 
      more to it. I think that I can only get better from here.

      Q: You finished very strong last year and won three 
      tournaments, including one in Tokyo the last time you 
      were here, how do you feel for the rest of the season?

      A: Well, I have a lot of tournaments coming up right now 
      since I haven't played anything this year. I feel good. 
      I had a really good year last year. I don't see this as 
      a letdown and I am not going to lose my confidence here. 
      Everyone is going to have a bad tournament and I am just 
      going to go on. Like I said, I can only get better from 
      here. I am not going to let this match take my 
      confidence away from what I did last year. I have been 
      practicing really well. It is again just a matter of 
      getting back into the matches and I don't think it is 
      that big of a deal. I am just going to have to move on 
      and go to the next one. 

   31 January 2002

   Postmatch Interview with Anne Kremer (LUX) 
   Defeated Jelena Dokic (YUG) 7-5 6-2

      Q: This was Jelena's first game of the season today, 
      did you go in with a specific game plan or did you just 
      try to play your normal game?

      A: Yes, I was just trying to play my normal game. I knew 
      it was going to be important for me to have a good 
      start, because she hasn't played any matches in a long 
      time, so I knew if I could start off well I would maybe 
      make her doubt a bit and I think I succeeded in that.

      Q: How does this rank in regards to your wins against 
      top-ten ranked players? And, you played very well today, 
      but to what extent do you think her double faults and 
      mistakes contributed to today's result?

      A: To answer the first part of the question, I think 
      that this is a nice victory for me, but as you said I 
      have beaten top-ten players before, so I guess they are 
      all ranked in the same league. It is always nice to get 
      a win over a top-ten player. As to the second part of 
      the question, I think that she was a little bit rusty, 
      but you still have to beat her. So, I mean she is ranked 
      No. 7 in the world and I think that you still have to 
      beat her even though she makes mistakes or double 
      faults. I think I made her miss too.

      Q: The surface of this court here is quite fast, do you 
      think that gave you an advantage?

      A: Yes, it does. I like fast surfaces. I always play 
      well on hard courts or grass courts. This is a little 
      similar to a grass court, although not quite. So, yes, I 
      think I enjoy this surface and it probably helped me. 

The interview article quoted from the Toray Pan Pacific Open 2002 official website.