Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

EUROCARD Ladies German Open 2002
The LTTC Rot-Weis in Berlin, Germany
08 May, 2002

J. Dokic / M. Pierce, 1-6, 6-3, 6-1
EUROCARD Ladies German Open 

      Press conference with Mary Pierce Berlin, 8. Mai 2002

      Mary Pierce - Jelena Dokic 1:6, 6:3, 6:1

      Question (Q): Ms. Dokic said that you played much better than last time. 
      What do you think?

      Pierce: Yes, I think I played better for sure than last time I played her. 
      But I still feel there's lots of room for improvement. Last time I lost in 
      2 setzs, this match went over 3 sets...

      Q: What happened after the first set?

      Pierce: Matches like this I feel I shouldn't loose. Jelena did a good job 
      in coming back, also thanks to me, because I let her. I think I gave the 
      chance in the second. I missed returns, played points stupidly. Then in 
      the third, she played great. she hardly made mistakes or miss the ball.

      Q: When you are out of the tour for so long does this change anything with 
      respect to sponsor for instance?

      Pierce: No, everything is still the same.

      Q: You've been on the Tour for long. What happened, changed over the last 
      5, 6 years.

      Pierce: The level of play has changed. It's a much higher level. There is 
      a lot more depth. The players are hitting the ball harder and it's not 
      just a few girls who can compete.

      Q: Are you physically healthy, do feel completely fit or do you still feel 
      your injury?

      Pierce: Everything is fine.

      Q: What are your plans for the near future?

      Pierce: I will play rome, take a week off and then Roland Garros.

      Q What do you think you can achieve?

      Pierce: I don't know.

      Q: After being away for so long, is it hard to say where you stand?

      Pierce: I always said that I don't have control over winning or loosing. 
      The only thing I can control is my game. I play my best. If 
      I step on the court, I want to win. It's a competitive sport.

      Q: A couple of torunament are struggling. The TV contract of Hamburg and 
      also Berlin are terminating. Do you have any ideas what could be done from 
      the players' side to make the produkt more attractive?

      Pierce: I think from the players' side, we have a great product. We have 
      different personalities. We are more exciting than the men to watch. As 
      far as the players' sid is concerned, we are doing everything we can. From 
      the business side, that's not our job.I didn't even have any idea about 
      the stuff you told me. 

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The interview article quoted from the Eurocard Ladies German Open 2002 official website.