Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Tennis Masters Series - Roma 2002 (Italian Open)
Parco del Foro Italico in Rome, Italy
15 May, 2002


May 15, 2002

J. DOKIC/A. Smashnova, 6-3, 3-6, 6-1

An Interview With: JELENA DOKIC

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jelena, please. 

Q. What does it feel like being the defending champion this time around? 

JELENA DOKIC: Uhm, it's not that easy. You know, it's good to come back. I had a 
really good time here last year. I did well. And, you know, it set up the whole 
year for me, I had a really good year last year. And it all started here. So, 
you know, I'm really happy to be back. And just hope to be in the tournament for 
as long as I can. 

Q. Venus Williams has been criticized for pulling out of the tournament 
yesterday so shortly before her match. What are your thoughts about that? 

JELENA DOKIC: You know, I would criticize her also. I don't think it was -- you 
know, I've pulled out a few times and, you know, it was really bad to be 
happening at such a, you know, such a good tournament. I mean, it's so tough to 
so many players here. And for her to pull out of the top half there just makes 
things so much different. But I guess she just wanted to give herself as much 
time as, you know, she can get to try and get better. It's not a good situation 
for the tournament and for the draw also. But that's the way it happens, and 
that's the way the rules are. 

Q. What happened in the second set? 

JELENA DOKIC: No, you know, she started to play better, and I missed a few easy 
ones. There were a few line calls also. And things just turned. You know, I did 
get back to 4-3 and I played two really bad games. But, you know, I turned it 
all around again in the third set, which is good. And considering that I lost to 
her last time and she's been playing well, you know, I'm happy to get such a, 
you know, a win over such a, you know, good player that's been playing well on 
clay - and it's even tougher on red clay. 

Q. Do you think that you will go visit Rome? Do you like Rome? What's your 
relationship with the city outside of tennis? 

JELENA DOKIC: I got here a little bit late and I've just been trying to get -- 
you know, I was injured last week so I've just been trying to get back. And, you 
know, we went into the city a few times this year, last year, and, you know, 
every year that I've been here, so... You know, I try and go. Not a lot, but, 
you know, I try and go a little bit. 

Q. What do you think about the place Foro Italico and the people?

JELENA DOKIC: Like I said before, it's been a really good tournament for me. I 
like playing here. I think the site is great, and it's one of the better ones. 
You know, I think I have a really good relationship with the fans here and with 
the people. And, you know, it's been really good coming back here - and every 
year. And I've done very well here every year. 

Q. Do you prefer to play Serna or Myskina next round?

JELENA DOKIC: I've played both of them before. I played Myskina just two weeks 
ago. You know, they're very different players. Whoever gets through, I think it 
will be difficult. It's not an easy match. But I really, really don't mind who 
gets through. 

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