Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Live Chat Transcripts

Tennis Masters Series - Roma 2002 (Italian Open)
Parco del Foro Italico in Rome, Italy
15 May, 2002

J. Dokic / A. Smashnova, 6-3, 3-6, 6-1
Sanex Heroes

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Transcripts of the Chat with Jelena Dokic
May 15.

     [JDokic] Hi Every body!

     Roshan: What tournaments do you intend to play between Wimbledon and US Open?

     [JDokic] Stanford, San Diego, LA, Canadian Open, New Haven

     LukeDuke: Just one year ago, it was you're first 6-0 6-0 (in "pro") vs Gersi at Roland 
     - Garros, and so you were awarded "best up and coming" player. How did you felt at this 
     - time? Do you think that is just an award, or it was significant for your career?

     [JDokic] It was significant to be recognised by the media.

     PaulW: Hi Jelena, will you come back to Australian Open? We all miss you very much!

     [JDokic] For now I do not think I will come back

     Steevy: What is your objective for Roland Garros ?

     [JDokic] I have not done that well there until now especially last year because I had a 
     - good chance. But hopefully I will play there this year and I hope to be better this year. 
     - May be Quate

     sabatinifan: Hi Jelena, well played today!! How can you improve your game to make the 
     - next step up the rankings?


     Pierre: Jelena... what do you think about the support you get in tournaments around the 
     - world ?

     [JDokic] It s grreat. I have a lot of support every where in the world. I am reall happy 
     - that I have a lots of fans.

     leila: hello Jelena which grandslam woudl you prefer to win?

     [JDokic] Wimbledon.

     Benjamin: You have had a lot of injuries lately. Do you stil have physical problems?

     [JDokic] Right now no. I have started trainning with my fitness trainer and I am getting 
     - better.

     Chris: What would you have done if you wouldn't have become a tennisplayer?

     [JDokic] Something in fashion.

     LukeDuke: Hi! We remember that you "almost" won this year the Paris Indoor final, but you 
     - suffered from wrist after semifinal; and so didn't play vs Venus. How about this right 
     - wrist now?

     [JDokic] It was just my right leg and it s better now.

     Yair: when will u take a relaxation vacation?

     [JDokic] November and December

     sabatinifan: Jelena, will you be playing doubles with Martinez at the 
     - French Open and Wimbledon?

     [JDokic] I am not sure.

     Steevy: Jelena, wich is your favourite city ?

     [JDokic] Rome and Paris but there are lots of places that I would like to visit still.

     nielsenj: Hi Jelena. How is the relationship between the WTA-players? Is it possible to 
     - be both friends and competitors?

     [JDokic] It is tough but I try my best because it is very competitive

     Robby: Do you think you're healthy enough to defend your title this week? I only think of 
     - your match against Kim Clijsters in Hamburg. So, how is your leg?

     [JDokic] It will be very tough to defend my title but I think I have a good chance to go 
     - far.

     MattMorelli: Jelena, what is your fondest childhood memory and why?

     [JDokic] Meeting Steffi Graf and practice with her at Wimbledon 3 years ago.

     Veronica: which player do u admire most, past and present ?

     [JDokic] Steffi Graf.

     LukeDuke: Could you explain us your superstition about stepping on the lines on court?

     [JDokic] It is a superstition that I have since I have played in Juniors.

     Benjamin: Is there a person that you admire, and so yes why?

     [JDokic] My parents and my brother.

     lex: Are you going to watch the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Bayer 
     - Leverkusen tonight?? Which soccerteam do you support?

     [JDokic] May be I will. Real Madrid and Barcelona.

     nielsenj: Hi Jelena. Do you have time for anything else than play tennis when you are in 
     - Rome or in other beutiful cities? Any time for sightseeing?

     [JDokic] Some times I have time and I go shopping.

     Kazunori: Hi Jelena how much of the year do you spend in Yugolavia?

     [JDokic] Not much because I play 9 to 10 months of the year. 

     champion: what are you going to do after your tenniscareer?

     [JDokic] It is a long time away. I have not thought about it.

     Jenny: You played double with Jennifer Capriati in past. how is she? are you friends? 
     - you both are wearing fila clothes...

     [JDokic] I have played with her few tournaments and we got along very well.

     Roshan: Do you have an offical website?

     [JDokic] Yes.

     Marc: Hi Jelena! Will you play any tournaments next week before the French Open?

     [JDokic] I am supposed to play Strasbourg from now I am going.

     Chris: What is your favourite movie ?

     [JDokic] A walk to remember 

     wilhelm: what kind of other sports do you like?

     [JDokic] Soccer and I follow Formula 1, Basket ball.

     leila: Hi Jelena, are you going to play in double at Roland Garros?

     [JDokic] I do not know yet. If I am physically fit enough I will try to play.

     Anna: Is there anty player on the ATP tour that u like to watch in particular Jelena?

     [JDokic] No not really.

     Benjamin: Hi Yelena, with what racket do you play and how much does it cost?

     [JDokic] Head TIS2.

     LukeDuke: Your coach is your father. Is it easy or not to work with him? Do you take 
     - davantage of this?

     [JDokic] It is easier because he is my Dad and we get along very well.

     elodie: hey Jelena ! Who's your favorite singer ?

     [JDokic] Jennifer Lopez.

     Kazunori: Jelena are you defending toyota princess cup this year?

     [JDokic] Yes.

     Yair: jelena, is it true that you are planning to move back to Belgrade?

     [JDokic] Yes.

     Joel: Who is the best player at the tour according to you?

     [JDokic] Maybe Venus.

     erez: what do you think about smashnova?

     [JDokic] She has been doing very well this year and I think she is a good player.

     Kazunori: Jelena what part of your game do you wish to improve on?

     [JDokic] My serve. 

     adibog: Who do you get along with best on the tour?

     [JDokic] The young girls that I played Juniors with.

     Anna: Hi Jelena, I think you are an awesome player, what do u think is the most important 
     - quality in a top 10 player, mental or physical strength?? hope 2 see u in Wimbledon this 
     - year ;o)

     [JDokic] I think it is physical and mental because is become very tough.

     Roshan: Is it true that Anna Kournikova offered to play doubles with you in Rome?

     [JDokic] Yes.

     banjalukaboy: jelena do you think you will achieve your aim and get into the top five 
     - till the end of this year? i think you will

     [JDokic] I hope to do so or at least staying in the Top Ten.

     Robby: first of all:congratulations on your great victory today. I would like to know how 
     - big the pressure is you have to stand these days because you have to defend a title for 
     - the first time in your pro-career.

     [JDokic] I do not think I have a lot of pressure and it is a normal situation for a 
     - tennis player.

     Marc: Is there any particular player you enjoy practicing with regulary ?

     [JDokic] I practise with a lots of players. No particular favourite.

     Benjamin: Hi Jelena, who has the best backhand according to you?

     [JDokic] I hope I do. It is a tough question. Mauresmo maybe.

     Kazunori: what s the best match you ve played?

     [JDokic] Hingis 1st round in Wimbledon and Seles this year in Gaz de France.

     LukeDuke: I know that you enjoyed a lot playing the Sydney 2000 olympics. Is it so much 
     - different from playing Grand Slam for example? Or it was because you won vs Seles?

     [JDokic] Last questions please.

     elodie: what do you think about your smashes ? because today it was your biggest problem 
     - !

     [JDokic] My smashes are usually good. So I do not think it is a problem.

     Thank you Jelena ! Good luck !

     [JDokic] I like the Grand Slams as much as the Olympics.

     [JDokic] Thank you it was fun talking to you.

      - End of Transcripts -

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