Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Internationaux de France 2002 (French Open)
Roland Garros in Paris, France
02 June, 2002

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 Day 7 - Jelena Dokic
   Sunday, June 2, 2002

 J. DOKIC/K. Srebotnik 7-6, 6-2

   Q. Were you happy with your performance today? 

   JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, I was pretty happy. I was down for most of that 
   first set. She served for the set twice. I was happy that I was able 
   to, you know, break and turn it around. It would have been very 
   difficult if I lost the first set. It makes a big difference. You 
   know, I was happy that I pulled that out, you know, just kept on 

   Q. You did make some unexpected mistakes. Was it unconcentrated in 
   the beginning?

   JELENA DOKIC: That's normal. I think I played the best match that I 
   played so far. I'm happy because I've gotten better and better with 
   each match. It's not easy to play her. When you know you have a good 
   chance to get to the quarterfinals, it's not easy. So I was happy 
   with the way everything went today.

   Q. You did find her weak points?

   JELENA DOKIC: I think her forehand's a little bit stronger. She can 
   have a good serve, but it can be up and down. I just have to stay 
   focused and just play my game. 

   Q. I haven't seen your father or brother shouting here. Are they 

   JELENA DOKIC: No, they're not.

   Q. Is any particular reason why not?

   JELENA DOKIC: Not really. My mom has been traveling with me for the 
   last year also. My dad and my brother, they're doing some other 
   things. My dad's with my brother right now. I've moved back to 
   Yugoslavia. They have a lot of work to do on some things that 
   they're doing. They're not here right now. They're not traveling 
   right now. 

   Q. What do you think about the fact that Yugoslavia has now become 
   Serbia Montenegro? 

   JELENA DOKIC: I'm here to talk tennis. I'm not in politics. I don't 
   really want to discuss that. I don't think it's my concern. I really 
   don't think that's appropriate. 

   Q. Why are you not playing doubles?

   JELENA DOKIC: I've been injured for most of this year. We decided 
   not to play doubles, you know, just focus on the singles. Just focus 
   on trying to be injury-free. I think it was better to leave doubles 
   out. At a Grand Slam to play both, there's a lot of matches to be 
   played. Sometimes when you have a day off, you know, you have to 
   play doubles or mixed. I think it was better to leave that out and 
   just play singles and focus on that. 

   Q. What's your next tournament?

   JELENA DOKIC: Birmingham.

   Q. And then Wimbledon?

   JELENA DOKIC: Eastbourne, then Wimbledon. 

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