Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Live Chat Transcripts

Internationaux de France 2002 (French Open)
Roland Garros in Paris, France
03 June, 2002

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Daily Afternoon Chats from the French Open

Jelena Dokic
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Transcription du Chat Roland Garros 2002

  Chat with Jelena Dokic (June 3rd, 2002)

     [15:05] (JDokic) hi everybody

     [15:05] (Question) stasio: Hi Jelena! Firstly, excellent job so far at the 
       French. You must be very proud! Can you tell us what you are going to do to 
       beat Jennifer in your next match?

     [15:06] (JDokic) just try and play the best that i can and see what 

     [15:06] (Question) Bonjour: Do you think I could start playing tennis at 
       the age 21 ?

     [15:06] (JDokic) you can definately still start

     [15:06] (Question) dhbvg87: Hi Jelena, Did you change your racquet to a 
       new model at the French Open? It seems not to be i.S6.

     [15:06] (JDokic) yes i did

     [15:06] (Question) RickL: Jelena, You had natural ability and finess at a 
       young age on the court, how would you compare your game now, as to , 
       maybe 2 years ago. What has been the most developing stroke?

     [15:07] (JDokic) i have improved a lot physically and mentally and i am a 
       lot more mature now than i was two years ago

     [15:07] (Question) Trent: Hi Jelana, What is your best memory of your 
       tennis career so far?

     [15:07] (JDokic) winning in rome

     [15:08] (Question) November_Rain: Hi jelena. We believe in you, I do 
       anyway. Are there some rituals you have before matches or you just live 
       your life and do you're best, believing in yourself?Go on like this you're the 
       greatest.Much love

     [15:08] (JDokic) i have no superstitions or anything special that i do 
       before a match

     [15:08] (Question) HKG: hi,you played doubles with Dementieva and other 
       players in the past.why don't you play with them now?do you have a 
       permanent doubles partner?

     [15:09] (JDokic) i am not playing doubles now because i ahve beenm 
       injured a lot this year

     [15:09] (Question) stasio: Jelena, do you come back to Sydney often?

     [15:09] (JDokic) not at all

     [15:09] (Question) jonesofarc: You seem to have had a good scoring 
       consistency on your second serve this weekm is this something you 
       conciously aim for?

     [15:09] (JDokic) i try to but it wasnt so good in my second round

     [15:09] (Question) Chris: Congratulations with yesterday's win Jelena...My 
       question is what do you usually do after winning a match, like with the 
       limited time you have in between matches?

     [15:10] (JDokic) i try to strtch and relax and calk down

     [15:10] (Question) HKG: are you confident to win a Grand Slam title this 

     [15:10] (JDokic) i will try to but we will see what happeneds

     [15:10] (Question) jonesofarc: Is it hard playing former doubles partners 
       like Conchita and now Jennifer?

     [15:11] (JDokic) i think it is easier because you know the person and i 
       think that helps

     [15:11] (Question) Michelle: During matches i always see players drinking 
       a pink colour liquid...what is that?

     [15:11] (JDokic) it is a sports drink

     [15:11] (Question) Ju: You seem to avoid pression much better than last 
       year... did you change something in your way of thinking before a match? 
       Good luck for your next match!!

     [15:11] (JDokic) i think i have matured a lot more and that has definately 
       helped me

     [15:12] (Question) stasio: Jelena, how much training do you have to do to 
       stay so strong and fit. Do you find much time to simply relax and do 
       nothing? :)

     [15:12] (JDokic) i do a lot of training whan i am not playing tournaments 
       and i try to find time for relaxation

     [15:12] (Question) dhbvg87: Hi Jelena, Which do you prefer forehand shot 
       or backhand shot?

     [15:12] (JDokic) both equally

     [15:12] (Question) noemie: have you always dreamed to be a professional 
       tennis player?

     [15:13] (JDokic) yes i have

     [15:13] (Question) innersix: Jelena what do you think about lot off money 
       in different sport. isn't it too much?

     [15:13] (JDokic) i dont think about that and every sport is different and i 
       dont think we should be playing for money but because we love to play

     [15:13] (Question) TenNick: You said you that you wanted to win 
       Wimbledon the most, why?

     [15:14] (JDokic) i love that tournament the most and it has the most 
       meaning to me

     [15:14] (Question) Mog: Jelena, what do you think about jennifer capriati? 
       Aren't you affraid to play against the winner of Roland Garros 2001?

     [15:15] (JDokic) no not really,i think its better to play her here because 
       she is the defending champion and she has all the pressure on her

     [15:15] (Question) maverickFR: what do you think about Mary pierce's 
       come back here?

     [15:15] (JDokic) she has done very well here and has improved a lot in 
       the last few months

     [15:15] (Question) Mog: If you reach the finals, who would be your favorite 
       opponent? Suarez, Fernandez, Seles or Venus Williams?

     [15:16] (JDokic) seles

     [15:16] (Question) HKG: what are your hobbies besides practising?

     [15:16] (JDokic) shopping,going to the movies and the beach ,listening to 

     [15:17] (Question) jonesofarc: What do you miss while on tour?

     [15:17] (JDokic) family and friends and being at home and sleeping in my 
       own bed

     [15:17] (Question) Michelle: Which player do you think is the hardest to 
       beat at the moment?

     [15:17] (JDokic) venus

     [15:17] (Question) November_Rain: Hi jelena,everything ok? I first of all 
       wanted to say i really admire you. I think you are a wonderfull girl and more 
       important you play very well. I hope you'll get in the final and even win it. Do 
       you have any objectives or you just play and see were you get?Thanks a lot 
       and hope to see you in lots of finals

     [15:18] (JDokic) thanks november rain and i have goals but you just have 
       to wait and see how well you do

     [15:18] (Question) Bonjour: Jelena what do you think about the 
       unexpected elimination of Kim and Justine ?

     [15:19] (JDokic) it happeneds and they played players that were better 
       than them on the day

     [15:19] (Question) seb: Hi Jelena , what is the thing your coach say to 
       you the more often ?

     [15:19] (JDokic) keep your focus and concentration\

     [15:19] (Question) duncan: Where would you like to be in terms of 
       rankings and achivements at the end of this tennis year?

     [15:20] (JDokic) i would like to be in the top five but at least in the top 

     [15:20] (Question) Mog: Do you play video games? What do you think 
       about "virtua tennis 2" where you are a playable character?

     [15:20] (JDokic) i dont play video games at all

     [15:20] (Question) misuzu: Hi, Jelena. Who was your ideal player when you 
       were a child?

     [15:21] (JDokic) steffi graf

     [15:21] (Question) stasio: Jelena, do you like events like these, where you 
       can 'talk' to friends directly?

     [15:21] (JDokic) yes i think its very importaNT TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO 

     [15:21] (Question) HKG: are you happy to see that there are many your 
       fans?are you glad to sign for them?

     [15:22] (JDokic) it is great to see and i am happy to be able to interact 
       for them

     [15:22] (Question) Mijatovic: Hi tennis queen.....Do you like soccer??? Who 
       is your favorite team during this world cup???

     [15:23] (JDokic) i am folloowing the world cup a lot and i am going for 

     [15:23] (Question) Mog: If you win this year, will you try to say some 
       words in french for the french public?

     [15:23] (JDokic) definately will try to

     [15:23] (Question) Chris: Do you ever feel anxious or nervous before big 
       matches, or is it something that you learn to control?

     [15:23] (JDokic) it is something you get used to and learn to control.Last 
       question please

     [15:24] (Question) with: do u think that you'll make a career in the cinema 
       after tennis

     [15:24] (JDokic) i dont know but it is not a priority right now

     [15:25] (JDokic) Thanks everyone

     [15:25] (Question) Thanks a lot Jelena and good luck !

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