Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Rogers AT&T Cup 2002 (Canadian Open)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
14 August, 2002
Rogers AT&T Cup - Press Conferences

   SCORE / RÉSULTAT: 6-3, 6-4



   TOUR OFFICIAL: Okay. Questions for Jelena.

   REPORTER: How was it on the court this 
   morning, with the heat and wind and everything?

   JELENA DOKIC: It was a little bit of a slow, hot 
   court. The balls were a little bit bigger, so 
   they weren't as fast, so it was a little bit 
   different. I only got here a day ago; so, 
   considering that, I think I played okay. It's a 
   little bit warmer and more humid than what it 
   has been in America. So, considering everything, 
   I think it was okay, but I think I have to 
   improve still a little bit more.

   REPORTER: On what?

   JELENA DOKIC: Just my game in general, serve, 
   just heating in general. I haven't had that much 
   practice here, just get used to the heat still.

   REPORTER: Jelena, did you say the balls seemed 
   bigger or they are bigger?

   JELENA DOKIC: They are smaller here; here, they 
   are smaller, they're quicker. The U.S. Open ball 
   is quicker. The ones that we played with were a 
   lot slower and not as fast.

   REPORTER: Which ones do they use in California?

   JELENA DOKIC: I don't know, Penn, I think.

   REPORTER: You seemed to be trying to come to the 
   net more; is that a new part of your game?

   JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, a little bit. It's a little 
   bit hard when you're not hitting as well than 
   feels good. Like I said, I haven't been 
   practising here that much so it was a little bit 
   different. But I've been trying to do that a 
   litle bit more in my matches.

   REPORTER: Jelena, last week, you lost the 
   semi-finals to Chanda Rubin, when she suggested 
   that you semi-tanked in 41 minutes, and then 
   there were some suggestions that you were having 
   some personal problems that led to the defeat. 
   Can you address that issue or elaborate on that?

   JELENA DOKIC: I was sick all last week, I had 
   the flu; I didn't feel very well. I played a lot 
   of tennis the week before and that week also and 
   doubles, and I just -- I wasn't able to compete 
   at 100 per cent, and that was it. You know, 
   mentally, I wasn't very clear either. Like I 
   said, I played a lot of matches, so I just 
   wasn't in a good enough condition to play.

   REPORTER: Do you think it was fair of her to say 

   JELENA DOKIC: I don't think so, no. I think she 
   knows better; but, that's her opinion and maybe 
   -- she's lost to me before. She knows what I 
   usually play like and I didn't even play 5 per 
   cent of what I can play, so maybe that's why she 
   said it. But, again, you know, I was a little 
   bit sick that week. You know, I was really 
   tired. But that's her opinion and she doesn't 
   know what happened, so --

   REPORTER: Now that Serena Williams is out of the 
   tournament, how do you attack? Are your hopes 
   even higher than they were before the tournament?

   JELENA DOKIC: The draw is a little bit open up 
   at the top, but that's not my half. So, I think 
   it was unfortunate that she pulled out. It 
   doesn't change very much, you know, unless I get 
   to the final. And that is a long way away. For 
   me, it doesn't make a difference. The draw is a 
   little bit different right now and probably 
   shouldn't have been like that. 

   REPORTER: Jelena, Anna Kournikova is playing 
   today and there's always a lot of attention on 
   her whenever she plays and a lot of pictures of 
   her in the paper and so on. Do other players on 
   the tour resent that because she has never won a 
   tournament but she's getting all the 
   endorsements and all the attention?

   JELENA DOKIC: She gets the attention for her 
   looks. I think we all would like her to do a 
   little bit more on the tennis court. But, you 
   know, that's her image. She has had that for 
   years now and you can't change that. So -- but I 
   think she -- I still think she can play well, 
   better than she showed. I played her in San 
   Diego, she played very well. I'm sure that 
   eventually she will show what she can do.

   TOUR OFFICIAL: Anything else?

   REPORTER: What was the best part of your match 

   JELENA DOKIC: I was still a lot down and broke 
   points to go down 3-love and then I sort of got 
   my head back together a little bit and I played 
   a better second set after that. But, generally, 
   you know, I could improve on everything. I 
   didn't feel very comfortable, considering I 
   haven't had that much practice here. But, you 
   know, it wasn't too bad.

   REPORTER: How difficult was the heat?

   JELENA DOKIC: I felt okay. I think it's very 
   warm and humid, but it doesn't affect me. I 
   usually don't have too many problems with the 
   heat. It didn't bother me too much. Maybe the 
   first match was better to be played later, maybe 
   later on in the afternoon when it gets warmer.

   REPORTER: Do you do anything special when it 
   gets that hot? Do you drink a lot?

   JELENA DOKIC: You do normal things, drink more 
   and just try to cool off a little bit. But 
   there's not much you can do when you are 
   playing, especially when it's so humid like it 
   is here.

   REPORTER: Do you like playing in Montreal?

   JELENA DOKIC: Yeah. It's only my second time 
   here. I've been in Toronto three times. It's a 
   great place, great stadium. The people are 
   amazing here, and the crowds. I think everyone 
   loves coming back here every year.

   TOUR OFFICIAL: Is that it? Okay. Thanks. 

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