Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

U.S. Open 2002
Flushing Meadow, NY, USA
26 August, 2002



August 26, 2002

J. DOKIC / G. Arn, 6-2, 6-2

An interview with: JELENA DOKIC

MODERATOR: Questions. 

Q. Was that as easy as it looked?

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, it was comfortable. You know, it was much easier than last 
year's first round. I played well. I was never down in the match. You know, it 
was quite quick. 

Q. No effects on the hamstring?

JELENA DOKIC: No, no, not at all. 

Q. You were quoted in the New York Times as being reverential to the Williams 
sisters, saying sometimes when they're in the tournament, nobody else really has 
a chance. 

JELENA DOKIC: I never said that. I said when the Williams sisters are in the 
tournament, you think, well, it's not as easy. I never said there's no chance to 
play against them. I actually read that. I was a little bit upset because that's 
not what I said. You know, I did beat Venus. You know, I'm definitely not going 
to be the one to say that, you know, they're impossible to beat. And I did say 
how long it lasts, their power, their dominance, that's a question also. I never 
said that. I still think even though they're 1 and 2 right now, I think a lot of 
players still can beat them. 

Q. Have you given any more thought to the question of the country that you will 
ultimately play for?

JELENA DOKIC: Play for what? 

Q. There was some suggestion that you might move across to Britain. 

JELENA DOKIC: No, I don't think so. I think I've made up my mind who I'm playing 
for. I never said I was going to play for someone else.

Q. A couple years ago, the incident with your father, was that the roughest 
you've had to endure as a pro? Since then have you spoken to him about that? 

JELENA DOKIC: No, it was nothing that bothered me too much. I never talked to my 
dad about that. You know, it was something that I hardly even, you know, really 
think about. I don't remember very much. It's not in my mind at all. 

Q. There was a story which went around the world three weeks ago about your dad 
telling a radio station that he wanted to move the family to London. Has he 
changed his mind since?

JELENA DOKIC: The decision hasn't been made. Definitely not now, and not any 
time soon. I haven't talked to him about that. I'm in the middle of the season. 
I'm definitely not going to think about that now. It's not a priority. I'm not 
even thinking and talking about that. 

Q. Are you happy in Belgrade? Is your life good?

JELENA DOKIC: Yeah, it's fine. You know, I love going there. I'm not there that 
much. I'm not in one place that much at all. I can't really say -- I mean, I 
don't have anywhere that I really live, that I'm there for so long. I'm maybe 
there only November and December. But every time I've been there, it's been 

Q. Is there any part of you that misses living in Australia? 

JELENA DOKIC: I liked living there. It was good. The people were great. I never 
had anything against that. It's a little bit too far away. But, you know, I had 
a very good time while I was there. 

Q. Have you given any more thought to going back and playing the Australian Open 
next year?

JELENA DOKIC: I haven't thought about that, definitely not. I don't think I 
will. Again, it's not something I really think about a lot. It's not a priority, 
but I don't think I'll be going back there. 

Q. Ever? 

JELENA DOKIC: I don't know what's going to happen in five years, but not right 
now, no. 

Q. Why? It's a Grand Slam. 

JELENA DOKIC: It is a Grand Slam, but I can do without that one. You know, after 
everything that happened, that I had there, you know, I don't think it's worth 
going back and playing the Australian Open. 

Q. With regards to your preparation for this tournament, do you talk to your dad 
every couple days?

JELENA DOKIC: I talk to him every day. I'm just going a match at a time. I've 
done well. I had a good summer. I played a lot of matches. I was a little bit 
tired about a week ago. The priority was just to be healthy and fit enough to 
play. I'll just go a match at a time and see what happens. 

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