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"Jelena Dokic talks about tennis and politics"
"nacional" daily newspaper, Yugoslavia
3rd September, 2002
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Tuesday 3rd September. 2002- Jelena Dokic in exclusive interview talks about politics and 

Jelena Dokic gave an interview to National daily newspapers. Jelena came to Belgrade after 
being defeated in the second round of US OPEN. Lets take a look at what Jelena has to say:

Nobody here wanted to solve my land problem. I wanted to obtain the building permission for 
my house. Many individuals were promising help when I took Yugoslav passport. I am very 
disappointed. My feelings will not change the decision to stay and live in Belgrade city.  
I am glad that I gave support to Vojislav Seselj because the decision came from my hart. 
I am not a member of the Serbian Radical Party. I am a fan of SRS. Thus I donft see what's 
wrong if I publicly say what I think. Our (Yugoslav) media accepted my statement as if I 
did something terribly wrong. 

Were you surprised with the sharp public reaction?

I was disappointed with the fact that many media did not publish content of my letter. They 
did comment the letter by attacking my family and me. I do have certain understanding for 
them because I heard they are facing censorship. I am very sorry though that the media are 
trying to turn the public against myself.

Your father announced your presence at the SRS promotional meeting on September 25 in 

I am not quite sure about my schedule. Of course I will come if it is possible.  

Did the treatment of foreign media and officials change because of the fact that you are 
world number four at the moment?     

Nothing has changed. It does not matter if I am number hundred, number twenty or number 
one in the world, for them I am still a Serbian girl. I am aware that one who did not 
experience such a treatment would have troubles in understanding my situation- what is 
going on around me, but believe me, it is not pleasant. For example, when US open started 
I was fourth player in the world. They (tournament officials) decided to rank me as a fifth 
runner up without giving me any explanation.  

Did you expect you would enter top five this season?

I hoped I would be in the top ten. I am a bit surprised by the great success- entering the 
top five. It is not so hard to climb this high. What is hard is to stay in this position. 
I hope to stay in the top ten until the end of the season. I plan to stay in top for at 
least few years. 

What elements of your game you can improve in order to get to the very peak?

It is very hard question. I have a lot to improve since I am not satisfied with my serve. 
I would have to approach the net much more during the game. 

What about the injuries. Why did that happen?

Late in the last year I had a big break. I did not prepare myself properly for the comeback. 
I did many tournaments this year so I was under enormous pressure.  

Will you play for the Yugoslav national team?

I am taking a pause. I may play for Yugoslav team in about a year. Anyway I would love to 
play for Yugoslavia. 

V. Niskanovic

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Miss Dokic's open letter to the leader of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS)
23rd August, 2002
08/23/02 10:42 FAX 212 644 0079  IHC NY BUSINESS CENTER       001


August 23, 2002

Gospodine Seselj!

Mnogobrojne obaveze i celi okean dele me od moje Srbije, u kojoj su 
mi i srce i dusa. Znam da se 29. Septembra resava sudbina zemlje i naroda i 
zato taj dan ocekujem sa nestrpljenjem kao dan kada cete biti izabrani za 
Predsednika Republike. 

Pobedit cete vec u prvom krugu sigurna sam u to, jer ste vi poslednja 
nada za srpski narod. 

Samo tada kada Vi, Gospodine Seselj, budete Predsednik Srbije, 
imacu gde da se vratim.

Iskreno Vasa

Jelena Dokic

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"Dokic voices support for Serbian ultra-nationalist in election"
Nando Media (Agence France-Presse)
27th August, 2002
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Dokic voices support for Serbian ultra-nationalist in election

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Agence France-Presse

BELGRADE (August 27, 2002 11:27 a.m. EDT) - Teenage Yugoslav tennis 
star Jelena Dokic has weighed into Serbia's presidential election 
debate with a strong expression of support for ultra-nationalist 
candidate Vojislav Seselj, reports said Tuesday. 

In a letter to Seselj published by the independent Beta news agency 
here, the 19-year-old Dokic said the leader of the Serbian Radical 
Party was the "only hope for the Serbian people" at the September 29 

Dokic joins alleged war criminal and former Yugoslav strongman 
Slobodan Milosevic in voicing public support for Seselj, whose 
election platform includes vehement opposition to the U.N. war 
crimes tribunal in The Hague. 

"You will win in the first round, I'm sure, because you are the last 
hope of the Serbian people," she wrote in the letter. 

"I know that September 29 will be a crucial date for the future of 
the country and the people, and I look forward to the day with 
impatience because you will be elected president of the republic." 

Dokic, the world's fourth ranked woman player, is currently playing 
in the U.S. Open, but there was no immediate comment from her 
confirming that she was the source of the letter. 

Dokic emigrated to Australia from Serbia with her family in 1994, 
only to return to Yugoslavia last year when her father, Damir, fell 
out with the Australian press and public. 

But Damir, a former boxer and a member of Seselj's party, recently 
said he was planning to move to London after being denied permission 
to build a mansion and sports complex in central Belgrade. 

"Only when you, Mr. Seselj, are the president of Serbia, only then 
will I have somewhere to return," wrote Dokic in the letter Beta 
said was from New York, where the U.S. Open is being played. 

Seselj has run for president several times since 1990 and has little 
chance of succeeding this year, coming third in opinion polls behind 
reformist candidates including Yugoslav President Vojislav 

Milosevic, currently on trial for war crimes in The Hague, earlier 
this month called for all "patriotic opposition parties and 
individuals" to back Seselj. 

The Serbian Radical party was allied with Milosevic until his regime 
fell in October 2000 amid a popular uprising. 

After her first round victory at the U.S. Open on Monday, Dokic told 
reporters of her wish to play under the Yugoslav flag but made no 
mention of Serbian politics. 

"I think I have made up my mind who I am playing for," Dokic said. 
"I never said I was going to play for someone else." 

But she admitted she did not spend much time in Belgrade. 

"I love going there ... I'm not there that much. I'm not in one 
place much at all. I don't have anywhere I really live." 

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