Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Swisscom Challenge 2002
Zurich, Switzerland
14 October, 2002

J. Dokic / I. Majoli, 6-1, 6-4


Seemingly happy with her first round performance against Iva Majoli 
was Jelena Dokic when she was interviewed my the media. 
(14 October 2002, English)


   Interview with Jelena Dokic (14 October 2002)

   Well done.

   Thank you.

   This is your best performance for a few weeks, yea? 

   Yea, definitely. I was happy today, I actually won. Yea, Iíve been a 
   little bit tired, so I maybe shouldnít have played as much as I did, 
   but itís the end of the year and, you know, I donít know, I havenít 
   been playing my best tennis the last few weeks, but I was happy with 

   Why do you play as much as you do?

   Really, I donít know, Iím not going to next year. Iím going to cut 
   my schedule by a lot next year. Iím really starting to feel it this 
   year. The schedule is getting longer and tougher and the matches 
   too, and sometimes I play doubles also, so I donít think itís so 
   good to do that, and I will definitely cut down the tournaments 
   because I think also my performance goes down and you know, Iím not 
   ready for the big tournaments. 

   You got off to a great start, didnít give her much chance to get 
   into the match in the first set, did you?

   Yea, I played a good first set, and then she started to serve a 
   little bit better and it was a little bit hard to break her, but 
   overall I was happy that I didnít let her come back and that I won 
   in straight sets. 

   Do you put the last weeks down to just playing too much tennis, or 
   is there also another attitude - as you go up, there is a step back 

   No, I have been very tired, I think it is just a matter of playing 
   too much. Like I said, I really feel it the last few months, since 
   the US Open especially. I think thatís it, and I havenít really had 
   a really big break which I should have done during the year 
   somewhere. But, you know, it is something to learn from and not to 
   do next year.

   Is it mental as much as physical?

   Yea, I think itís more mental. Itís more mental than physical I 
   think, because I think mentally Iím really drained. And you know 
   physically Iím not too bad, but I could be better, but I think 
   mentally more than anything. 

   You said in the year you had a few ? here and there physically. Did 
   you seem to have put that all behind you?

   Yea, itís fine now. You know, again I am not as strong physically as 
   I probably would like to be, so hopefully the injuries wonít come 
   back, and Iíll work on my strength later on this year, when I have a 
   break, and try and have an injury free next year, hopefully. 

   Fortunately you have your father, your agent guiding you. Have they 
   advised you not to play this much? 

   Yea, we said we were just going to play this year through, like I 
   did last year. You know, like I said, I chose to play this many 
   tournaments last year and this year, which was a mistake, I think. 
   But you know, I will change that next year and, you know, really 
   focus on the bigger tournaments and not play so many. I played a lot 
   of not really important tournaments so I will cut those down.

   Last year it was not so bad, because you won so many points with 
   winning two tournaments, reaching two finals?

   Yea, but when you do it two years straight, I think you know, later 
   on it comes down to really feeling it now physically and mentally 
   and you know playing 28, 29 tournaments, if you want to play, you 
   know, be in the top 5, top 10, itís impossible. So, you know, 
   especially if you do well and, you know, really itís impossible to 
   do and I have to cut it down. 

   This time next year you will in theory be eligible to play for 
   another country because itís three years since you played for 
   Australia. Have you made any application to play for anyone?

   No, not really, I am happy the way it is right now, and you know, I 
   donít think Iíll be looking into playing for anyone at all, and you 
   know, I will just leave it like this. 

   So that means no to the Olympics in 2004.


   Do you miss that element of playing for a team, things like Fed Cup, 
   Olympics and all those, do you?

   Yea, a little but, but I think again if you want to play high level 
   tennis you cannot play Fed Cup also the weeks that you have off, 
   which is difficult, and you know itís nice to play team events with 
   a team and itís a different feeling because you never have that 
   throughout the whole year, but you know its, tennis is individual. 
   At the end of the day its just by yourself and itís, you know, 
   youíre alone on the court, so I donít miss it too much - a little 
   bit, but even if I did play, thereís only a few weeks a year. 

   What do you think about players who only play like 12 to 14 
   tournaments a year, like Serena?

   If you do as well as she does, when you lose two matches a year, I 
   think itís OK. I would do the same. Um, but you know I think 18 or 
   19, 20, would be all right, but she does so well and I donít think 
   she has the need to play any more, and you know, I am sure she gets 
   tired too, she plays a lot of matches so, you know, itís up to her. 

   Would you advocate perhaps the schedule being pruned a bit in the 
   future, being cut down a bit?

   Maybe a little bit, itís a very long season. And there are so many 
   Tier II and Tier I tournaments that are very big and you really 
   donít know which ones to cut out and which ones not to play, so itís 
   a difficult decision. But you know we need the - I think its good to 
   have as many tournaments in one way, but in the other not, I mean, 
   itís just up to the players who wants to play what. But I think if 
   you have a lot of tournaments in a row I think youíre going to see 
   players pulling out a lot and not having such a strong draw, because 
   you have so many tournaments and not everyone can play. 

   Two years ago they moved the championships forward two weeks, so 
   that youíve got two months off at the end of the year. Is that 
   enough, or has it made you play perhaps more tournaments?

   They moved it one week back this year, which I really donít like, I 
   donít think itís good, I think players who are getting ready for 
   next year donít have much time. And I know Iíll be taking a long 
   break after that. And you have to come back to training eventually, 
   and itís not too much time left. So maybe they should cut it back by 
   maybe 3 or 4 weeks and I donít know, change something. But you know 
   we go from January to the middle of November, thereís really not 
   much to, you know, no time free at all. 

   So youíll be missing the Australian circuit.


   What do you do with all your frequent flier miles? You must have 
   more than anybody. 

   I do, I have a lot. I use a little bit but not too much. Iím going 
   to look into using some more now. But Iím really getting up there, I 
   think I have the most right now. 

   What about this tournament? Does it stand out in your schedule, or 
   is this like one that maybe youíre thinking about leaving out?

   I donít know, itís a Tier I and I would probably look at cutting out 
   Tier IIs before cutting down Tier Is, and I would probably play this 
   one because it is so close to the Championships, and if I get into 
   the Championships every year, I would want to play this one, play a 
   few tournaments before. But not as many indoors as I played this 

   You played well tonight but youíve got to come out in two days 
   against Ai Sugiyama or Stevenson. Are you worried that youíre still 
   going to be mentally drained for that? 

   No, I think Iím getting better. I think maybe losing a few weeks now 
   early helped me. I played a few doubles matches so itís more 
   relaxing. And I feel much better this week than I did last week, and 
   you know, I think today helped me a lot to sort of come back a 
   little bit. And I always think about only a few weeks left, so Iím 
   getting better.

   Is Majoli still considered, since sheís a former French Open 
   Champion, still considered a top player, is she somebody you really 
   get up for? 

   Yes, she can be very tough, I lost to her a few times, but I beat 
   her the last few, so she can be dangerous if she plays well. You 
   know, she won a Tier I this year, and you never know, I mean she was 
   at the top for a long time and she did very well. You know, she 
   probably hasnít doneÖ you know, sheís in the top whatever, 30, but I 
   mean still, you have to be careful against her, and she can be 
   dangerous if she plays well. 

The interview article quoted from Swisscom Challenge 2002 Official Website.