Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews and Articles

Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament 2003
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan
30 January, 2003

J. Dokic / A. Widjaja, 7-6 (4), 6-4
Toray Pan Pacific Tennis - Postmatch Interview

   January 30, Thursday Jelena Dokic (YUG)
   Singles 2R  Defeated Angelique Widjaja (INA) 7-6 (4) 6-4

   Q: Last year and again this year, this tournament is your 
   opening tournament for the year. Does that make any more 
   difficulties for you?

   A: A little bit because it's my first match and everyone had a 
   few matches, so it's a little bit difficult for me. It's a 
   different surface so it's a little bit harder to get used to 
   but I don't mind starting in this tournament. And I have 
   ------- past two years and I like starting on this tournament.

   Q: Today's match was quite gripping because you were down 0-5 
   in the first set, so can you give us a little summary of how 
   the match went for you?

   A: I think 5-0 was similar to last year. It was difficult to 
   get used to the court and I haven't played for 3 or 4 months, 
   I haven't played the match. So I think it's pretty much the 
   same and it took me a while to start but I think even if I 
   lost the first set I would have done well to come back and at 
   least getting to the third set and see what happened. But I 
   did well to put up the first set. And there were a few very 
   mental points in the first set, which I won. I was down 0-40 
   at 5-4 on my serve so. You know a very good first match for me 
   to test me a little bit.

   Q: It was the first time you play Widjaja today. What was your 
   first impression of playing against her?

   A: Oh, I've never even watched her play so it was difficult 
   for me to get going and to know exactly what she did. But, you 
   know, she plays some very good points. That also gave me a 
   little bit of difficulties in the first set. I didn't know 
   exactly what to do against her. But I think my main strategy 
   was to get my rhythm going, not make errors and just move for.

   Q: Early this week, perhaps you won't go to play Fed. Cup for 
   Yugoslavia any more. I think maybe your dad was quite to the 
   same. That was a case, I wanted to hear you could confirm or 
   some clarify what's happening with that.

   A: That was a true report. And I think it will pretty much 
   stay like that. First, it doesn't fit into my schedule, 
   Fed.Cup. It's right between tournaments. Second of all, I 
   don't think I want to play for them. You know, I wasn't 
   treated that greatly but it's definitely not something I play 
   right now is not in my mind to do right now. It just doesn't 
   fit in. I don't think it's right thing to do and play and I 
   think I have a better thing to do than focus on Fed. Cup right 

   Q: Looking ahead in the season, what are your goals including 
   Grand Slam titles?

   A: I would have a time off and on my fitness and trying to get 
   a little bit fitter. I think just focus, you know, not to 
   loose to the people that I'm not supposed to loose and try to 
   focus on beating the top ten and top five players. And I'm 
   going to try to focus on Grand Slam a little bit more this 
   year and bigger tournaments. And maybe cut my schedule a 
   little bit so I stay fresh for those tournaments. And just 
   change things around a little bit.

The interview article quoted from the Toray Pan Pacific Tennis 2003 official website.

"Jelena brise Jugoslaviju!", Yugoslavia
26th January, 2003
Najbre do eljenih informacija -

   Jelena briše Jugoslaviju!
   Aleksandar PALIĆ  1/26/2003, 6:26:17 PM

   RAZOČARANA ponašanjem države prema porodici, Jelena DokiE 
   naša najbolja teniserka, najavila je da više neće igrati pod 
   jugoslovenskom zastavom! Kako sada stvari stoje, naE"beli 
   sport" gubi vrhunsku igračicu.

   - Razgovarao sam sa kćerkom pre nekoliko dana... Jelena je 
   odlučila da ne igra za reprezentaciju Jugoslavije, ni u 
   Federejšn Kupu, ni na Olimpijskim igrama 2004. godine. Želimo 
   da ostanemo u našoj Srbiji, ali ako se uskoro stvari ne 
   promene, po drugi put ćemo morati da odemo. Jelena planira da 
   posle evropskih turnira izbaci ime Jugoslavija pored svog 
   imena, a ja hoću da za vreme Vimbldona zatražim politički azil 
   u Engleskoj i preselim porodicu u London - najavljuje otac 


   - Jednostavno: Jelena se oseća iznevereno. Došli smo u Beograd 
   posle čuvenog 5. oktobra, a nova vlast je jedva dočekala da se 
   busa u grudi kako vraća naše ljude u zemlju. Slikali su se sa 
   Jelenom, pravili fešte... A, kada je trebalo da pomognu, svi 
   su nam "zabili noEu leđa". Da se razumemo: ne tražim ja da 
   država nama nešto pokloni. Prvo sam želeo da od naših para 
   kupim zemlju za teniske terene, ali nam niko od političara 
   nije izašao u suret. Dobro, nema veze... Sada sam naumio da se 
   bavim poljoprivredom, da uzgajam i prerađujem voće, ali ni to 
   ne može. Država neće da mi proda zemlju u okolini Fruške gore!?
   DokiEnastavlja u istom tonu...

   - Belgijska vlada plaća Kim Klajsters trenera i 
   fizioterapeuta. Jugoslavija ništa nije uložila u Jelenu, a na 
   poklon je dobila vrhunsku teniserku... Naša vlast nema isti 
   odnos prema svim sportistima. Ko se priklonio ovoj političkoj 
   garnituri, ispunio je sve svoje želje. Problem je što Jelena i 
   ja podržavamo Srpsku radikalnu stranku, a ovde se izgleda 
   politički neistomišljenici ne tolerišu.

   Ko Vas je sprečio da kupite zemlju za teniske terene?

   - Najveći krivac je TK "Gemaks". Da smo Jelena i ja ostavrili 
   našu najveću želju i osnovali teniski klub, "Gemaks" bi 
   izgubio pozicije koje sada ima. Zato su preko Bobe 
   Živojinovića i TSJ nagovorili srpske vlastodršce da nas pošto 
   - poto spreče da napravimo teniske terene. 

   A biznis u poljoprivredi?

   - Šanse joEpostoje. Uskoro ću se sastati sa ministrom 
   poljoprivrede Draganom Veselinovom. Videćemo, možda mi on 
   pomogne. Verovatno da sam Hrvat, Slovenac, ili predstavnik 
   "Merkatora", dobio bih sve što poželim. Ali nisam. Ja sam 
   Srbin i radikal i svoje stavove neću da menjam! 

   Jelena ove zime nije došla u Beograd?

   - Ne znate koliko mi je teško što nije proslavila BožiEsa 
   nama. Jednostavno, nije htela da dođe u grad u kom nije 
   dobrodošla. To se vidi i u tome kakav tretman ima po srpskim 
   medijima... Pre nekoliko dana me je pitala: "Tata, šta si 
   uradio u Srbiji za dve godine. Nisam znao šta da joj 

   - OVA vlast je joEgora od prethodne. Recite mi, da li je 
   normalno da tročlana porodica, kao što je moja, za mesec dana 
   potroši struju u iznosu od 61.000 dinara!? Mislim da toliko ne 
   zarađuje ni premijer Srbije. Kako onda očekuju da narod da 
   plaća komunalije. Stvarno bih voleo da znam ko mi je i zašto 
   "izrežirao" ovoliki račun. Ali, nema veze, platiću - ističe 

   JELENA ove nedelje na turniru u Tokiju (nagradni fond 
   1.300.000 dolara) počinje novu sezonu. 
   - Zalečila je povredu i dobro se spremila. Bilo bi odlično da 
   se plasira među prvih pet. U tome će joj pomoći i bivši trener 
   Štefi Graf - Hanjc Gintard, ali će Nemac s njom raditi samo na 
   velikim turnirima. Ja ću uskoro postati i Jelenin menadžer - 
   kaže Damir. 

   JELENA se veEdugo zabavlja sa brazilskim vozačem Formule 1, 
   Enrikem Bernoldijem.
   - Taj dečko nije za Jelenu. Katolik je, a moja kćerka treba da 
   nađe nekog našeg čoveka. Siguran sam da neće joEdugo biti 
   zajedno - smatra otac.

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