Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament 2003
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan
31 January, 2003

L. Raymond / J. Dokic, 6-4, 6-2
Toray Pan Pacific Tennis - Postmatch Interview

   January 31, Friday Jelena Dokic
   Singles QF  Defeated by Lisa Raymond 4-6 2-6

   Q: Jelena, it looks a little bit as if you were in quite isn't 
   into the match mentally, it could have been, was might be some 
   other problem that restrict in your movement or something 

   A: No, I started off well. I had a break and then she broke me 
   right back, and I had a lot of chances to break and hold them. 
   I think just mentally got me down. She just won all the big 
   games, the big points, and I didn't win any of them. So that's 
   what, lope to win the first. And I think that was, from there 
   on that was it. I had ever chances to come back when I was 
   broken twice, and I had so many break points, and I just 
   played very bad points when I needed to play them up. So, I 
   think that was just mental than anything.

   Q: Why do you think that maybe you perhaps had this area of 
   mental weakness today, do you think could possible be because 
   others are more match fit than you coming into this tournament?

   A: Yea, maybe. I think everyone has a few matches more than 
   me, that I haven't played for four months, so I think it's a 
   little bit difficult. But if I won some of those of big games, 
   I think it would have been a lot big difference, would make a 
   big difference for the match. You know, it's just one of the 
   things, you know, as I play more tournament, I feel get better 
   and I just I think I'm much tough compare to what I can be and 
   I think I feel little on the court a little bit and, I just 
   haven't played, that's all.

   Q: Can you give us some examples of the chances to get back 
   and that you let go, and also the big points, say you were 
   able to take?

   A: I had break points. I sure lost my serve at three all, at 
   5-4 also I had, I got back to deuce, and had chances, and a 
   lot of my games where I served at three all also I had game 
   points which I could have won. And I think if I won them, it 
   would have been made a big difference to the first set.

Toray Pan Pacific Tennis - Postmatch Interview

   January 31, Friday Lisa Raymond
   Singles QF  Defeated Jelena Dokic 6-4 6-2

   Q: You are in the semi-finals now having beaten two seeded 
   players, how are you feeling right now?

   A:I feel very good. Roger actually just told me that my past 
   five previous coming here never passed the second round. So, 
   to finally kind of break through here and play well and get to 
   the semi and beat some high quality players gives me a lot of 
   confidence for tomorrow. 

   Q: Can you just give us a summary of this match and tell us 
   what you thought was key for you today?

   A: I've never beaten Jelena before, and you know, I think what 
   really important was building on my match from yesterday. I 
   was down early in my match yesterday and kept fighting, and 
   today the same thing happened. She came out strong. I wasn't 
   playing very well at the beginning, and I just really hung in 
   there. I knew that I'm in play in the type of tennis that 
   could beat someone of Jelena's today. You know, just hung in 
   there and things started going on my way. In the second set, I 
   got off to an early break and just kind of keep going.

   Q: Looked little like, Jelena, after she dropped the game, you 
   came into the game, came very strongly, and then after certain 
   points it appealed, to her, as though she wasn't chasing down 
   the balls like she ordinary would. Did you notice the change 
   in her game or do you think something affected her?

   A: You know, as far as whether or not she was trying or not, I 
   think you'd have to ask her that. I felt like she was right 
   there with me at least a whole full set and a half. Maybe 
   though last game or two, her hearts certainly may not have 
   been in it. But again, she is a competitor and, you know, I 
   still I don't think that she was going to have me the match, 
   mean I felt like I had to go out there and finish the match 
   even up two breaks.

   Q: On this very fast surface, it appeals to better suit the 
   games of flat and powerful hitters, but you seemed to be doing 
   very well on this surface, what did you think of your game on 

   A: I have always love on playing fast surfaces whether it's 
   grass or whether it's in indoor surface, or whether it's a 
   surface like this. I think I move well, I'm pretty quick, I 
   like to come to the net, I got a pretty serve, so I think 
   that, you know, even though it does suit flat hitters, I think 
   also it suits a game like me as well.

   Q: You are also an extremely good assertive doubles player, 
   and do you think that your doubles game has helped you in 
   singles in this game?

   A: I've always felt that. When I play a lot of doubles, that 
   always helps my singles game. And I think my singles helps my 
   doubles game as well. You know, this week I'm playing with 
   Lindsay, and Lindsay and I are going to play the year 
   together, so it's a chance to not only go out there and do 
   well, but we have a lot of fun on the court together. It's 
   nice to go out there and being a competitive environment but 
   yet also have fun.

   Q: Speaking of Lindasay, there's a good chance of you play 
   with her tomorrow, and that must be kind of a kick?

   A: Yeah, you know, pretty much since we landed here, we've 
   been spending pretty much every waking minute together. 
   Lindasay and I, you know, she is one of my best friends. And 
   we are both going to go out there if I do happen to paly her, 
   and we are both wanna win. It's great opportunity for me, you 
   know, in such a big event as this one, it's be in the semis 
   where the chance to possibly get to the finals. You know, we 
   are both gonna try hardest, but once we shake hands, we just 
   be, we probably end up going dinner afterwards.

The interview article quoted from the Toray Pan Pacific Tennis 2003 official website.