Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Family Circle Cup 2003
Family Circle Tennis Center in Daniel Island, South Carolina, USA (Charleston)
11 April, 2003

S. Williams (1) / J. Dokic (6), 6-2, 6-2
Family Circle Cup - Tournament Stats

 Player Interviews

   Friday, April 11

   Serena Williams
   Date: 4/5/2003



   Q.  Was it as easy as it looked?

   SERENA WILLIAMS:  Not at all.  It was definitely 
   a really tough match out there today. 

   Q.  I'm curious.  What's it like when you're 
   the best tennis player in the world and early in 
   the match before it was decided, you guys were 
   banging away at each other from the baseline a 
   couple times.  Does anything go through your mind 
   as it goes on and you can hear the crowd kind of 
   inhale with each shot?

   SERENA WILLIAMS:  No.  I'm just pretty much 
   always focusing on being able to win the point, 
   and I don't know, I never really thought about 
   it that way.  Maybe I'll think about it tomorrow.

   Q.  Maybe that's why you're the best and I'm 
   sitting out here in your audience.

   SERENA WILLIAMS:  No.  I doubt it.

   Q.  In the second game you came out a little 
   flat, it looked like.  You had dominated her there 
   and seemed like you kind of broke her.  Then after 
   she held serve the first time, I could see you 
   started to set your feet.  You were up on your 
   toes again and you could see the intensity in the 
   balls that traveled over the net.  Can you talk a 
   little bit about that?

   SERENA WILLIAMS:  Well, she -- I think maybe I 
   did get off to a slow start because I won the 
   first game fairly easily, and I think I took it 
   for granted that, oh, quick break, quick hold.  
   Instead, she broke me straightaway back, and I 
   think that's a classic case of underestimating my 
   opponent so soon on.  I knew I was going to have a 
   tough match.  We always have battles, but when I 
   won the first game, I think I got a little too 

   Q.  What can we do in Charleston to get your 
   sister to come here with you?


   Q.  Serena, do you have to raise your game for 
   each level in these tournaments?  I mean as you 
   get to the quarterfinals, do you notice that the 
   intensity gets a little bit higher?

   SERENA WILLIAMS:  It does.  Each round the 
   intensity gets higher.  There's more at stake 
   and there's always more and more and more, so I 
   have to make sure I stay focused mentally, I 
   think, more than anything.

   Q.  What were the conditions like out there?  
   Was it cold or was it windy?  What did it feel 
   like out there?

   SERENA WILLIAMS:  It was normal.  I don't think 
   it was windy.  It was a little bit chilly, but you 
   don't really feel it when you're playing.  You 
   feel it more when you're done playing.  So I 
   think the conditions were pretty good.  It wasn't 
   as windy as it looked earlier today, it was more 

   Q.  With this matchup with Davenport where 
   does that rank as far as difficulty so far this 
   year?  Will that be your toughest match so far 
   this year?

   SERENA WILLIAMS:  Every match is going to 
   be tough.  Playing Lindsay is going to be tough 
   because she's doing very well now.  I know she won 
   a big tournament earlier this year.  We always 
   have some really good matches.  It's definitely -- 
   every round, it doesn't matter who you play, it's 
   going to be a tough match.

   Q.  You've had a target on you with the other 
   players in this circuit for a while.  They want to 
   beat the best.  Has that target gotten bigger as 
   this streak grows?

   SERENA WILLIAMS:  I'd imagine so.  I'm 
   just trying to take it one match at a time and see 
   what happens.

   Q.  Serena, last year this was the round 
   where you were knocked out.  Is it a big goal of 
   yours to come in and make it at least past this 

   SERENA WILLIAMS:  Definite.  A couple rounds 
   past this round is my goal.

   Q.  Serena, talk about the streak earlier on. 
    You said you wanted to be undefeated for the 
   entire year.  Is that added pressure?  Do you 
   think about it throughout the course of the year 
   or is it basically you made a statement and now 
   you just go out and play?

   SERENA WILLIAMS:  I don't know.  I don't think 
   it's really possible.  I think it's a very hard 
   goal to reach.  I don't know.  I don't think 
   about it.  I just go out and play, and if I lose, 
   I lose.  If I don't, I don't.  But I don't 
   necessarily think about I'm on this streak, 
   because for an athlete, especially in a sport 
   where I am, it's all about individualism.  It's 
   going to be tough to keep winning without having a 
   teammate there to support you.


The interview article quoted from the 2003 Family Circle Cup official website.