Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Live Chat Transcripts

The Lawn Tennis Championships 2003
Wimbledon, Great Britain
27th June, 2003

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Next chat, live from Wimbledon: Jelena Dokic on Friday, June 27th, 5 p.m. UK Time / 6 p.m. CET. 
This week, LIVE from WIMBLEDON, and after the memorable and awaited chat with the legendary 
Martina Navratilova, we'll receive on Friday at 5 p.m. UK Time Jelena Dokic. 

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Wimbledon Chat Transcript 

Jelena Dokic - Live Chat
Friday, June 27th at 5pm UK Time

Chat with Jelena Dokic

[cdkus] *** You can send your questions (in english). Live chat 
  with Jelena Dokic starts at 5pm (UK Time) ***

[cdkus] The chat is about to start

[JDokic] Hello Everybody!

[Question] JDLOVER: Jelena I have been a fan of you since 
  your junior years and would like to ask. Do you think that your 
  power game has needed to change with the dominance of the 
  Williams sisters and the all of the powerhitters on the tour and 
  also how do you think you will perform against Maria Sharapova. 
  Thankyou for your time (Mark, Sydney Australia)

[JDokic] I think every body has to become a little more 
  powerfull and fitter. I look forward to the match tomorrow. Thanks 
  for your support. 

[Question] flo: Hello Jelena! Why the choice of Heintz Ghuntard 
  who had trained Gfaf? 

[JDokic] I am not working with him anymore. I have a new 
  coach Borna Bykic. 

[Question] Knightrider: Jelena, has the success you've found 
  with your doubles partner Nadia Petrova helped keep your spirits 
  up while you make the adjustements to your singles game plan? 

[JDokic] I think it's important to play doubles and it helps a lot 
  to keep my confidence up if I don't do so well in singles. 

[Question] Dektator: Do you sometimes feel the need to take 
  some time off from the tennis and just spend it doing something 

[JDokic] Yes definately and I will try to do it even more in the 
  future. I think it's so important to rest and not doing so many 

[Question] Nick: Jelena, if you knew what you now know about 
  the sacrifices and hard work involved when you first started 
  playing, would you do the same again? 

[JDokic] Yes I will. I love playing tennis, it's a lot of of work and 
  I like working hard. I will definately do it again. 

[Question] Cymru: no one is mentioning you as a favorite... does 
  it seem like there's less pressure for you this year  in respect to 

[JDokic] Yes I think they put lots of pressure on you. I am not a 
  favourite here but It's good for me. I like it that way. 

[Question] rob: You said once that Wimbledon is your 
  gfavourite Grand Slam tournament. A lot of other players (men 
  &women) love to play here. Why do you think Wimbledon is such 
  an exciting event?

[JDokic] Because the surface is different. The atmosphere is 
  fantastic. The tournament is getting better and better, it improves 
  every year and the players love it. 

[Question] Rammers: Jelena, thank you for spending some time 
  talking to us. What were your feeling immediately as you left the 
  court in 1999, after beating Martina Hingis in round 1? Good luck 
  in the rest of the championships, and I hope to see you play next 
  year. (Matt, Cambridge) 

[JDokic] Thanks Matt, I was thinking about it at that time. I was 
  young and beating Martina at that time was not that special. I was 
  just getting there to win, not realising how important was my win. 

[Question] Barno: Do you have any superstitions or a routine 
  you do before every match? 

[JDokic] I used to have more before. Not anymore. I like to wear 
  the same clothes, play with the same racket. Nothing that special. 
  Just concentrate on my match, take some times for myself. 

[Question] Rei: Hello Jelena, I'm a french boy. Do you prefer 
  win one of the 4 "Grand Chelem Tournament" or to be number 
  one of the WTA? 

[JDokic] I think both. I wouyld love to win any grand slam and it 
  would be nice to be number indeed. I am just trying to do my best. 
  That's the most important. 

[Question] Jelena4Ever2: Are you already happier with your 
  serve or do you continue to work on it? I think your tennis is 
  fantastic. All the best!!!!!!!!!!

[JDokic] Thanks. I strated to work on it. I worked on my swing 
  and I am sure it has to improve even more but there are already 
  few progress. 

[Question] adam: It says on the Gotennis website you like 
  listening to the Spice Girls, is that true? 

[JDokic] No that old. I don't even know who wrote that down. I 
  like various type of bands and music not the spice girls anymore. 

[Question] Texasfan: Jelena, you seem to be a fierce 
  concentrator, mentally. Who do you find to be the toughest 
  mental competitors you face? Thank you for your time! 

[JDokic] I think there are quite a few. Lots of players have 
  improved in that area. Anybody in the top 10 is really tough. 

[Question] Jure: Jelena,what do you think about the play of 
  Slovenian players on the tour? Do you know Tina,Maja or 

[JDokic] I have played them in singles and doubles quite a few 
  times. There are doing well. They have a good Fed Cup team. 

[Question] danaus: It was great to see you play in the Hopman 
  Cup and to get to where you are now. But do you plan to play for 
  Australia at next years Olympics? 

[JDokic] It's something that I am not thinking about that at the 
  moment especially that the Olympics are 2 weeks before the US 
  Open. I will decide when it gets closer. 

[Question] shaleigh: How many hours a day do you spend 
  working out (weight lifting, running, anything like that)? 

[JDokic] It depends if I am playing or not. If I am at a 
  tournament or not. I try to run, lift weight also. 

[Question] gary: Do you get nervous leading up to a match 
  against a higher seed or does it make you concentrate better? 

[JDokic] Usually I don't have that problem. 

[Question] Knightrider: Did the effort required to get the 3 set 
  win in the first round help you get reaccquainted with the grass 
  game, making the 2nd set somewhat easier to play then the first 

[JDokic] I think she played well. It was a tough match. It was 
  good to play a tough match because I did not play much on grass 

[Question] Robbuk2003: What do you think of all these new 
  outfits that are coming onto the courts like Venus and 
  Hantuchova? And will you be bringing out any of your own 

[JDokic] I think it's good to see, it makes it more interesting to 
  watch. I may in the future design my own outfit depending of what 
  the brand you are working with is asking you to wear. 

[Question] Akbar: Hey Jelena. Through out your tennis career
  you have comeover different obstacles and challenges. Who or 
  What do you most credit for your sucess? Hope you do good in 

[JDokic] I think. They have been so many people helping me in 
  various areas which make your life better and get you focus on 
  your tennis. 

[Question] TimmyDoo: Who has been your source of inspiration, 
  since your nascent years... One idol that you grew up trying to 

[JDokic] Not really, probably Steffi 

[Question] Yonex: Hi Jelena, what do you think about Martina
  Hingis career end with the age of 22? 

[JDokic] I think she has a great career. She played a lots of 
  tennis and maybe played as much as other people who played 
  until 30. 

[Question] Gustavo_from_Colombia: What goes thru your head 
  everytime you get on the court?Do you think in the other player's 

[JDokic] No. I am concentrating on the strategy I put together 
  and try to apply it. 

[Question] banjalukaboy: what do you think is your best 
  weapon? (backhand, forehand etc.) 

[JDokic] Grand strokes and mental. 

[JDokic] 2 more please 

[Question] Parola: Jelena, can you shed a little light on the fact 
  that Wimbledon brings out the best in your tennis? Do you like 
  the grass-court conditions? 

[JDokic] Yes I think it suits my game. I have my best results 

[Question] LeGolfeuw: if you had choice, would you preferer to 
  win Roland Garros or Wimbledon? 

[JDokic] Definately both! 

[Question] Dektator: Do you sometimes pay attention to the 
  people who shout stuff on the court? Does it make you smile 

[JDokic] Yes indeed. BUt you always try to focus on your game 
  and don't pay attention too much to what's going around. 

[JDokic] Thanks Guys. 

[Question] Thank you very much for your time Jelena, and all 
  the best for Wimbledon and your career ! 

[JDokic] Thank you so much for your support. 

[JDokic] Bye, Bye. 

[Question] Bye. Thank you from all your fans around the world! 

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