Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Rogers AT&T Cup 2003
National Tennis Centre at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
12 August, 2003.

J. Dokic (8) / A. Widjaja (Q), 6-4, 6-4.
Rogers AT&T Cup - Press Conferences

   August 12, 2003

   SCORE / RÉSULTAT: 6-4, 6-4

   Interview With/Entrevue Avec: 


   Tour Official: Questions for Jelena, please? 

   Reporter: It looked like you had moments of 
   inconsistency and moments where you seemed to really 
   feel like you were in control; is that how you felt out 

   Jelena Dokic: No, I think I had a slow start. But after 
   that I played well. She's not easy to play against. And, 
   you know, the courts were a little different from the 
   last few weeks, so it takes a lot to adjust to, so I think 
   I played well, a little slow, but otherwise I played well.

   Reporter: At what point did you feel that you took the 
   match over?

   Jelena Dokic: Maybe 4-3 in the first set. I held that 
   game 4-all and then I broke. I think that those two 
   games were key. I started to play better, more 
   aggressive and just getting the points. I think those 
   two games were the key to the match. 

   Reporter: Looking ahead to your next match, is there 
   anything you want to change about your game, or were you 
   happy with your play today?

   Jelena Dokic: I think I served well. You know, just get 
   a little bit more consistent, just feel better on 
   hitting the ball. The court here is very different. So I 
   think I'll feel better in my next match and this was a 
   good one to start adjusting to.

   Reporter: How is it different?

   Jelena Dokic: The colour is different, first of all. But 
   it's a little slower than last week's and the balls are 
   different, also, a little bit heavier, but everything is 
   different. It's a completely different place and it's 
   very humid here.

   Reporter: That was going to be my next question. It got 
   really sort of stifling out there.

   Jelena Dokic: It is not so hot, but it's humid. I think 
   if the sun was there and it was hot it would be really 
   hot. But it's humid and it takes a little bit of time to 
   adjust to. 

   Reporter: Do you find that as a little bit of a 
   disadvantage, say, playing a qualifier two matches 
   before, being faced with heavier balls?

   Jelena Dokic: I've played matches the last few weeks, so 
   it's not such a disadvantage. Of course, she's in a 
   better position; she's played four matches here already, 
   so it's a big difference. You know, I think she feels 
   much more comfortable. She's gotten used to everything; 
   it is a little bit of a disadvantage, but not a lot.

   Reporter: Jelena, obviously this year has been a bit 
   different than other years for you. Do you have any 
   theories why it hasn't gone as well for you? 

   Jelena Dokic: I've played very well the last few years; 
   I've just kept on going up. And you get a year where you 
   don't play so well, and this is normal. This happens. I 
   know this. I just have to keep on working hard and try 
   to get some wins. I think I'm playing better at least 
   the last few months than I did at the beginning. And, 
   you know, just I think I'm starting to get my form back 
   a little bit. It's normal. You can't play well for 10 
   years of your career. 

   Reporter: Is there anything that you could pinpoint that 
   you could kind of point to and say that's why my form 
   hasn't been where I want it to be?

   Jelena Dokic: No, not really. I've played very well the 
   last three years. I've played a lot matches. So I think 
   mentally I got a little bit tired. That's basically it. 
   I've had a lot of close matches that I didn't win, so 
   you lose your confidence a little bit. That's the key to 
   my game, I think. But I think it's coming back. And I 
   had, you know, even the last two weeks, I had matches 
   where I was close and I played good tennis.

   Reporter: Is that all it takes between feeling good 
   about where you are and kind of spiraling down a little 
   bit is just losing a close match here and all of a 
   sudden that fine edge is gone?

   Jelena Dokic: Yeah, it doesn't take very much. It also 
   doesn't take very much to get your confidence back up. 
   Sometimes you just need a few matches to get it back. I 
   think the more matches I get now, the better it will be. 
   I lost some easy matches at the beginning of the year 
   and I think that kind of ?? I think my confidence kind 
   of went there a little bit. That's basically all that 
   happened. I know this. I haven't played the best tennis 
   that I can, but I think I'm improving.

   Reporter: Kim Clijsters was just in here, you know, with 
   her number one ceremony. Does that change the way you 
   guys look at her or how you approach her on court as the 
   number one player on tour?

   Jelena Dokic: I think she's played good tennis for the 
   last seven, eight months. I think eventually this had to 
   come. I'm really happy for her; she's done very well. 
   And she's taken obviously Venus and Serena even further 
   away than Kim and Justine together. So I think this is 
   ?? should be a real motivation for the other players. I 
   think there are a lot of good players that could 
   challenge Serena and Venus. And I think we've seen that. 
   I think we've seen two this year for sure that have done 
   that and have overtaken them. If they keep on going for 
   the rest of the year, they'll be well ahead of the 
   Williams sisters. It is not the talk about the Williams 
   sisters anymore and I think everyone should realize 
   this. This is a big change in women's tennis now. I 
   think a lot of players realize this and will ?? I'm sure 
   there will be a few more coming. 

   Reporter: So you see it, obviously, as a good thing? 

   Jelena Dokic: Sure, Serena and Venus are tough. Serena 
   is injured, obviously, but they're very tough to beat 
   and I'm sure they'll be back, but we have some more 
   players that could get close to them.

   Reporter: You mentioned that you played a lot of matches 
   because of the busy schedule; do you ever think about 
   cutting back a little bit, having a little rest? 

   Jelena Dokic: Sure. I think next year I'll look at it. 
   Think about what I will do at the beginning of the year, 
   also. And I think, last two years, I played well. I had 
   over 70 or 80 matches singles. So this year's has been 
   slow. So, you know, it's probably helped me a little 
   bit, not being able to play so many matches this year 
   may be better for me. And I haven't played half as much 
   as I did last year or the last three years, I think. So 
   I think this year's already been slower and I've tried 
   to ?? I haven't been as tired mentally and physically. 
   But, eventually, I think I will cut down, especially if 
   I start doing better. With this schedule, it is 
   impossible to play 25, 30 tournaments any more. 

   Reporter: You are were wearing red and white today, was 
   that a conscious effort?

   Jelena Dokic: No, Fila came out with this. We've been 
   wearing it for the last few weeks. It's been like this 
   all year, but I guess it suits it here.

   Tour Official: Any other questions? Thank you. 

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