Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Swisscom Challenge 2003
Zurich, Switzerland
13 October, 2003

J. Dokic / C. Rubin (5), 6-1, 5-7, 6-4.
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   Dokic: "I try to play better" 

   Jelena Dokic after her win against Chanda Rubin. 

   It was a pretty tough match for you?

   Yea, I mean, I think my recent form, and hers, and I think I 
   was not a favourite in the match anyway. So, I would be very 
   disappointed if I lost, but I played a very good set and a 
   half, and I was happy with that. The same thing happened in 
   San Diego with her this year, so it would have been nice to 
   win it or get a win against her. But I think I just got a 
   little bit nervous against her, I haven't closed out a lot of 
   matches, especially against top players, so I think that's 
   what happened in the second set, but it was better in the 

   You seem to have been more eager than I have seen you in quite 
   a while.

   Yea, I mean, I've played a lot of tennis, and I think that the 
   motivation was not quite there. But I am coming back, and I 
   want it more, and you know even if I lose matches, I try to 
   play better. And you know it's not going to come back in one 
   tournament or in a month or two; it will take time, but you 
   just have to go for every match, win or lose.

   Can you explain six double faults?

   I think we both put a lot of pressure on each other with the 
   returns, she returns very well and I think I returned very 
   well today, I didn't make hardly any errors off the returns, 
   so I think it was on both sides like this. I think that was 
   the main cause, we went more on our second serves, we had to. 
   But I think especially at 5-4 in the third, I served well. I 
   served well when I needed to.

   The fact that you beat your first top 10 player of the year, 
   does it mean that you feel like you can be back at that level?

   I think so. Like I said, it's not going to come back straight 
   away. I have to work now for next year. I have to, you know, I 
   have to do it now, and especially now in the off season I have 
   to work very hard, I think mentally and physically. And I 
   think it is a confidence thing for me, you know, once I get my 
   confidence back a little bit, which is not very high at the 
   moment, I think I will be much better, and I think this match 
   will help me a lot. 

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Swisscom Challenge - Turnier 2003 - Interviews - Details 


   Rubin: "A little bit of a downer" 

   Chanda Rubin was defeated in three sets by Jelena Dokic in the 
   opening round of the Swisscom Challenge 2003. Rubin in the 

   Towards the end of a long season, is it hard to keep going, 
   maybe after the US open?

   Well, I had a couple of good weeks after the Open, it was very 
   disappointing, once that's over and you don't do well, you 
   know, it was definitely a little bit of a downer. But I just 
   wanted to come into the indoor season, you know I was looking 
   forward after a couple of good weeks in Asia with some good 
   matches, and you know it's just one of those things where you 
   have to get started really quick, and you have to really at 
   least concentrate better in these indoor tournaments, because 
   everything is pretty quick. You know, I just didn't do it well 
   enough today. 

   Was it a little more difficult to concentrate?

   Sometimes, you know it will be nice to go be able to go back 
   and work on my fitness a little bit, I really feel like that 
   has suffered a lot, and I don't feel great about that at the 
   moment. So it helps a lot when you can start off fresh and 
   fit, but everybody is just trying to do the stretch run here, 
   so you know, you take your matches, and you go out and you 
   compete, and hopefully you're the better person on the given 
   day, and today I wasn't. 

   Was it a bit surprising against Jelena because of the patchy 
   season she has had since Wimbledon?

   Yea, you know, she hasn't done much at all, and you know, I 
   beat her earlier in the hard court swing of tournaments, and 
   you know, it's a bit disappointing, a disappointing loss, 
   mainly because it was a match that was clearly there, and I 
   just didn't, as I said, in the third set, there's just no 
   excuse for that, and you know, I kind of set myself back a 
   little bit, you know, with that, getting down four-love after 
   scraping through a second set. You know, what can you do?

   She kind of blew hot and cold, didn't she?

   She's like that. She just hits the ball, hits every ball, and 
   there's not a lot of rhyme or reason. I mean you just have to 
   stay in there, sometimes it will be on the line, or you know, 
   you'll get some misses, and I just had to stay in there, stay 
   tough and stay concentrated, and you know, take the 
   opportunities that were there.

   Did you have trouble returning? I mean she had a lot of double 
   faults and she was missing a lot?

   I mean, there was definitely no flow, no rhythm, to the 
   return, but you know, I had my licks at it for the most part, 
   just a little bit slow on the first step with my returns right 
   now, but you know, it's not a match where you get a lot of 
   rhythm, but you kind of understand that while it's going on. 

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The interview article quoted from the 2003 Swisscom Challenge official website.