Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Swisscom Challenge 2003
Zurich, Switzerland
18 October, 2003

J. Dokic / K. Clijsters (1), 1-6, 6-3, 6-4.
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   Jelena Dokic: "I am very happy" 

   Interview with Jelena Dokic following her semifinal victory 
   over Kim Clijsters 

   Do you feel happy?

   Jelena Dokic: I think so. I don't think it has set in yet. I 
   think it's, I mean I am just happy to be in a final, but I 
   think, you know I just tried to play well. I didn't think it 
   looked like that after the first set, and yea, I mean I am 
   very happy. I didn't expect this at all. I was happy to get to 
   the semifinals. Today I was going into the match positive, but 
   I just tried to play my game and have fun, and if I win, I 
   win, and if not, it doesn't matter.

   What did you start playing well so late?

   Dokic: She plays quick, a fast rhythm, and I think it's 
   difficult to get used to that. I didn't start so well, and was 
   a little bit slow and didn't serve so well, and you know, hey 
   the first set was over within 15 minutes. And then I started 
   to play a little bit. I won a very close game at 1-all in the 
   second set, and I think that was the key. 

   Did you not get discouraged at all?

   Dokic: No, I knew, like I said, I didn't want to get down or 
   anything, I just wanted to go point by point from there on. I 
   didn't want to have the same second set, and I started to play 

   You came on the tour as a big talent, played really well then 
   had a couple of difficult months. Is this what you needed to 
   get started again?

   Dokic: For sure. I played a lot of tennis the last few years. 
   I’ve done well, and I think I slowed down a little bit this 
   year. And it happens. And I think hopefully this is where I 
   start again, and I definitely needed a tournament like this 
   and especially a win like this. 

   What was the difference between the start of the season and 

   Dokic: I think I made some coaching changes which was a big 
   key for me. I am much more motivated, a lot more positive, and 
   I want it a lot more, I am more hungry than I was before.

   What about those matches you’ve lost this year. Does it help 
   at a tournament like this because you’re not quite as tired? 

   Dokic: I mean for sure, it's the end of the year anyway, 
   there's one or two more tournaments anyway. It definitely 
   helps, but I don't think the physical thing is a factor, I 
   just needed a tournament to try to get me back.

   Did you expect this at the beginning of the year?

   Dokic: I didn't set my schedule at the beginning of the year. 
   You have to see how you do. But I don't think I played that 
   many matches this year, I think I played a third of what I 
   played the last two years. So I am not tired at all. I think I 
   have practiced more than I have played matches. So this year I 
   am not as tired as I was last year or the year before. 

   Did you think before coming to Zurich that your game was much 
   better, that your confidence was much better and you could 
   have a game like this?

   Dokic: Not necessarily my confidence, but I worked hard the 
   last three months. And I knew I just had to wait for a chance, 
   wait for a tournament, to try to do well. And I have had some 
   very close matches this year that I should have won, and 
   should have maybe done like this, but it didn't come. And you 
   get frustrated sometimes, but I was just patient and waited 
   for my chance. And even if it didn't happen this year I had to 
   try to stay positive and get ready for next year. But this 
   definitely helps me. 

   To beat number 1 and 2 in the world in a European tournament. 
   This happened twice in the last 25 years. How would you feel 
   your chances are for tomorrow?

   Dokic: Again, I won't put any pressure on myself, like I did 
   today. I will just try to play, play my game, play well and 
   compete. And if it happens, great, if not, I think I did well 
   this week and you know, I will just try to do the same 
   tomorrow and not be satisfied with what I did today and if I 
   win, great.

   You are in a position to decide who will be number 1 next 
   week, Justine or Kim. If you win, Kim stays number 1. how does 
   that feel?

   Dokic: I don't know, I don't think we think about this. I 
   think for them, 1 or 2 I don't think will be decided now, I 
   think it's the whole year. I think Justine winning the two 
   Grand Slams maybe has more of an advantage, but I don't think 
   any three of us think about this. I think they have some more 
   tournaments and the Championships to go, so I don't think it 
   will come down to my match. 

   Are you going to play next week and the week after?

   Dokic: I am scheduled to play just next week.

   What are your goals for the rest of the season now?

   Dokic: My goal is to play well tomorrow and like I said, I am 
   happy with this week, the way it went, and it has definitely 
   given me more confidence to work harder in the off season and 
   prepare myself for next year. And you know, it's been a while 
   that I could compete with the number 1 or 2 in the world, 
   which Kim is, and I did that today, so I am happy with that.

   Do you expect a phone call from Fila?

   Dokic: I don't know, we’ll see what he does. I don't know, 
   maybe he calls, maybe not. It's up to him.

   Has this happened that they call for a match like this or not?

   Dokic: It has happened at Grand Slams before and bigger 
   tournaments, to congratulate and things, but I think a sponsor 
   should do it anyway. 

   Does it matter that you and Kim play with Fila?

   Dokic: No, I mean you play against players that are from the 
   same companies, and I think that they are both, I mean they 
   had me in the top five, they had her at number 1, so I think 
   they’ve had some good players. 

   What's the difference between your match against her at 
   Leipzig and this week?

   Dokic: I competed much better today. I definitely served 
   better, and um, you know I tried to stay in the points. And I 
   lost my chance in the second set in Leipzig, I got down and I 
   was not so focused and I think that's what's been the 
   difference this week and this match. 

   You were here at the finals two years ago. What happened since 

   Dokic: A lot, I guess good and bad. I like this tournament, 
   the surface suits me, and I seem to play well here, and the 
   crowd and I like coming back here every year.

   Are you going to wash your clothes, eat the same food and 
   restring your racquet tonight?

   Dokic: Yea, for sure (laughs) I will try.

   What is that food?

   Dokic: The food? No, I just try to eat in the same places. Um, 
   I mean I kinda eat the same food all the time, I get sick of 
   it. But I think the racquet and the clothes are more important!

   Did you already wash them?

   Dokic: No. I will do it when I get back.

   Do you meet up with Kim and say you play in red, I play in 
   blue, or was it just coincidence?

   Dokic: No, just coincidence. We have different clothes, so we 
   wear whatever. Sometimes we wear the same in matches, which is 
   not so… I mean, we look the same, and we’re both blonde, so we 
   look identical. 

   It was already difficult now. 

   Dokic: Yea it was definitely. We didn't know who was going to 
   wear what. But in Leipzig, we nearly wore the same things, I 
   think we did. 

   When did you last play doubles with her?

   Dokic: Last year I think, I don't remember. Leipzig last year. 

   Do you still feel, Jelena, that your place is really also up 
   there with Kim and Justine in the top five, in the top of the 

   Dokic: I mean, Kim and Justine have been the most consistent 
   this year and played the best tennis at the moment. I think a 
   win like this will help me, I still have to work on my game 
   and my physical side and mental. But definitely I think. You 
   know, I have been 4 before, I would like to get to the top 10 
   first and then work from there, and that's my goal at the 
   moment. And this tournament will definitely help me, and you 
   know, I think eventually if I work hard, I can get at least 
   close to them.

   Would you like the questions better if it were about you being 
   number 1 or playing to become number 1?

   Dokic: I mean at the moment they are, and I just have to focus 
   myself to get to top 10 and work my way from there. I mean it 
   has taken them a few years to get there, so it takes a lot to 
   get to number 1. You know, it's not something that you think 
   about, I mean I would like to be number 1, there are not too 
   many number 1's that have been so far. So if it happens, I 
   would be very happy with that. I just want to try my best. If 
   that's to be 1 or 5 or 10, that's fine but I will know that I 
   did my best for me. 

   You said that such a result will encourage you to start 
   earlier and play in Australia? You said the other day it was 

   Dokic: I’m considering that. I lost to Kim early in the year 
   easily, then Leipzig was tougher, and now that I’ve beaten 
   her, I would like to have an extra Grand Slam. I would like to 
   go there and play and start the season at the same time as 
   everyone else and not have a disadvantage. Definitely thinking 
   about that, and I think there is a possibility. 

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