Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Australian Open 1999
Melbourne, Australia
19 January, 1999

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J. DOKIC / E. Makarova 6-3, 5-7, 6-4


      Jelena DOKIC
      19 January 1999

Q. Was that a good workout for you, Jelena?

A. Yeah, definitely. I'm happy that I won the first match. It's always the 
toughest one to get going, and I didn't play too badly. I played quite well. 
She's tough. She hung in there the whole time, and I am looking forward to 
playing my next match.

Q. They were queuing up 10 deep outside the court. Was it nice to have that sort 
of support today?

A. Yes, definitely, it's always good to have support, especially here in 
Australia I guess when you are playing in your home country or in front of your 
home crowd you always get big support and it's always good to have that and it 
always helps me.

Q. Jelena, you were up 4-2 in the second. Did you get a bit nervous then 
thinking about winning your first Grand Slam Singles or - - -?

A. Oh, I guess a little bit. She lifted her game up. She went for her shots. She 
had nothing to lose, and as the match went on she lifted her game and played 

Q. What has it been like for you in the last couple of weeks with all the 
publicity and expectations? Has that placed a little bit of extra pressure on 

A. I guess, I don't feel the pressure, because I don't think there's any 
pressure on me right now because I'm not supposed to be near these players in 
the draw. They are all ranked higher than me and supposed to beat me, and even 
though I won the Hopman Cup and had some good results, I still don't think 
there's pressure on me. People expect things from me, but the players that 
playing me are more pressured than I am because they are supposed to beat me and 
not me supposed to bet them.

Q. Has it been any extra distraction, though, in terms of media, that sort of 
thing, maybe taking away from your practice time?

A. Yes, has been a bit. There has been quite a bit of media attention, and I 
don't mind doing things like that. But it has been more than usual.

Q. Jelena, the wind was very, very strong out there. How much did that affect 
your game today?

A. I guess whenever it's windy it always sort of affects your game, no matter if 
it's ground strokes or serve or anything. It was quite breezy, and it affected 
the game a little bit. But I've played in wind quite a bit, and it didn't bother 
me too much.

Q. And are you looking forward to getting on Centre Court at some stage? Is that 
a big thing for you?

A. Yeah, definitely. I would like to play on the Centre. It's a great court, and 
it's - it's very big, and I would like to play on it. But we will see what 

Q. How will you spend the time between now and your next match?

A. Well, I guess I'll practice, see, sort of work out what have to do before my 
next match, and sort of figure it out, how I'm going to go into the match and 
how I'll play. I guess having a day off is sort of good too, to get prepared for 
the next match and work out from this one.

Q. Have you looked ahead in your draw at all and sort of sussed out how you 
might go?

A. I haven't. But I heard who might be ahead. But I never look at the draw 
because everyone is tough and there's no easy matches and you can always lose in 
the first round. I take the match as it comes, and I didn't know who I played if 
I won this match. I just found out. I don't know, look that far. I always take 
the match as it comes and if I win the first one then I worry about the next 

Q. Do you know anything of Christina Brandi?

A. Not much; but a few people have watched her, my coach, and I'm going do work 
out with my coach what I'm going to do and how I'm going to play.

Q. Jelena, every match is like a learning experience. Is there anything that 
sticks out significantly from this match that you were in, that you recall?

A. I guess every match that you play and every match I played at Hopman Cup I'm 
gaining more experience, which I need. Playing more matches improves your game 
and the things that you do. I guess the main thing for me right now is gaining 
experience because all of those players out there are more experienced than me, 
and just gaining confidence, get a few matches and I'm just concentrating on 
playing well.

Q. Is there any particular part of your game that you are working on that might 
need to be strengthened to go the next step?

A. I've been working on pretty much everything with Lesley. She has worked on 
everything. You can't sort of have a weakness playing in the seniors because 
they are going - once they find out what you are not good at, you are gone. So 
I've been trying to work on everything. I don't think there's a real weakness 
anywhere, but I guess you can always improve. There's always space for 
improvement and that's what I'm trying to do.

Q. Jelena, when you met Margaret Court in Perth, did she give you any advice or 
- - -

A. I just sort of met her, and she sort of said "Well done" and things like 
that. She's a great player. And I played well at the Hopman, and sort of did 
everything that I could. Meeting people like that is always good because they 
have been there before and, like Leslie has, and it was just good to talk to 
people like that because they have got so much experience and went through so 
much in their life, and have been World Champions and won Grand Slams and 
Wimbledons, and just talking to them a lot gives you a lot and you learn a lot 
from them.

Q. Do you think Petr Korda should be playing in this tournament?

A. I'm not going to go into that. I don't, I really don't know what I think 
about that. It doesn't concern me right now, and like I said, I'm just 
concentrating on playing my tennis, and others should be concentrating on their 
- really, I don't know what to say about that. I haven't thought about it 
really. I am trying to play, I'm just trying to play tennis right now.

Q. Jelena, there was a big difference between the crowd that watched you today 
and the crowd that watched Kournikova. Yours was more of a traditional sort of 
Mum and Dads and tennis fans crowd. Would you like to have a Kournikova type 
following behind you or are you happy with the sort of people there today?

A. I guess any type of crowd that I can get I'm happy with. It doesn't matter if 
it's a Kournikova type of crowd or if it's any type of crowd. Just having people 
supporting you out there is good enough for me. I don't want to, I don't want to 
sort of be known as someone like Kournikova or - I'm just out there playing my 
own game, playing tennis, and people who want to watch me want to watch me and 
if they want to support me, they support me. I'm happy with whatever I get and 
in Australia I've always had great crowds, and today I've had a very big crowd; 
it was packed, and that's fine with me. And in Australia, playing here, in front 
of your home crowd, Australians have always been very supportive, and even at 
the Hopman Cup, and that's fine. 

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