Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Australian Open 1999
Melbourne, Australia
21 January, 1999

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J. DOKIC / K. Brandi 6-4, 7-5


      Jelena DOKIC
      21 January 1999

Q. Jelena, what was the contrast between, say, that match and your first one? 
Were you more settled? Was it just as difficult? How did you find it?

A. Well, it's different opponents, but I played much better today than I did in 
my first round match. I used the court better, and I was thinking more, and I 
definitely improved more than in my first match. I played different than I did 
in the first match, and I was more calm, and I went into the match prepared, and 
I knew it was going to be tough, and I knew I had to play well to beat her, and 
I went into the match thinking that, and I played well.

Q. Were you more comfortable out there?

A. Yeah, definitely. There wasn't as much wind out there today, and altogether I 
felt better today. I played better, and I guess that's why I feel better too.

Q. Do you think you are mentally tougher now, and what made that happen for you?

A. Well, I was always fairly mentally tough, and I probably am a bit more 
tougher now. I've played quite a few matches and quite a few big players, and 
that sort of helps you too, and I've had quite a bit of experience playing those 
players, and definitely I think so.

Q. What did you think of your cheer squad, Jelena? Were they distracting? You 
dropped a couple of games after they got their chant going. Was it hard to get 
your concentration back?

A. No, you always have to concentrate on tennis. No, they didn't. My 
concentration sort of went out 4-2 in the second set. I lost three games. There 
were tight games, but my concentration went off a little, but I always have 
great crowds here in Australia, especially playing in Australia with home 
crowds, they are great.

Q. What did you do to get your concentration back?

A. I was 5-4 down and serving to get back to five-all. I had a good game there. 
I had a few good first serves in. The next two games I played mentally tough to 
win every point, take a point as it comes. I didn't miss, and I was 
concentrating more, and I just played tougher.

Q. What about the prospect of perhaps Martina Hingis next match?

A. Well, I guess I've got nothing to lose, and she's supposed to beat me, and 
there's pressure on her, and I am just going to go out there and play my game. 
I'll watch her tonight. I know how she plays. But it's going to be tough, but I 
guess every match that I win here is a bonus for me, and I am going to go into 
the match whenever, tomorrow, the day after, thinking I've nothing to lose. I 
might as well play. She is tough. You can't get much tougher than that. But I'm 
just going to play my game and see what happens.

Q. If it happens to be on Centre Court, how do you think you will adjust to that 
as well as playing the world No. 2?

A. Well, Court 1 today was fairly big, and it didn't seem to bother me. I've 
played a few matches now with fairly big crowds, and I've practised on Centre 
Court a few times, and if I do get to play on Centre, I think I am ready to play 
on it, and like I said I practised on it, so there shouldn't be any problems.

Q. Do you look at what Hingis has achieved and the young age that she achieved 
things and think, well, there is no reason I can't do that, or do you not make 
that comparison?

A. Well, yeah, definitely. Anything's possible, but I try not to think about it 
because, I guess, I am just going to take it a step as it comes, and every match 
as it comes. I mean, what she did is just incredible. She became No. 1 as a 16 
year old, and not many people can achieve that, so, but I am not thinking about 
- I am not thinking what Martina Hingis has done. I'm just thinking what I'm 
going to do and how I'm going to play, and I am just concentrating on playing 
well right now.

Q. Did you have a chance to hit with her in Perth?

A. Yes, I did.

Q. For how long?

A. An hour and a half. It was quite a good hit.

Q. Did she give you any advice, or was it purely business?

A. Just business, I think. No, we just had a hit for an hour and a half, and 
that was it.

Did you have a chat after that hit?

A. Yeah; not about tennis, though.

Q. Anything you can tell us about it, or was it just girls' talk?

A. No, no. It was just girls' talk.

Q. What do you have to do well to beat her?

A. Well, it's tough to beat her. I guess not make errors and just hit winners. 

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