Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

Australian Open 1999
Melbourne, Australia
23 January, 1999

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M. HINGIS / J. Dokic 6-1, 6-2


      Jelena DOKIC
      23 January 1999

Q. Jelena, what happened, in your words, today?

A. Well, she's tough to play. You have to work for every point against her, and 
she doesn't make any errors, and she's tough to play. I mean she's, I think, the 
best player in the world, and it was tough to play against her. But if I played 
her again, I would probably do a bit better, and I know what to do.

Q. What would you do differently if you played her again?

A. Well, I probably wouldn't go for as much as I did today, and try and stay in 
the point longer and not give too many free points away, and I guess just keep 
the ball in; not make any errors, and just play tough, make her work more, and 
just make her play.

Q. Jelena, Martina gave you a huge compliment when she said that you were worthy 
of a 20 or 30 spot in the world; what say you to that?

A. Well, it's a great comment, I guess. I'm very happy that she said that. But, 
yeah, like I said, she's a great player and even - on court and off court - and 
she's tough to play against; but she doesn't give any free points away, and I 
think that's what sort of what got me today. I didn't stay in the point long 
enough, and if I probably did that a few more times I would have gone a bit 
closer. But I can just learn from this match. It's a great experience for me, 
and hopefully do better next time.

Q. Do you sort of agree with her, that - and I know you are at 341, but where do 
you think you are? If she says you are 20 or 30, where do you think you are, 

A. Well, that's tough to say. I have beaten players below 5, and players that 
are ranked in the 20s, too, so it's tough to say. I probably wouldn't want to 
rate myself to where I am, but we'll see. I mean, we'll see how far I get and, 
like I said, I have beaten players that are ranked, like Sanchez, 4, and players 
like that. But I think it's a great, great thing for her to say something like 
that and, like I say, I don't want to rate myself. But we'll see how far I get.

Q. Do you think it's unfair you are not allowed to play more tournaments?

A. Yeah, definitely. I think, I don't have many tournaments to work with, and if 
I did, it would give me more matches, more experience. I don't have many to work 
with right now, but I guess that's the way the rules are, and I actually am very 
unhappy that I can't play as many tournaments that I can right now.

Q. Did you feel, today, that it was all going a bit too quickly, both in terms 
of the games and the points? I mean, did you want to try and slow things down at 

A. Probably a little, yes. But like I said, she's very tough to play against, 
and she's everywhere on court and she just doesn't - she just doesn't give you 
any free points at all. And I was just - through the whole match I was just 
trying to think of a point that she gave me free. There just wasn't any. She 
just makes you work hard for everything, and I probably rushed a little and 
didn't stay in the point long enough, which I would probably do if I play her 
again next time.

Q. Was it a bit of a daze for you out there, the atmosphere and the crowd and 
everything like that?

A. Yeah, well, it was. It's definitely a different court, different atmosphere, 
than just on an outside court. There's a lot of people out there, and it's just 
a different atmosphere altogether.

Q. Have you learned something in particular about yourself this week, your first 
big event?

A. Well, I have gained a lot of experience from this, and definitely from this 
match, to try and sort of do things that maybe I should have done today to beat 
her; and just cut down on, just maybe errors, and just work on other things. And 
I guess you need to have every shot to play at this level, and that's what I've 
been working on. But I guess just keep on improving.

Q. Do you enjoy it?

A. Yeah, definitely. It was a great experience and great to play someone like 
her, because you can't get much better than that, and it was a great experience 
for me to play someone like that, play on Centre Court, so - - -

Q. Did Martina say anything special to you, or what did she say to you, when she 
shook hands?

A. Nothing much, actually.

A. I can't remember. But I don't think she said anything.

Q. What tournaments will you play now, Jelena?

A. Well, I have to see where my ranking is, and then figure out what tournaments 
I can play. Like I said, there's not many to play, and I've got to pick them 
out, and that's tough to do, to find some tournaments. But I don't know yet. 
I'll see.

Q. How many have you got left before your 16th birthday?

A. Five.

Q. Five. And then eight after that?

A. Ten.

Q. One a month in the next fifteen months?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you think you'll try to qualify for the French or Wimbledon?

A. Well, if my ranking is there, to get into qualies; otherwise, I can't play. 
Again, that's tough. That's, because of the restriction - I can't get wildcards 
and things like that, because I have got a limited amount of them. But if my 
ranking is there, definitely.

Q. Have you enjoyed the attention this week?

A. Yeah, it has been good. It's been a great circuit, summer circuit, with the 
Hopman and this. I have actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

Q. Just with regards to the way Australian tennis players traditionally are 
supposed to mature in their sort of 20s there, do you or your coach have any 
ideas when you may play your best tennis?

A. Well, that's tough to say. But, at 15, I guess there's still a lot of time to 
improve, and things. I hope I do, and I hope this isn't my best, and I think you 
play your best, I don't know, in the 20s or something like that. But I have 
still got time to improve and work on things, and that's what I'm doing right 
now, and to try and be a better player.

Q. Jelena, you are in the money now. You had the Hopman Cup win and then third 
round here. Have you got anything special you want to buy?

A. Well, I want to go shopping. I don't know yet. I'll figure that out.

Q. Jelena, Monica Seles is still unbeaten here, and you played exhibition last 
Sunday, and you played Martina today. Who do you think will have a better chance 
to win?

A. Like I said, Martina is unbelievably tough to play against, and I think she - 
she was the No. 1 player in the world because she just makes you work for 
everything, and no wonder she got there at such a young age. And so is Monica. 
She's sort of so tough to play. It just depends if they play each other, or how 
far they get. It just depends how well they play in this tournament. If they 
both play like they can, it's going to be, there are going to be some tough 
matches here. But I don't know. I guess, if Monica comes out and plays like she 
can, she could win the tournament and so could Martina. It's tough to say. 

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