Jelena Dokic Tour Results: Interviews

The Championships 1999
Wimbledon, Great Britain
28 June, 1999

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            Jelena Dokic
            Monday, June 28, 1999

            J. DOKIC / M. Pierce 6-4, 6-3

Q. Quarter-finals at Wimbledon. Well done, again?

JELENA DOKIC: Yes. It's a bit hard to believe, coming from qualifying. If you 
told me two weeks ago after qualifying into the quarter-finals, I wouldn't have 
believed it, but, I mean, I'm glad to get through this match today. I'm glad to 
get out of that first set. I'm just going to take it a match at a time now and 
see what happens.

Q. You looked to be moving about the court with a bit more purpose, as though 
you belonged with this quality of opposition?

JELENA DOKIC: Well, I felt much better there today tennis-wise and moving-wise, 
and I've said this before: the better the opponent, the better you play, sort of. 
I needed to play really well today to beat Mary, you know, she has a big serve, 
and I had to play really well to beat her.

Q. Have you had any words from Steffi Graf while you were practising today?

JELENA DOKIC: No. We have just been hitting and helping each other out to warm up 
each other, but she is a great player and a real pro. I haven't known her before, 
but I really admire her. She's such a really great player, and in practice she 
gives me tips on what I should work on and things to do, and, really, I have to 
say she's one of the best players I have spoken to and met.

Q. How do you feel about playing a match with her?

JELENA DOKIC: It will be tough, of course, but I'm not worrying about that. I 
have a lot of matches here to go. It's only in the final.

Q. What would you say your level of play was today?

JELENA DOKIC: Probably not as good as I played against Hingis, but definitely 
much better than the last few matches, and I think beating Mary in two sets you 
would have to think my level was pretty high. But, I mean, I'm glad to get 
through, and concentrate on the next match.

Q. Are you surprised how easily you won today? 

JELENA DOKIC: Maybe a little bit. You know, if you asked me that in the first 
set, you know, I got off to a bit of a slow start because I didn't know what to 
expect from her and she played well, but once I got going I felt much better.

Q. How does the achievement compare to beating Hingis in the first round and now 
you have won this round and got into the quarters?

JELENA DOKIC: Well, I think beating Hingis in the first round there was a little 
bit of pressure to win a few more rounds, and I think winning the next few rounds 
and then beating Mary today just proved it, and I'm glad to get through this 
match. This was a big match for me, you know, Mary being top 10 and a seed here, 
and, you know, beating Hingis probably still is in my head, thinking, "Well, did 
that really happen? Am I really able to beat top players?" Then beating Mary 
today sort of proved it for me.

Q . Too many people surprised you have come this far. Do you feel as though you 
have achieved enough? 

JELENA DOKIC: Well, qualifying and getting to the quarters is I guess quite a 
good achievement, but I want more, and hopefully I'll go a bit further. 

Q. There's been a lot of articles in the paper about you and about things that 
have been happening outside the court. Do you find that a distraction? Do you 
find that a help?

JELENA DOKIC: No, I don't look in the papers. I just think what's in the papers 
is totally out of what's in the real world and what's happening, and I haven't 
looked at the papers. That's not what I'm worrying about right now. I think it's 
just getting to the final.

Q. Has it been all work while you've been in London, or have you looked around?

JELENA DOKIC: No, I haven't really. It's sort of just been tennis all the time 
and concentrating on every match, and a lot of things have happened, but 
hopefully I will get to see a bit more.

Q. Do you think you can win the tournament?

JELENA DOKIC: That's going I think far -- I mean, getting to the quarter-finals. 
In fourth round I think it's anyone's tournament, men's or women's. I think 
anyone has a chance. It just depends how far I go and who gets through, but you 
still have tournaments, Davenport, Novotna, Steffi. It's going to be very tough, 
but I think beating Martina and Mary sort of, you know, I've got a great 
confidence right now and, you know, it's anyone's tournament.

Q. How does it feel you mentioning all those names and yours is up there with 
them now?

JELENA DOKIC: Well, like I said, beating Martina sort of, you know, you get 
winning a few more rounds and beating Mary today proves I can beat the top 
players and it's great to -- I mean, for me it's great confidence thinking, you 
know, you've got to think you are unbeatable. You try to think positive and I'm 
really thinking positive right now.

Q. Any thoughts on your next opponent, either Raymond or Stevenson?

JELENA DOKIC: Well, Alexandra came from qualifying and Lisa is a great 
grass-court player. It's going to be tough whoever gets through, but I will 
probably watch the match and figure out what I'm going to do.

Q. Is this the greatest two weeks of your life so far?

JELENA DOKIC: Probably. If you look at it, qualifying and getting to the quarters 
of Wimbledon for me is possibly the biggest thing that has happened and then 
beating top players it's been a great couple of weeks and hopefully it will 

Q. How old were you when you first started playing tennis?


Q. Do you feel like any part of your game is stronger than any other?

JELENA DOKIC: I think you try to work on every aspect of your game and for every 
surface as well and that's what I've been trying to do in the last couple of 
months especially. Grass court isn't my, you know, favourite surface. It's not 
my least favourite surface either, but you try to be able to play every shot and 
I've been working on that and it's been going really well.

Q. What do you do to collect yourself based on how the match started? You didn't 
get off to the best start. How do you collect yourself and get back into it?

JELENA DOKIC: Well, it was tough to get off to a good start because I didn't know 
what to expect from her and I've never played her before or anyone like that. But 
I was only, you know, at 4-1 I was only one break of serve down and I thought if 
I can keep on holding my serve and get one break I can be back in the match and 
once I got a few games I really -- I got fired up and got going.

Q. You are quite a sort of slim build for a female tennis play he. Mary has been 
open about her use of Creatine. How does it feel playing somebody that large and 
would you contemplate taking those sort of type drugs?

JELENA DOKIC: No, definitely not. That's -- no, that's not me. Also I think you 
have to put those things aside and that's what I try to do. You mean, Mary is a 
big hitter and so is Davenport and Venus and if you get players like that you 
sort -- and if you look at Hingis she's been beating them and you sort of just 
think you play your game and try and outsmart them or outplay them and I, sort 
of, you try not to look at how big the opponent is up the other end, if it's it 
Coetzer, Pierce, or Davenport or Venus, I try not to look at that, and I knew, 
you know, Mary is a big hitter and I knew it was going to be tough and the way 
she is built and everything, but I try to forget about that and forget about the 

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