Cool Curling


Current released version: 2.0.1 (Mar. 2nd, 2003)
Copyright: Atsushi Iizuka


1. Introduction
2. How to install
3. Limitations of trial use
4. How to get a license key and how to set it
5. How to play
6. Support
7. Disclaimer
8. History

1. Introduction

This Cool Curling is a software that you can enjoy a winter sport Curling on your Palm. The unique feature of curling is the concept of sweeping with brushes and brooms. In this Cool Curling, you sweep with your stylus!

Cool Curling has the following features:

Sample screen shots (Palm OS 5 High-Res):

2. How to install

Cool Curling requires PalmOS 3.1 or higher.

Please install only one of the following files depends on your device and language:

. English Japanese
Color Device
(Palm OS 4.x or earlier)



Color Device
(Palm OS 5)



Monochrome Device



3. Limitations of trial use

This software is a shareware.

For unlimited use, please get a license key and input it at the register form. The limitations of trial use are:

  1. Reminder form will be opened when you start playing a game.
  2. There is no limitation for the first end. Since the second, Palm delivers the last two stones. Since the sixth, Palm delivers the last four stones.
  3. The maximum level in challenge mode is 5. (25 levels for registered users)

4. How to get a license key and how to set it

If you find this program useful, please get a license key to turn off the limitations.

Go to the following web site and you will find how to get a license key.

The registration form will be shown if you tap the "Register" button at the starting menu.

Please input not only digits but also dashes (-). You can back one column by tapping the '<-' button.

After you input your license key, confirm it and tap the "Register" button.

5. How to play

5-1. Game objective

Each player throws eight stones (totaled to sixteen stones) toward the target called "House" to make the player's stone be closest to the center than the opponent's closest one. After all sixteen stones have been thrown, player scores one point for each stone closest to the center of the target than the opponent's closest one.

5-2. Rules

Rules of Cool Curling are the followings. Note that some rules are different from the ones of real curling.

  • A stone that does not clear the hog line shall be removed from play immediately. (Even if it has struck another stone lying in play.)
  • A stone which comes to rest beyond and lying clear of the back line shall be removed from play immediately.
  • A stone which crosses over a side of screen wholly shall be removed from play immediately.
  • A stone which crosses over the bottom of screen wholly shall be removed from play immediately.
  • A stone that has not reached the top of screen in delivering may be returned to the delivering position and re-delivered.
  • Only one player may sweep at one time. If the delivering player's choice is not to sweep and to hand a stylus and the Palm device to the opponent player, the opponent player may sweep stone(s). (In the turn of computer (Palm), you can't sweep.)
  • A running stone, or stone(s) set in motion by a running stone, may be swept.
  • In sweeping, the brush may touch stone(s). Sweeping can take place even on a stone.
Free Guard Zone (F.G.Z.) Rule
  • F.G.Z. shall be the space between the hog line and tee line excluding the house.
  • There are two kinds of the F.G.Z. rule: the 4-rock rule and the 3-rock rule (Canadian rule).
  • In the 4-rock rule, any opposition rock in the F.G.Z. shall not be removed from play until the 5th stone of the End.
  • In the 3-rock rule, any rock in the F.G.Z. shall not be removed from play until the 4th stone of the End.
  • The non-offending player may allow the play to stand or remove the stone just delivered from play and replace the displaced stationary stones to its original position.
  • Games shall be decided by a majority of shots and a player scores one shot for each stone nearer the tee than any stone of the opposing player.
  • In the training mode, a level is cleared if the player get score.
  • The number of ends (1-10) must be decided at the beginning of the game.
  • The player who wins an end plays first in the next end.
  • Player can put a brush to indicate a target for delivery between the hog line and the back line.

5-3. Starting menu

The starting menu is opened when you start Cool Curling.

  • Register ------ Opens the registration form.(*1)
  • New game --- Opens the new game starting form (right-bottom).
  • Continue ----- Continues the last game.(*2)

*1) This is shown only if it is an unregistered version.
*2) This does not appear if it is the first start or the last game finished completely.

Tapping on the "New game" button will bring you to the new game starting form (right-bottom).

Select the game mode at the left and tap the "Play" button.

  • 1 Player ----- You can play against your Palm.
  • 2 Players ---- Two players mode.
  • Training ----- In this training mode, you can practice various situations.

Tap on the "Back" button to return to the first starting menu (right-top).

5-4. Screen layout

5-5. Delivery

To throw a stone, grab the stone with the stylus (just pen down on the stone) and move forward slowly. Because a stone is heavy, you can't accelerate it if you move your stylus too quick. Move slowly at the beginning and make it getting fast gradually with considering the acceleration of the stone.

In the delivery motion (during the pen down on the stone), you can make the stone rotate by moving the stylus in an arc as the followings or by pushing the hard buttons. (See the table in the section 5-9.) A rotating stone will curve to right or left during it is running.

The stone curves left

The stone runs straight

The stone curves right

5-6. Sweeping

Sweeping increases the distance the stone travels.

To do sweeping, pen down near the edge of the stone and move the stylus right and left (up and down). The motion shall be from side to side of the stone. The most effective speed is about 3 or 4 times per second.

Take care not to damage the screen.

5-7. Initial settings

Tap on the "New game" button in the starting menu, then select "1Player" or "2Players" and tap on the "Play" button. You will find the Initial Settings form is opened.

  • No. of Ends ---- Decides the number of ends in a game. It can be set from 1 to 10.
  • First delivery --- Selects the first player. Tapping around the stone image to switch the player.
  • F.G.Z. rule ----- Selects the Free Guard Zone rule.

5-8. Score board

During a game, you can check the scores by tapping on Menu -> Game -> Score.

5-9. Preferences

The preference form will be shown if you select Menu -> Options -> Preferences.

  • Sound -------------- If it is checked, effective sound is played. The volume is determined by the Game Sound in the Palm preferences.
  • Smooth scroll ------- If it is checked, screen scroll becomes smooth. However, this makes the scroll slow. Check this off for slow CPU devices.
  • Old delivery method --- If it is checked, the delivery method becomes compatible with the prior versions.
  • Key configuration --- Tap in the area enclosed by the dotted-lines, and the Key Configuration form will be opened. Select "RIGHT" for right-handed player or "LEFT" for left-handed player and tap the OK button.

"Right-handed" or "left-handed" are decided depends on which hands you use the stylus.

Descriptions of functions assigned to the hard key.
In-turn This makes a stone rotate - for a right-handed player, this makes a stone to rotate clockwise; for a left-handed player, this makes a stone to rotate counter clock-wise.
Out-turn This makes a stone rotate - for a right-handed player, this makes a stone to rotate counter clock-wise; for a left handed player, this makes a stone to rotate clockwise.
House view Displays the house position. Before a delivery (the state of no stone is moving), to keep pressing the house view key blinks the scoreable stones.
Dynamic view Displays the delivered stone.
Static view Displays the current position statically.
Bird view Displays between the hog line and the back line. It is only available before a delivery (the state of no stone is moving).
Scroll This scrolls the screen up and down. If you use this scroll key during it is in dynamic view, it will change to static view automatically.
Abandon This abandons the delivered stone in the training mode.

5-10. Training mode and level selection

When you start the training mode or you tap on Menu -> Game -> Select level, the Training form will be opened.

  • Challenge ---- The mode in which you start from level 1 with three stones and challenge to clear each level. The number of stone is incremented if you clear a level. The game is over when you have lost all stones.
  • Drill --------- The mode in which you can practice a training pattern repeatedly. At first, you can only select level 1. Levels you can select will be increased if you clear the higher levels in the challenge mode.

5-11. Challenge records

Tap on Menu -> Game -> Challenge records to show the Challenge Records form. In this form, you can check the try count, clear count and the clear average of each level.

5-12. Check about Cool Curling

Tap on Menu -> Options -> About Cool Curling , and you can check information about Cool Curling.

5-13. Using Sony CLIE Jog Dial / HandEra330 Jog Wheel

Sony CLIE Jog Dial / HandEra330 Jog Wheel is available for the followings:

  1. Scroll screen up and down.
  2. Change view mode by clicking.
  3. Rotate the stone in delivering.
  4. Select training level.

6. Support

Download the latest version:

Comments, requirements, bug report:

7. Disclaimer

The author takes no responsibility for any adverse effect that this software could cause to your machine or the data on it: backup important data before using Cool Curling.

Cool Curling is copyrighted software and remains the intellectual property of Atsushi Iizuka.

This archive is freely redistributable, provided it is made available only in its complete, unmodified form with no additional files and for noncommercial purposes only. Any other use must have prior written authorization from the author.

8. History

Ver. 1.0.0: Sep. 23rd, 2001

Ver. 1.0.1: Oct. 1st, 2001

Ver. 1.1.0: Nov. 11th, 2001

Ver. 1.2.0: Aug. 31st, 2002

Ver. 2.0.0: Jan. 11th, 2003

Ver. 2.0.1: Mar. 2nd, 2003