7 November 2004

JQ1HBT Kouji Hoshi
IOTA Japanese country assistant

Welcome to IOTA-Japanese Group Home Page!!
We built this page for the purpose of introducing Japanese IOTA points
and islands to foreign amateurs.
We are glad to be your help of your award hunting relating with Japan.

First, I'd like to introduce ourselves.
We IOTA-Japanese Group consists of three members.
They are Jim (JA9IFF)as the Check point , Yuki(JI6KVR) as the special adviser,
and me Kouji(JQ1HBT) as the country assistant.
As for me, I am also a member of JARL(Japan Amateur Radio League) award committee and
a regular column writer of Japanese CQ Ham Radio magazine.
I'd specialized in Geography in university ,now work at the most major surveying company
in Japan and engage in GIS(Geography Information System).
In brief, GIS is advanced computer map.
So, I'm familiar with all over the Japan and can obtain whole detailed professional maps in
Japan. I am willing to introduce Japan to foreign amateurs.

  1. Geographical features

  2. Japan is an arc-shaped archipelago that stretches a long way from northeast to southwest.
    The four islands named Hokkaido(JA8/AS-078), Honsyu(JA1-JA4,JA7,JA9,JA0/AS-007),
    Shikoku(JA5/AS-076) and Kyusyu(JA6/AS-077) are the main islands making up
    the archipelago,and, if the southwestern islands centered around Okinawa(JA6/AS-017)
    are included, the length of the archipelago comes to 3,500 kilometers.

  3. Administrative district

  4. Japan has as administrative districts 47 prefectures, which are divided into cities, towns and
    villages. There are 678 cities and 559 guns. Gun isn't administrative district, is a regional
    congregation of towns and villages.

  • A guide of Japanese islands counts for IOTA

  • @@All islands never fail to belong each city or gun.
    @@So I made the table named IOTA Japanese points Guide.

  • Domestic IOTA expedition info.
  • QSL info.

  • Your questions about Japanese islands always will be appreciated.
    Please mail to JQ1HBT.
    If you need QSL information of Japanese IOTA expeditioners,
    Please mail to JA9IFF.