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* Some links about Japan

In case you want to get general information about Japan, it's good idea to visit Japanese Information Page provided by NTT (Nippon Telephone & Telegraph Company), or Japan Government web servers list provided by Japanese Government. If you'd like to get another web site in Japan, see NTT DIRECTORY.

Also, you can get the Japanese information about weather, travel and the gateways of Japan "Narita (New Tokyo) International Airport"(NRT) and "Kansai International Airport"(KIX).

* Some useful links in California, U.S.

Weather Information :

Transportation :

Others :

* Free Software for 3Com's PalmPilot

You can get following free software which are programmed for 3Com's PalmPilot PDA. Please visit the download page.

* Note (if you can read Japanese...)

I provide some useful tips about "How to live in Silicon Valley" for Japanese people. But they are written in Japanese only, because the main target of those articles are Japanese people. So, if you have Japanese-readable environment on your computer, please visit my Japanese page now! Sorry for inconvenience.

* About "Terada-Ya"

"Terada-Ya" means, the house of Teradas. Generally, it is a name of shop, company, or inn that is (was) operated by Mr. or Ms. Terada. The most famous Terada-ya in Japan is the inn that was operated in Edo-period (200 years ago) and locates in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto (see picture in right). Because one of the most famous "samurai" --- Ryoma Sakamoto --- stayed the inn frequently and he was attacked by assassin at the inn, the Terada-ya is very famous. Today, the Terada-ya inn is operating as a Japanese traditional inn still now so you can stay the inn (advanced reservation is required), and also visitors can enter the inn in only daytime for self-guided tour with the small fee. So it is nice sightseeing spot for people who have the interesting to Japanese history. Anyway, I don't have any relationship to the famous Terada-ya except my family name is "Terada".

e-mail: TERADA, Koichi <kterada@yokohama.kanagawa.to>

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