TRG SuperPilot Compatibility Result

You can also check the TRG's official compatibility list on TRG web site . It contains many (over 180!) English-based softwares.

IMPORTANT: This compatibility result is tested by Pilot-ML (Japan) members in just voluntary. The following members who reported the availability for each program have NEITHER responsibility NOR guarantee for this result. Also, Pilot-ML does not have them. So, if you have any question about the compatibility that is listed on this table, you should test it *carefully* and then report it to Pilot-ML instead of the following listed members.
Program Name and Version Work in Flash Reported by Reported Date
AccessIt! Version 1.1 OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Jan/16
AccountManager V1.1 (Unregistered) OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
AcctMgr 1.2.1 (registored) OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
Agenda 1.03 OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
Akiba Map v.0.70B NG Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
Akiba Map v.1.01 OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Jan/16
ALIWNS Version 0.2 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
AportisDoc OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
AppMan 1.0.1 OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
AppMan 1.01 OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Feb/17
AppMan OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
AppMan OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
AToo!! OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
BackupBuddy! 1.30 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Battleship v1.2 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
BIORHYTHMS Version 1.5 (Unregistered) OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Blocks Version Beta1 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
BrainForest OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
CarMemo 1.1 OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Feb/17
DatebookPlus OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
Dates! OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
DB Viewer 0.01 OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Feb/17
DBFax203r OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
DeFragger 1.1s OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
DFRAGGer 115 OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
Dinky Pad v0.92b OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
DinkyPad 0.92b OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/22
dinkypad OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
Doc Plus 2.0F OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/22
doodle OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
Doodle OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
Elisa NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
EVAClock 1.00 OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
FPS Utility NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
FPS Utility v2.0 (Unregistered) OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
FreeCell 1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
FreeCell OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
Galax - V1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
GoDutch NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
GoDutch ver.0.5.3J OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Graffiti Aid 1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Graffiti Help OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
Graffiti Help Version 1.6 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
HackMaster 0.9 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
HackMaster NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
HackMaster OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
HandStamp 2.1.1 OK me 98/Feb/25
Hardball v 1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
HexCalc OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
ImageViewer 2.3 OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
img Cmprsr 0.01 (for tiny viewer) OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Feb/17
Intro (Doktor Badura) OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Feb/17
J-Info 2.8 OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
J-Info 2.8 OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
J-info NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
J-Info v.2.8 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
J-OS Pro 2.0b3 Localizer (Adrs-loc.prc Datm-loc.prc Jos-loc.prc Mail-loc.prc Memo-loc.prc Todo-loc.prc) OK (Keiri Senba) 98/Feb/26
J-OS pro NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
J-OS Pro.1.0 (with elisa.prc) NG Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
JFile 2.3 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
JFile 2.4c .PDB OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
JFile 2.4c OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
JFile 2.4d OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/22
JFile 2.4d.pdb (ReadOnly) OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/22
josproa OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Kalah OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
KDIC 0.93 (.prc and .pdb) OK me 98/Mar/3
Kdic NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
kdic NG Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
kdic092a (only .prc) OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Feb/16
kdic092a (with .pdb) NG "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Feb/16
klondike1.3 OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
LanchPad v1.11 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
MathPad NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
Memoplus OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
MetriCalc OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
MicroMoney 1.65 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
MicroMoney 1.65 OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/22
MineHunt v.1.10 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
minibridge v0.61 OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
MissileCmd v1.0.1 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
MMplayer (mmplay1.prc) OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
money158 OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
MoneyExport v0.6 OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
Moon v1.5 OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
Neko for Pilot ver 1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
PAC OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
PAC v1.3 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
PalmDraw 1.0 beta-8. OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Feb/17
PalmDraw 1.0 Bete-8 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
PalmJongg OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
PalmJongg v1.0 (Unregistered) OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Palmscape 5.0a5 NG Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
PalmWorld 1.01 OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/22
PenDraw 1.0 OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
PiloGame 1.0b3 OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
PiloKey NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
Pilokey NG Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
PiloKey OK "YAMADA Tatsushi" <> 98/Feb/26
Pilot Eys Ver 1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
PilotCE OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
pilotClock Version 2.0i OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
PilotMark 1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
PiTAROT 1.1 OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
Pix for Pilot OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
PO-Box NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
PoBox (only app) OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
PocketC 1.0b5 OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
PocketChess v.1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
PocketRace Version 0.5.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Pong Version 1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
popj OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
PowerFix 1.2 OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
PROGRAMMERS CALCULATOR Version:2.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Q Draw OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Jan/16
Q Paint OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Jan/16
QuickSheet 2.1 OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/22
QuickSheet OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
RailMap OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
RailMap Ver 0.1 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Rally 1000 v2.0 OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
Reptoids 1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
RightNow OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
RightNow! OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
RightNow! Ver 0.31b1 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
RPN OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
Shanghai 0.5 OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
SingleNumber OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
SoftGPS Version 1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
SPad 1.0 OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Feb/17
Stop3Watch Version 1.00 (Unregistered) OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
SubHunt v 1.0 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Sums 1.4 OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/22
Sums V1.4is OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Sun-Compass Version 2.4 (Unregistered) OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
SuperPilot Defragger Version 1.1s OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
TealPaint OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
TermPilot NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
TikTok OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
Timerz OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
TimerZ Version 1.01 (Unregistered) OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Tiny Viewer 1.04 OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
ToDo Plus OK (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
Torte 0.7 OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
Torte ver 0.2 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Train & tokyo.dat OK Akifumi Ishiyama <> 98/Jan/16
Train 0.3 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
TRGFlash NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
TRICORDER VII OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Tronic Beta1 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
Tuning fork 1.0 OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Feb/17
tutorial (Doktor Badura) OK Fumihiko Umeda <> 98/Jan/26
UP204 NG (Anonymous) 98/Jan/23
Weekview 1.2b OK Ryuzo Nanba <> 98/Feb/5
WPM V0.95 OK "Masami Uchida" <> 98/Jan/23
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