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My name is Koichi TERADA, I am a computer engineer. I am working for hardware engineering, not software. In last few years, I designed some chips featured to graphics, so I am a chip designer. In last three years, I lived in Cupertino, California. I visited there for a chip implementation under the request of my employer.

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1966 : Born in Tokyo, Japan.
1967 : Moved to Kawasaki city.
1973 : Moved to Yokohama city.
1979 : Entered a junior high school - Keio Futsubu
1985 : Entered an university - Keio University Science and Technology Faculty
1990 : Degree B.E. of Mechanical Engineering, also joined to the current company.
1994 : Married at Yokohama.
1996 June : Move from Yokohama city to Cupertino, California.
1999 April : Back to Tokyo, Japan.

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