Rey's Psion series 5 page (English)

Last updated: 07/May/2006, e-mail address changed from to

This is my program page on Psion series 5, which is the summary of my Japanese page
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I was writing a column "Japanese & Psion" on the EPOC City site. You can read them at the SymbCity site.

MD5 OPX & MD5sum

last updated: Augv. 4, 2004 (md5opx is now v0.03a)
This is an OPX which calculates MD5 Message Digest (RFC1460.) You can now get MD5 digest value directly into a string with md5opx v0.03a.
File name of archive Add/remove information after you installed Note MD5 OPX 0.01 (older version) MD5 OPX 0.02 (older version) MD5 OPX 0.02 miss-packaged. If you use this version, please use instead. Thanks to Claire Young to inform it to me. (4/Aug/2004) MD5 OPX 0.03 latest archive.
MD5SUM is an application which calculates MD5 checksum. It's archive file contains MD5 OPX.
Name of archive file Included MD5 OPX Note MD5 OPX 0.01 (older version) MD5 OPX 0.02 latest archive

Simple Japanese text viewer "viewja"

last modified: Jan. 3, 2005
This program shows Japnaese text files (in the Shift-JIS) on the S5 screen.
  1. viewja for ER6
  2. Original version (runs on Psion Series5) Screen shot
    Japanese document (Shift-JIS)
    Get viewja (Sep. 9, 1997 version).
    Get font making tool on Win32 (Sep. 20, 1997 version). (Notice is here.)
    BOLD font file by Mr. Hoshino.

reading Japanese emails

last updated: May 4, 2000
This is a test code to read Japanese emails on the Series5 (not 5mx nor revo) using Message1.opx from RMR Software. It is better choice to use JM5 by ktkawabe (for Series5) or JM5mx by Iriyama (for 5mx, revo,...)
test program
Message1.opx (not available now)

Small programs in OPL32

last updated: Jan. 5, 1998
I hope they help you writing other programs. All of them are in the public domain.

ae (Anthony's editor) console version

last modified: Oct. 7, 1997
This is a very small editor which has similar key bindings to vi. It does not support Japanese text editing.
Japanese document (in Shift-JIS)
Get ae (Sep. 20, 1997 version), KONDO Reishi