viewja for ER6

First published: Aug. 8, 2001.
updated: May. 7, 2006. (e-mail address changed)
Japanese page is here

What is viewja for ER6?

"viewja" is a simple Japanese text file viewer software by Kondo. It runs on EPOC Release 1 to 5 machines, such as Psion Series5. It first appeared in August 1997, and was the first Japanese free software for EPOC.

After 4 years, Kawabe ported it onto EPOC Release 6 (ER6) machines, such as Nokia 9210 Communicator. It may also be the first Japanese software for ER6!

It also runs on Nokia 9500 Communicator, running Series80. See Akiran's site (in Japanese) for details.

  1. "viewja" is distributed under GPL, copyrighted by Kawabe and Kondo.
  2. This uses the Crystal OPL Runtime Alpha package to run. As it is ALPHA software, you should read the notice carefully at the Symbian web site.
  3. You can get the "viewja for ER6" binary and source archive from here.

How to install

  1. Install the OPL Runtime onto D:\ folder on your 9210.
  2. Make directory "C:\system\app\viewja", copy four files onto there.
  3. Question icon-ed viewja is appeared in the Extras view.
  4. Run it.
  5. After you reset your 9210 by removing the battery, you can see the formal icon.


Many thanks to Mr. Kawabe, who ported old "viewja" onto newest ER6 plathome. I also thanks to Mr. Yoshimura and Mr. Akiran, who tested it on the Nokia 9210/9500 Communicator, which is not sold in Japan. KONDO Reishi
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