Aerial View of the Tropical Rainforest

Let's take a look at the rainforest from the sky. Tree crowns accumulate and the forest floor can't be seen. You can see how dense it is.
Sarawak, Malaysia
The primary forest of Borneo island. The river meanders through the vast rainforest. The forests of the river basin destruction proceeds for it is easier for people to step in using waterway.
Amazon Brazil
Rainforests have great amount of rainfalls. You can see it raining partially very often, somewhere in the rainforest.
Cameroon, Africa
A photograph taken right above the treetops by fish-eye lens. Rainforests characteristics are the biodiversity. It's difficult to find same species near, in the canopy formed by tall trees.

The Understory of the rainforest

Let's get down and look around the understory. Your image of the dense forest will break down. Compared to the density of the treetops it may seem odd for the much opening.
Sarawak, Malaysia
A large tree had ended its life span and tumbled down. The enclosed canopy opened up and sunlight poured into the understory. These open spaces are called gaps. A new drama begins by those who have been craving sunlight. Fallen leaves and trees are decomposed by the fungi and become nutritions of new life but in the midst of decomposition, they discharge carbon dioxide. The forests absorb carbon dioxide but at the same time discharges them. Therefore forests maintain balance, and the income and outgo becomes to be zero.
Amazon. French Guyana
In swamps or places always plunged, plant roots can't breathe and the ones who adapt survives. Roots above the ground such as buttress and stick roots are called aerial roots and supporting trunks is one of their functions. The aerial root on the photo takes a part in supporting the trunk and bid up water and breathes.
Sarawak. Malaysia
Let's take a view from the lower part of the canopy, 30 meters above the ground. You'll be surprised knowing the trees that grow high are so thin. They are thin for their height. Liana climbs up these trees. In the understory trees aren't crowded and it's easy to walk. Primary forests are not jungles.