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Good!#7885 Electropunk to TechnopopCabaret Voltaire/#7885 Electropunk to Technopop (2014/1978-1981/1983-1985)

An English music group formed in Sheffield in 1973, Cabaret Voltaire's best compilation album. A remastered edition and "introduction to Cabs" focusing the Rough Trade period (1978-1981) and the Some Bizzare/Virgin period (1983-1985). Compiled by Richard H. Kirk (guitars, keyboards, tapes) and released from Mute Records in 2014. In the Rough Trade period, the group became a pioneer of experimental and innovative industrial music along with Throbbing Gristle and SPK, with the post-punk/new wave sound including the cutup/tape collage techniques, electronic sound, and dub style sound processing and effects by using rhythm generator. In the Some Bizzare/Virgin period after Chris Watson (keyboards, tapes) left the group, the group developed their experimental industrial music into more pop-oriented and advanced electronic dance music, introducing minimal sequencer loop, harmonizer, drum machine and funky bass lines, and had a huge influence on later techno and electronic dance music. Includes an early masterpiece "Nag Nag Nag", and great electro dance/funk tracks such as "Sensoria".
 Round the BackCafé Jacques/Round the Back (1977)

A progressive rock band formed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1973, Café Jacques's first album. A masterpiece of British modern rock including the elements of jazz rock and soft rock such as Steely Dan, blues rock like Little Feat, progressive rock such as Caravan and Genesis, and British pop like 10cc. The guest musicians are Phil Collins (percussion) from Genesis, Geoffrey Richardson (viola, flute, clarinet) from Caravan, and ex-Caravan John G. Perry (Wal bass). Produced by Rupert Hine. The last track "Lifeline" is a good piece with a dramatic development. "Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City" is a cover of the R&B song recorded by Bobby Bland.
Good!Monster MovieCan/Monster Movie (1969)

An experimental rock band from Germany. Hypnotic repetitive beats. 1st album. Includes "Yoo Doo Right".
Very good!Tago MagoCan/Tago Mago (1971)

A German experimental rock band formed in Cologne, West Germany, in 1968, Can's third album. Originally released as a double LP (released as a CD). A masterpiece in their early days, released after Japanese vocalist Damo Suzuki joined, and a krautrock classic. An experimental album including the elements of psychedelic rock, jazzy improvisation, funk, world music, electronic music and tape editing techniques, and featuring Jaki Liebezeit's funky virtuoso drumming called the "metronome style" and repeated beat. A long track with a trancey repeated beat, "Halleluwah" (over 19 minutes) is excellent. Had a huge influence on Public Image Ltd. and other post-punk bands. A double CD "40th Anniversary Edition", including the 2004 remastered edition and previously unreleased 1972 live performances, was released in 2011.
Good!Future DaysCan/Future Days (1973)

A German experimental rock band formed in Cologne, West Germany, in 1968, Can's fifth album. The last album featuring Japanese vocalist Damo Suzuki. Percussive and comfortable Krautrock/progressive rock, featuring ambient-music elements, elaborate sound processing, light and fine drums and African percussion, and Damo Suzuki's delicate vocals. The single track "Moonshake" is a pop song with Jaki Liebezeit's metronome style drums. The closing "Bel Air" (about 20 minutes) in the suite form is an excellent piece with floating and ecstatic feelings.
 The CollectionCaptain Sensible/The Collection (1982-1984)

Ex-bassist/guitarist of the punk band the Damned. The best compilation that includes his early solo works on A & M Records, 18 tracks from 2 albums produced by Tony Mansfield and the single "There Are More Snakes Than Ladders". British systh-pop of good quality. Features hits, "Happy Talk" (a cover of the song from the movie "South Pacific". The No.1 on the UK charts), "Wot" and "Glad It's All Over".
 LifeThe Cardigans/Life (1995)

An excellent pop band from Sweden. 2nd album. Includes "Carnival".
 Yesterday Once More: Greatest Hits 1969-1983Carpenters/Yesterday Once More: Greatest Hits 1969-1983 (1969-1983)

A brother/sister duo of Karen and Richard Carpenter, the #1 hit maker of American pop music of the 1970s, Carpenters' double-CD best compilation. Features Karen's melancholy vocals by full use of low voices and Richard's classical arrangement. Includes "Yesterday Once More" (#2 on the US charts), "Top of the World" (#1 on the US) and many other good A&M pop/soft rock tunes. "Ticket to Ride" is a cover of the Beatles. "(They Long to Be) Close to You" (#1 on the US) is a cover of Burt Bacharach. "Please Mr. Postman" (#1 on the US) is a cover of the Marvelettes. Originally released in 1985. The 24-bit digitally-remastered CD was released in 1998 with the addition of an extra track "I Just Fall in Love Again".
 Now & ThenCarpenters/Now & Then (1973)

Includes "Yesterday Once More". The latter half is a medley of oldies.
 Complete Greatest HitsThe Cars/Complete Greatest Hits (1978-1987)

The most commercially successful American new wave band in the late 1970s to the early 1980s, the Cars' comprehensive greatest-hits album (20 tracks). Pop-oriented sound featuring Ric Ocasek on vocals and songwriting, Elliot Easton on guitar and Greg Hawkes on keyboards and synths. Includes "Just What I Needed", "My Best Friend's Girl", "Shake It Up", "You Might Think", "Magic", "Drive" (#3 on the US charts) and others.
 At Folsom PrisonJohnny Cash/At Folsom Prison (1968)

An American singer/songwriter who had been one of the most influential figures in post-World War II country music, with his deep, resonant baritone voice, rhythmic, percussive guitar, and distinctive songs based on country, rockabilly, rock and roll, blues, folk and gospel. A live recording at Folsom State Prison in Folsom, California on January 13, 1968. A hit album reaching #1 on the US country album charts and #13 on the US pop album charts. Backed with June Carter (vocals), Carl Perkins (guitar), and Cash's band, the Tennessee Three. Includes "Folsom Prison Blues". The original LP has 16 tracks. The 1999 re-released CD has 19 tracks including three additional tracks. There is also the three-disc set (2 CDs and a DVD) released in 2008.
Good!Tender PreyNick Cave and the Bad Seeds/Tender Prey (1988)

A singer/songwriter from Australia. Ex-the Birthday Party vocalist. Blues/ballad style songs and gloomy, heavy sounds in the post-punk style. A masterpiece.
 Strange TimesThe Chameleons/Strange Times (1986)

A lyrical, psychedelic guitar pop band from Manchester. The third album released on major label Geffen Records.
 Ultimate Hits CollectionRay Charles/Ultimate Hits Collection (1953-1989)

The R&B singer/pianist from Georgia, the United States. Popular and flexible style merging gospel music and R&B with jazz, blues and country. A greatest-hits compilation (2 CDs, 36 tracks in total) released on Rhino in 1999. "Georgia on My Mind", "Hit the Road Jack", "I Can't Stop Loving You", "You Don't Know Me" and others. "Georgia on My Mind" is the official state song of Georgia.
 Heaven TonightCheap Trick/Heaven Tonight (1978)

A Beatlesque rock'n'roll/power pop band from the US. The 3rd album. Includes "Surrender".
 Exit Planet DustThe Chemical Brothers/Exit Planet Dust (1995)

Rock-oriented techno/dance sounds by DJ duo from Manchester. 1st album.
 Raw Like SushiNeneh Cherry/Raw Like Sushi (1989)

A singer-songwriter/rapper/DJ of West African descent (born in Stockholm, Sweden), who had joined UK post-punk/funk bands such as New Age Steppers and Rip Rig & Panic in the earlt 1980s, Neneh Cherry's solo debut album. A hit album (#2 on the UK album charts) of alternative dance pop based on R&B, hip hop and Bristol's trip hop. Features three hit singles, "Buffalo Stance" (#3 on the UK/US charts. Produced by Tim Simenon of Bomb the Bass. Sampled Malcolm McLaren's "Buffalo Gals"), "Manchild" (#5 on the UK. Co-wrote by Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja (3D)), and "Kisses on the Wind" (#8 on the US, #20 on the UK). Massive Attack's Andrew Vowles (DJ Mushroom) performs on three tracks.
 The Very Best of ChicChic/The Very Best of Chic (1977-1982)

The most popular disco/dance band in the late 1970s. Funky and sophisticated sound featuring Nile Rodgers' scratchy rhythm guitar, Bernard Edwards' striking base lines, and Tony Thompson's razor-sharp drums. The best compilation album that includes "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)", "Le Freak", "Good Times" and their other essential tracks. Since the 1980s, Nile Rodgers produced blockbuster albums such as David Bowie's "Let's Dance" and Madonna's "Like a Virgin", and Chic's music style had a huge influence on popular music scene.
 Diary - a CollectionChina Crisis/Diary - a Collection (1982-1989)

An electro/acoustic pop duo from the UK. Melodic and tuneful. Includes No. 9 on the UK charts "Wishful Thinking" and other major hits.
 Louden Up Now!!!(Chk Chk Chk)/Louden Up Now (2004)

An American rock band formed in 1996, !!!(Chk Chk Chk)'s second album. Released on Touch and Go Records in the U.S., and on Warp Records in Europe. #4 n the US dance/electronic album charts. #135 in the UK album charts. A masterpiece of electronic dance-punk mixing the elements of funk, dub, disco, house, and funk-oriented post punk, such as Gang of Four, A Certain Ratio and Talking Heads. Includes singles, "Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story)", "Pardon My Freedom" and "Hello? Is This Thing On?".
 Group SexCircle Jerks/Group Sex (1980)

An American rock band formed by former Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris (lead vocals) and Redd Kross guitarist Greg Hetson (guitar) in 1979 in Los Angeles, California, Circle Jerks' debut album. Light and fast hardcore punk including the athletic elements like surfing and skateboarding. Considered as a classic of the hardcore punk genre. The songs are too short. Includes 14 tracks in just under 16 minutes.
 The Ultimate Petula ClarkPetula Clark/The Ultimate Petula Clark (1964-1971)

An English female singer/actress known for her lots of popular international hits of the 1960s. A handy one-CD best compilation that includes her major 21 songs from the early 1960s to the early 1970s, such as 1994 hit "Downtown" (#1 on the US charts, #2 on the UK), "I Know a Place", "You're the One", "Call Me", "A Sign of the Times" and "Don't Sleep in the Subway". Orchestrated pop like Burt Bacharach. Almost all the songs are written, arranged and produced by Tony Hatch, and their relationship was like Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick in the US. Tony Hatch's catchy melodies and gorgeous arrangement are great.
 The ClashThe Clash/The Clash (1977)

One of the London punks. Rough and rude sounds like garage-rock.
 London CallingThe Clash/London Calling (1978)

3rd album. More popular and rock-oriented sounds than 1st.
 Combat RockThe Clash/Combat Rock (1982)

5th album. The final album by the original members. Sophisticated and danceable sound with introducing funk, dub and reggae. Reached #2 on the UK album charts and #7 in the US. Includes the hits, 'Rock the Casbah' and 'Should I Stay or Should I Go'. A masterpiece in the last days.
 SowiesosoCluster/Sowiesoso (1976)

The fourth album by Cluster, a German experimental musical (krautrock) group comprising Hans-Joachim Roedelius (keyboards, percussion, vocals) and Dieter Moebius (keyboards, percussion, vocals). A masterpiece of electronic music including the elements of ambient music and minimalism, filled with gentle melodies and a pastoral warmth. Organic sound with synths, electric piano (Fender Rhodes), acoustic piano, electronic organ (Farfisa), including guitar, bass, and voices. Produced by Cluster and Conny Plank. Recommended to those who like Harmonia, Brian Eno's ambient works, Tangerine Dream, and new age music.
 Cluster & EnoCluster & Eno/Cluster & Eno (1977)

A collaboration between Cluster and Brian Eno. Ambient techno. Electronic, but tranquil sounds.
 TreasureCocteau Twins/Treasure (1984)

Formed in Scotland in 1979. Ambient dream pop. The ethereal, atmospheric sound featuring Elizabeth Fraser's angelic vocals. This third album, which was released on the UK indie label 4AD, is noted as a masterpiece. The sound is more open-doored than the second 'Head Over Heels' (1983) with a feeling of closeness, and filled with uplifting/mind-blowing feelings.
 The Songs of Leonard CohenLeonard Cohen/The Songs of Leonard Cohen (1968)

The folk-oriented singer/songwriter from Canada, also known as a poet/novelist, Leonard Cohen's debut album. He is very popular in Europe, and has earned a cult following among musicians. Vocalism like speaking with the accompaniment of acoustic guitar. Features the self-cover of 'Suzanne', known as a smash hit sung by folk singer Judy Collins.
Good!What's That Noise?Coldcut/What's That Noise? (1989)

Coldcut is an English music duo formed by Jonathan More (drum machine, bass, percussion, keyboard, engineer, turntable, sampler) and Matt Black (synthesizer, drum machine, keyboard, engineer, turntable, sampler) in London in 1986, known as a pioneer of the UK electronic dance music/breakbeat in the innovative style, including cut-up/sampling and sound collage technique. The first album (#20 on the UK album charts). Hip-hop-oriented experimental dance music based on acid house, with using sampling and scratching. The guest vocalists are Lisa Stansfield (an English singer), Mark E. Smith (The Fall), Junior Reid (Black Uhuru), Queen Latifah (an American singer and rapper) and Yazz (an English singer). Includes singles, "Beats + Pieces", "Doctorin' the House" (#6 on the UK charts), "Stop This Crazy Thing", "People Hold On" (#11 UK), and "My Telephone". "Theme From "Reportage"" and "Stop This Crazy Thing" are used in the Japanese longest-running comedy/variety show "Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!".
 A Rush of Blood to the HeadColdplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)

An English alternative rock band led by Chris Martin (vocals, guitar and piano). This second album (#1 on the UK charts. #5 on the US charts) sold over 10 million copies in the world, and won a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album, as well as their debut album 'Parachutes'. Introspective and melancholy sound like Radiohead and Travis. Simple, but delicate and beautiful melodies. Includes a ballad classic 'In My Place'.
 RattlesnakesLloyd Cole and the Commotions/Rattlesnakes (1984)

The guitar pop band from England, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions' debut album. Acoustic sound with folk-rock-based melodies. Features 'Perfect Skin', 'Rattlesnakes' and 'Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?'.
 Like Water for ChocolateCommon/Like Water for Chocolate (2000)

An American hip hop artist, rapper and actor born in Chicago, Illinois in 1972, Common's fourth studio album (#16 on the US album charts). Soul/jazz-inflected, accessible and comfortable alternative hip hop album featuring Common's smooth rhyming and sophisticated back tracks by Soulquarians, a neo soul and alternative hip hop-oriented musical collective led by Questlove (The Roots drummer). Includes singles, "The 6th Sense" and "The Light" (samples Bobby Caldwell's "Open Your Eyes").
 Paradise and LunchRy Cooder/Paradise and Lunch (1974)

4th album. Hillbilly blues style. The chorus in gospel style. Exquisite arrangement. Humorous and delightful.
Good!The Man and His MusicSam Cooke/The Man and His Music (1951-1964)

The great soul singer who was once the vocalist of the gospel group Soul Stirrers, and then changed into a popular R&B singer as a solo, Sam Cooke's compilation album that includes his major 28 songs released on the RCA label. "Touch the Hem of His Garment" (1951) is a classic with the Soul Stirrers. "You Send Me" (1957) is his first big hit (#1 on the US R&B/pop charts). "A Change is Gonna Come" (1964) is a message song that answered Bob Dylan's hit song on the civil rights movement, "Blowin' in the Wind".
 School's OutAlice Cooper/School's Out (1972)

An American singer/songwriter/musician from Detroit, Michigan, known as a pioneer of hard rock with theatrical performance like a stage show, Alice Cooper's fifth album (#2 on the US album charts). Hard rock/shock rock featuring Alice Cooper's guttural thick vocals and dramatic, gorgeous musical development like progressive rock or musical, including an orchestra. Also categorized into the glam rock genre at that time. Includes a single "School's Out" (#7 on the US charts. #1 on the UK). Produced by Bob Ezrin. The cover of the original LP had the unusual sleeve opening like a wooden student desk, and the vinyl record inside was wrapped in paper panties.
 My Aim is TrueElvis Costello/My Aim is True (1977)

A singer & songwriter from England's punk scene. Influenced by American music in the 1950s. 1st album.
 The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 YearsElvis Costello/The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years (2007/1977-1986)

An English singer-songwriter who debuted in the pub rock/punk scene in the mid-1970s, Elvis Costello's best comilation album. Includes 22 tracks from the first 11 albums, chosen by Costello himself. Features many good pop songs, such as "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes", "Alison" (a great song in his early days), "Watching The Detectives" (a good song in reggae style), "Pump It Up", "Radio, Radio", "Accidents Will Happen", "Oliver's Army" (#2 on the UK charts), "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding" (a cover of a song written by Nick Lowe for his band Brinsley Schwarz), "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down" (#4 on the UK), "Good Year For The Roses" (composed by Jerry Chesnut. #6 on the UK), "Everyday I Write the Book", "Shipbuilding" (a song composed by Clive Langer and written by Elvis Costello for Robert Wyatt). Recommended to those who like British pop such as Nick Lowe, XTC and Squeeze.
 Electric Music for the Mind and BodyCountry Joe and the Fish/Electric Music for the Mind and Body (1967)

A rock band led by Country Joe McDonald (vocals, guitar), Country Joe and the Fish's debut album. A masterpiece of psychedelic, acid and bluesy folk rock. Distorted sounds of guitar and organ. One of the earliest psychedelic albums of the San Francisco Bay Area rock bands. Recommended to those who like Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and Love.
 The Trinity SessionCowboy Junkies/The Trinity Session (1988)

Acoustic-oriented band from Canada. Country, blues, folk and so on. Live recording at a church.
 Songs the Lord Taught UsThe Cramps/Songs the Lord Taught Us (1980)

An American rock band led by the husband and wife duo of Lux Interior (vocals) and Poison Ivy (guitar), and formed in 1976, the Cramps' debut album. Garage punk influenced by the 1950s rockabilly, the 1960s garage rock, and the 1970s early punk. This album had a great influence on later rockabilly revival scenes, "psychobilly" genre and goth rock bands. Includes a single track "Garbageman". "Rock On The Moon" is a cover of Jimmy Stewart. "Strychnine" is a cover of the Sonics. "Tear It Up" is a cover of Billy Burnette. Produced by Alex Chilton.
 Disraeli GearsThe Cream/Disraeli Gears (1967)

Featuring Eric Clapton (guitar). 2nd album. Includes "Sunshine of Your Love".
 Chronicle: The 20 Greatest Hits (Vol. 1)Creedence Clearwater Revival/Chronicle: The 20 Greatest Hits (Vol. 1) (1968-1970)

A best compilation album that includes the early hits of Creedence Clearwater Revival, the rock & roll band featuring John Fogerty (vocals, guitar and songwriting). Simple and earthy sound based on the American roots music such as country, swamp, rockabilly and R&B. It's reminiscent of country towns in the good old days of America. Lots of good songs such as 'Susie Q', 'Proud Mary', 'Bad Moon Rising', 'Lodi', 'Green River', 'Down on the Corner', 'Who'll Stop the Rain', 'Up Around the Bend', 'I Heard It Through the Grapevine' (the album version. A cover of the Motown hit by Gladys Knight & the Pips) and 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain?'.
 Deja VuCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young/Déjà Vu (1970)

The quartet of David Crosby (ex-the Byrds), Stephen Stills (ex-Buffalo Springfield), Graham Nash (ex-the Hollies) and Neil Young. Country-ish folk-rock sound with harmonic chorus.
 ElectricThe Cult/Electric (1987)

Originally a post-punk goth rock (called "positive punk" by NME) band named 'the Southern Death Cult', but this third album is simple and straight-ahead, clear and crisp hard rock, like Led Zeppelin or AC/DC. Produced by Rick Rubin, who also produced Run D.M.C., Beastie Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Reached No.4 on the UK charts and No.38 on the US charts. Includes the cover of Steppenwolf's 'Born to Be Wild'.
 This TimeCulture Club/This Time (1982-1986)

White soul group featuring Boy George (vocals). A greatest hits CD. Includes No. 1 hit on the US and UK charts "Karma Chameleon".
Good!Standing on a Beach/Staring at the Sea: The SinglesThe Cure/Standing on a Beach/Staring at the Sea: The Singles (1986/1978-1985)

A compilation album that includes 17 tracks (singles and other major songs) recorded in 1978-1985 by English rock band the Cure (#4 on the UK album charts). The title of the original UK LP is "Standing on a Beach", but released on CD with the title " Staring at the Sea" in some countries. Lots of their masterpieces in various styles, such as minimal post-punk, gloomy goth-rock, psychedelia, danceable synthpop, and catchy pop song. "Killing an Arab", "Boys Don't Cry," "Jumping Someone Else's Train", "Charlotte Sometimes", "Let's Go to Bed", "The Walk" (#12 on the UK charts), and "The Love Cats" (#7 on the UK charts) are singles not included in the original UK albums.
Good!Seventeen SecondsThe Cure/Seventeen Seconds (1980)

An English rock band led by Robert Smith (guitars, vocals) and formed in Crawley in 1976, the Cure's second album (#20 on the UK album charts). The first of dark and gloomy goth rock-tinged trilogy in the early 1980s. Experimental post-punk featuring spatial sound with simple and minimalist texture, centered on mechanical drums like drum machine, and introspective lyricism filled with feelings of melancholy and emptiness. Includes the single "A Forest" (#31 on the UK charts). Co-produced by Mike Hedges and Robert Smith.
 PornographyThe Cure/Pornography (1982)

An English rock band led by Robert Smith (guitars, vocals) and formed in Crawley in 1976, the Cure's fourth album (#8 on the UK album charts). The last of dark, gloomy and goth rock-tinged trilogy in the early 1980s. Psychedelic goth-rock with massive sound including repeated rhythms by heavy drums. A gloomy and nihilistic, but impressive album including melodic and beautiful songs such as "One Hundred Years" and "A Strange Day". Includes a single "The Hanging Garden" (#34 on the UK charts).
 Japanese Whispers: The Cure Singles Nov 82 : Nov 83The Cure/Japanese Whispers: The Cure Singles Nov 82 : Nov 83 (1983/1982-1983)

A compilation album that includes eight songs from three singles released by English rock band The Cure at their "pop period", in 1982-1983. New wave/synthpop featuring catchy melodies. "Let's Go to Bed" and "The Walk" (#12 on the UK charts) are danceable synthpop with drum machine in the disco style. A song with jazzy rhythm section "The Lovecats" (#7 on the UK charts) is the first top 10 hit in the UK.
 DisintegrationThe Cure/Disintegration (1989)

An English rock band led by Robert Smith (guitars, vocals) and formed in Crawley in 1976, the Cure's eighth album (#3 on the UK album charts. #12 on the US album charts). A blockbuster album that sold over three million copies worldwide. Alternative rock featuring beautiful sound with effective use of synths and keyboards, introspective style like their early albums, and melancholic lyricism. Includes singles, "Lullaby" (#5 on the UK charts), "Fascination Street", "Lovesong" (#2 on the UK charts), and "Pictures of You".
 Cypress HillCypress Hill/Cypress Hill (1991)

An American Latino hip hop group from Los Angeles, California, Cypress Hill's debut album. Funk/Latin-flavored hip hop featuring the heavy bass line and slow, lazy beats. A hit album which sold two million copies in the US alone. The lyrics are English and Spanish. The style of this album was hugely influential on the 1990s hip-hop, particularly on Dr. Dre's G-funk. Features the singles, "The Phuncky Feel One", "How I Could Just Kill A Man", "Hand On The Pump" and "Latin Lingo".
Good!MoviesHolger Czukay/Movies (1979)

Ex-Can bassist, Holger Czukay's solo album. Avant-garde pop. The sound is like Brian Eno-David Byrne's 'My Life in the Bush of Ghosts'. Sound collage sytle with samples from film, TV and shortwave radio. Includes "Persian Love".

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