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 Opus DeiLaibach/Opus Dei (1987)

An avant-garde music group formed in 1980 in Trbovlje, Slovenia (then Yugoslavia), Laibach's fourth album. Released on Mute Records (U.K.) and Wax Trax! Records (U.S.). "Laibach" is the German name for Slovenia's capital city, Ljubljana. The sound is a combination of industrial techno with heavy hammer beats and classical elements, such as Wagnerian orchestra and military marches. Low, deep and gravelly vocals. "Geburt Einer Nation" is a German-language cover of Queen's hit single "One Vision". "Leben heißt Leben" is a German-language cover of Austrian rock band Opus' hit single "Live is Life", and ""Opus Dei" is an English cover of the same song. Produced by Rico Conning, who had produced or mixed Depeche Mode, Wire, Swans and others. The CD includes the original eight tracks and four tracks from the soundtrack for the stage production "Krst Pod Triglavom: Baptism".
 The La'sThe La's/The La's (1990)

The sound is like Merseybeat in the 1960s. Melodic. Includes "There She Goes".
 Latin PlayboysLatin Playboys/Latin Playboys (1994)

The project by the two central figures of rock band Los Lobos, David Hidalgo and Louie Perez, and the producer-engineer team of Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake. The debut album. Experimental and borderless sound based on blues and Latin roots music. A sound collage by using drum machine and the tapes recorded around the world, like Brian Eno-David Byrne's "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts".
 She's So UnusualCyndi Lauper/She's So Unusual (1983)

Includes No. 1 hit on the US and UK charts "Girls Just Want To Have Fun".
 Sound of SilverLCD Soundsystem/Sound of Silver (2007)

An American rock band from New York, fronted by James Murphy (co-founder of independent record label DFA Records), LCD Soundsystem's second album. Danceable indie rock, called "dance-punk", featuring synths and steady beat like disco. Influenced by UK post-punk/synth pop (late 1970s and early 1980s), such as New Order. Includes singles, "North American Scum" and "All My Friends".
 Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin/Led Zeppelin (1968)

The forerunners of UK hard rock. Featuring Jimmy Page (guitar).
 Led Zeppelin IILed Zeppelin/Led Zeppelin II (1969)

They established their own style in this 2nd album. One of the roots of heavy metal.
 Led Zeppelin IVLed Zeppelin/Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

An English rock band formed in London in 1968, Led Zeppelin's fourth studio album (#1 on the UK album charts. #2 on the US). Its album jacket had no title and artist name, so it is generally called as "Led Zeppelin IV" for convenience. The biggest-selling Led Zeppelin album. An album which fused acoustic sound like British traditional folk with heavy metal, and had a great influence on the 1970s hard rock. Produced by Jimmy Page. "Black Dog" (#15 on the US charts) is a heavy metal song with a complex guitar riff. "The Battle of Evermore" is a folk ballad featuring mandolin and folk singer and ex-Fairport Convention member Sandy Denny on vocals. "Stairway to Heaven" is a famous song. it has a construction like the variation form, gradually escalating from its quiet part with acoustic guitar and recorder to its stormy part including Jimmy Page's impressive guitar solo and Robert Plant's shouting vocals. The remastered version was reissued in 2014.
Good!There's Gonna Be a Storm: The Complete Recordings 1966-69The Left Banke/There's Gonna Be a Storm: The Complete Recordings 1966-69 (1992/1966-1969)

An American pop band formed in New York City in 1965 and disbanded in 1969. A comprehensive compilation (26 tracks) which contains the entirety of their two albums, "Walk Away Renée/Pretty Ballerina" (1967) and "The Left Banke Too" (1968), with additional tracks (four singles and one previously unreleased cut). Baroque pop/psychedelic pop, featuring classical sound with chamber-like string arrangements and harpsichord, and beautiful melodies chorus harmonies influenced by the Beatles and the Zombies. Their music had a great influence on later indie pop bands. Lots of good songs, some are like the Beatles and the Kinks, and others are like the Beach Boys and the Rascals. Includes hit singles, "Walk Away Renée" (#5 on the US charts) and "Pretty Ballerina" (#15).
 LeftismLeftfield/Leftism (1995)

The UK techno duo of ex-A Man Called Adam/the Brand New Heavies member Paul Daley and Neil Barnes, Leftfield's debut album. Tribal/dub/trance-oriented techno/house sound. Features 'Release the Pressure' with reggae vocalist Earl Sixteen, 'Open Up' with ex-Sex Pistol/PIL vocalist John Lydon, 'Original' with Toni Halliday from Curve, a 1992 progressive house classic 'Song of Life'. 'Storm 3000' is a track in the Jungle/Drum & Bass style.
 It's a Shame About RayThe Lemonheads/It's a Shame About Ray (1992)

The alternative rock band formed in Boston in 1984 and led by Evan Dando (guitar, vocals). Simple, melodic and catchy guitar pop in a post-Hüsker Dü style. "Mrs. Robinson" is a cover of Simon & Garfunkel's song.
 John Lennon/Plastic Ono BandJohn Lennon/John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (1970)

John Lennon's first solo album released after the Beatles disbanded. Extremely introspective and confessional work inspired by American psychologist Arthur Janov's 'Primal Scream' therapy. Simple sounds with only minimal instruments: drums, bass, piano, guitar and vocals. The musical styles are Rock & roll, folk song and piano ballad. Ringo Starr (drums) and Klaus Voormann (bass) guest. Co-produced by John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Phil Spector. Features 'Mother', 'Working Class Hero', 'Love' and 'God'.
 SportsHuey Lewis and the News/Sports (1983)

Simple and straightforward rock & roll influenced by UK pub-rock. The 3rd album that includes 5 US top 20 hits: 'The Heart of Rock & Roll', 'If This Is It' and so on.
Good!FrequenciesLFO/Frequencies (1991)

The techno duo of Mark Bell and Gez Varley from Sheffield, England, LFO's debut album. The name LFO comes from low-frequency oscillator of synthesizers. Experimental electro-techno/bleep house, based on hip-hop, electro-funk and acid house, featuring the oscillation sounds of analog synths such as Roland MC-202 SH-101. Includes "LFO", "Intro" (also known as "What is House?") and "We are Back".
 Liaisons DangereusesLiaisons Dangereuses/Liaisons Dangereuses (1981)

The lone album by the group of Chris Haas (ex-D.A.F.), Beate Bartel (ex-Einstürzende Neubauten) and vocalist Kristine Goineau. Machinelike, minimalist beats with programmed rhythms and weird vocals. Experimental sounds just like D.A.F., but more danceable and techno-oriented. Very influential in later Detroit Techno. Pretty cutting-edge sounds in those days of the early 1980s. Includes the techno/industrial dance classic 'Los Niños del Parque'.
 CloudcuckoolandThe Lightning Seeds/Cloudcuckooland (1989)

Ex-Big in Japan/Original Mirrors member, and the producer who produced Echo & the Bunnymen, Pale Fountains and Icicle Works, Ian Broudie's solo project. The debut album. Mild and sophisticated British pop with sweet melodies. Includes the singles "Pure" and "All I Want".
 & Love for AllThe Lilac Time/& Love for All (1990)

Featuring Stephen Duffy (ex-Duran Duran member). Well-crafted British pop. Produced by Andy Partridge.
 Noon ChillArto Lindsay/Noon Chill (1997)

An American guitarist, singer, producer and composer known as ex-member of DNA, The Lounge Lizards and Ambitious Lovers, Arto Lindsay's 1997 album (For Life/Bar None/Rykodisc). One of his excellent solo albums in the 1990s. Acoustic and introspective music mixing Brazilian music (samba, bossa nova) with electronica and avant-garde sounds. Sophisticated and easy to listen to. Features hypnotic and comfortable rhythms by programming and Brazilian percussions."Anything" includes drum 'n' bass and non-tuning noise guitar.
 Hybrid TheoryLinkin Park/Hybrid Theory (2000)

An American rock band formed in 1996, Linkin Park's debut album (#2 on the US album charts). The best selling album in the US in 2001. Post-grunge heavy rock based on alternative metal with the elements of hip-hop, rap and electronica. Catchy sound featuring Mike Shinoda's rap, Chester Bennington's melancholy, melodic vocals and shouts. Includes singles, "One Step Closer", "Crawling", "Papercut" and "In the End" (#2 on the US, #8 on the UK).
 Dixie ChickenLittle Feat/Dixie Chicken (1973)

The third album of the West Coast (L.A.) rock band led by songwriter/guitarist Lowell George, an ex-member of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention. Earthy and funky sounds influenced by New Orleans R&B, with slide guitar and swinging, syncopated rhythm.
 Love is BlueClaudine Longet/Love is Blue (1968)

A product of A&M Records. French-pop style, covers of movie themes, bossa nova and so on.
 Journey with the LonelyLil' Louis & the World/Journey with the Lonely (1992)

Chicago-born house music producer and DJ, Lil' Louis' second album. R&B/jazz-oriented stylish and soulful Chicago house with introspective and sophisticated sound. Can be listened calmly. Features "Club Lonely" and "Dancing in My Sleep".
 Wolf Tracks: The Best of Los LobosLos Lobos/Wolf Tracks: The Best of Los Lobos (1983-2006)

An American rock band formed in 1973 in East Los Angeles, California. Los Lobos' compilation album (20 tracks, Warner/Rhino). Rich and varied music rooted on rock and roll, Tex-Mex, country, folk, R&B, blues, traditional Spanish and Mexican music. The lyrics are English ans Spanish. Includes singles, "Let's Say Goodnight", "Don't Worry Baby", "Will the Wolf Survive?", "Shakin' Shakin' Shakes", "Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)", "Come On, Let's Go" (#21 on the US charts. A cover of Ritchie Valens' hit song), "La Bamba" (#1 on the US/UK charts. The original is a Mexican folk song. The title track of the 1987 film "La Bamba" that follows the life of Ritchie Valens), and "One Time, One Night". Also includes two tracks ("Kiko And The Lavender Moon" and "Oh Yeah") in the 1990s experimental sound with using drum machine and the tape loops (with the producer-engineer team of Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake, like their side project Latin Playboys). "Border Town Girl" is previously unreleased. If you feel this album is not enough, you should choose "Just Another Band from East L.A." (2 CDs) or "El Cancionero: Mas y Mas" (a box set of 4 CDs).
 No Sense of SinThe Lotus Eaters/No Sense of Sin (1984)

A new wave band from Liverpool, the Lotus Eaters' debut album. The members are Peter Coyle (vocals), Jeremy Kelly (guitar. Ex-the Wild Swans member) and others. Elegant and delicate acoustic guitar pop in the baroque pop style, with strings and synths. Smoke-like sound with lots of reverb. Music filled with transient beauty of youth. Includes the debut single "The First Picture of You" (#15 on the UK charts). The CDs (reissued by BMG/Bridge Japan in 1998, by Vinyl Japan in 2001) has nine tracks from the original 1984 LP ("Too Young", "When You Look at Boys" and "Start of the Search" weren't included because of relation of rights) and ten bonus tracks.
 The Lounge LizardsThe Lounge Lizards/The Lounge Lizards (1981)

New York-based punky jazz combo. Featuring Arto Lindsay (guitar), Anton Fier (drums) and John Lurie (sax).
Good!Forever ChangesLove/Forever Changes (1967)

A psychedelic folk rock band from Los Angeles. This 3rd album is very cool.
 Earth, Sun, MoonLove and Rockets/Earth, Sun, Moon (1987)

A trio of ex-Bauhaus members, Daniel Ash (guitar and vocals), David J (bass) and Kevin Haskins (drums). 3rd album. Folk-touched psychedelic pop.
 Lucky Number: The Best of Lene LovichLene Lovich/Lucky Number: The Best of Lene Lovich (2004/1978-1982)

Am American singer who was born in Detroit to a Yugoslavian father and British mother, known for her activities in the British new wave scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s. A compilation (22 tracks) that includes her tracks released on the Stiff Records, UK, in 1978-1982. Song-oriented new wave in the British pop style. Over half of the tracks are composed by Lene Lovich and her collaborator Les Chappell (a guitarist/songwriter). Includes singles, "I Think We're Alone Now", "Lucky Number" (#3 on the UK charts. Covered by Nina Hagen in German), "Say When" (#19 on the UK charts), "Bird Song" (#39 on the UK charts), "Angels", "What Will I Do Without You", "The Night", "New Toy" (composed by Thomas Dolby), and "It's Only You (Mein Schmerz)". "Be Stiff" is a cover of the third single by Devo. Recommended to those who like Blondie, Nina Hagen, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.
 Do You Believe in MagicThe Lovin' Spoonful/Do You Believe in Magic (1965)

The debut album of the Lovin' Spoonful, the folk-rock group led by John Sebastian (guitar, vocals, songwriting). From the folk scene of Greenwich Village, New York. One of the American bands against the so-called "British Invasion" in the mid 1960s, but they gained popularity in England too. Pop-oriented sound based on the American roots music such as country and western, blues and jug band. The title track "Do You Believe in Magic" is a smash hit.
 Basher: The Best of Nick LoweNick Lowe/Basher the Best of Nick Lowe (1976-1989)

Melodic songwriting and rock'n'roll in a pub-rock style. Includes a hit "Cruel to Be Kind".

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